What to do if P2P status shows offline for ANNKE DN81R security system

What to do if P2P status shows offline for ANNKE DN81R security system

30 195 views | 18 May. 2018

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The Dude

This is very poor. Mine still doesnt work.

tony montana

worked for me thanks


In platform access it says enable Annke vision. I’ve tried everything, but no option for cloud or p2p

Mr. Max

There is a huge problem with Annke N48PAW. After 3 months the remote access stop working. No way to make it work. It is very frustrated. I don't recommend Annke. Obviously it is not reliable product. Don't buy it.

Darren W. Taylor

Mine was connected and now it's not. I tried this and it is showing "OFFLINE(Parsing server domain failed.) I searched and searched even more and cannot find a fix for this. Anyone have any ideas?

Blood Burst

Wow, This actually worked for me! I only tried turning one of them on and off, and was so not looking forward to trying to figure out all this IP address stuff. Ty for the video! when I followed this and put both off, then on again, boom! Thanks :O

Luis Tamayo

If under your Network Setup the Cloud(P2P) is "OFFLINE" - After you have attempted all the troubleshooting... try this step which is very complicated and take a long time to complete. UNPLUG YOUR UNIT FOR SEVERAL HOURS, AND PLUG IT BACK IN. This is the ONLY thing that worked for me. I spent more than 10 hours troubleshooting, going through all the steps, nothing worked, until I did just that, unplugged it overnight, plugged it back in in the morning - ONLINE the very first time. Good luck!

Tamás Ján

What is this software, and where can I get it?

syed yasir

Poor videos.... Remake