Torchlight Alchemist (summoner build) Gameplay

Torchlight Alchemist (summoner build) Gameplay

26 370 views | 27 Mar. 2012

For this build I went all out on summoned creatures, poison, fire, knockback.


I love how the game lets you just summon an entire army at your command.


This is unmodded gameplay by the way. Back when I built this guy I used Epic Boss Maps, and that is all. It doesn't change the game. It just adds epic boss maps to one of the vendors and you can buy one and summon a portal into it. Turns a dungeon visit into a 2 hour session if you only pick up orange, and purple items. I will probably re add the mod and make another vid


how to make 2 sockets?

Mortal Gamer


hajime akasaka

this is funny . nice video

james grames

Im pretty sure I cant summon two golems or more than 1 skeleton so what cheats are you using... oh nevermind cheating in single player games is so lame im not gonna do it

Pixel Sherlock

Its like TL1 is better than TL2 omg...