Yellow Top Legend! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet

Yellow Top Legend! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet

59 196 views | 4 Apr. 2020

Yellow Top Legend! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet

Back Story - Yellow Top Legend is an undeniable anomaly. You can find him regularly braving the treacherous Haulover elements, on a Highfield 15 footer during the roughest weather. Always making certain his life jacket is hanging on the console and never on his person. Wavy Boats named him Yellow Top Legend because of all the legendary escapes he's had to pull off at Haulover Inlet. Thank You for always providing us with engaging content Yellow Top, this buds for you. For more Yellow Top Legend videos head over to Wavy Boats channel and check him out!

Welcome back to another episode where man and machine attempt to do battle with Haulover Inlet!

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Go pro With George

Number two does not give a crap

Rhino ThePilot

Man, you are a legend. Love your videos.

James Owen

After been in lockdown for three weeks now seeing the yellow top legend has made my day

Keldon Reid

Bro my boat Is made for this shit


Yellow top legend not wearing a vest in those conditions? Soon the be "The Late Yellow Top Legend" I think...

El Cachanilla 1

3:05 that guy looks like is coming from Cuba

Sean Martin

Keep them Broncos!!!
No jetskis came out in that mess? Massive air would be had

Andy Mcdee

Yellow top gettin it done

Steele m

Good show thanks!

Phillip Fox

The yellow top LEGEND is so awesome

Nickolas Tremaine



Thank you USCG for respecting your equipment

Fat Daddio

video footage is fine, second or third place behind zip zap power. But please get rid of the narrating., Obnoxious as fuck after the first 10 seconds.

FL Boy Sam

Love the yellow top legend! See him all the time out there lol!


Cruise ship vs Venezuelan navy ?

Jeff Plummer

I had to search yellow top Legend after watching The Imposter come through. Got an inflatable a little bit smaller than the legend and I wouldn't for the life of me go through that Inlet.

Deangelo's Beats

what model is the 4th boat?


Don’t any sailboats ever negotiate this inlet? I would love to see some footage.


Nice vid man! Keep up the good work!


Broncos Guru, I had Haulover with a 4-2 win. It's your channel, so my opinion matters very little. Thank you for the cool vids and great commentary!

Sindre Nordstrand

stop talking


The guy in the beginning was the next Kung fu panda seriously

Canada Dan

Yellow top is few fries short of a happy meal

MF Balk

I from Sweden

Colby Pope

These videos are amazing! I could watch for hours

Com Rose

Only a true legend can rock that landing net!!!

Jane E

Love this type of clips..ive drive a 38 foutatin double mercruiser V8 in swedish arkepelago Stockholm saltarö Tyresö in the summer..offshore racing is fun even cruising in the inner water is cool..boat in water next weekend..keep the cool clips comming

Jacob LeBlanc

That yellow top boat definitely earned that title. This was a very rough day for that area. It was shocking to see That bige fishing boat rock like that.

Random Idiot

OOf the coast gaurd

Boats vs Haulover

What do you guys think Yellow Top Legend is doing out there? Lobster Traps??

Mark Ross

Good video could use LESS talking!!!

Zac Knight

Power isn’t everything. Ride it out and make it smooth


The yellow top legend really is a legend. He doesn’t care how rough it is he’ll get out on the water and handle it like a boss

Interstate Railfan

This is the only thing keeping me going during lockdown

Michael Selby

Love yo videos makes me laugh every day

awm vdh

How to beat haulover: just go fast


another channel had a video of him almost flipping over in a storm

Cooper Mulheran

That guys insane

Alabama Smokey Wilson

Great Videos I would hate to deal with that all the time love your work thanx ALABAMA Smokeywilson

Ryan Gustis

Heyyy love u soo much man great vids