STONE GOLEM SUMMONER - AFK ALL Content In The Game?! - Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest

STONE GOLEM SUMMONER - AFK ALL Content In The Game?! - Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest

107 373 views | 9 Jul. 2020

For those of us who need to relax and focus on dodging the boss abilities. This build is for you! Let your Stone Golem brothers handle all the DPSing. (CHECK PINNED COMMENT ON HUNGRY LOOP)

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Stone Golem Elementalist Pastebin for Path of Building


00:00 Intro

00:53 Gameplay Highlights

02:10 Build Overview

04:59 Tier 16 Map Example

08:25 Path Of Building

08:47 Skill Trees

13:22 Ascendancy

15:42 Skills

22:06 Items

26:43 Final Thoughts

27:12 Outtro - Don't Skip :(

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"Beauty Flow" by Kevin MacLeod (

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Kamil Orman-Janowski

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Rev PvP

You are one of the rare content creators that actually shows people a reasonable build and plays the watered-down version rather than playing a 500 exalt build and simply claiming "uh yeah you can play it with like 10 chaos". I respect that.


thats just the problem i don't do trade league.

Aaron A

Can I get another link to the PoB. Having trouble getting a clean copy/paste. Thanks!

Bobby Moore

Would righteous fire work on this?


You can sell the primoridal jewels to a vendor to make anima stone for way cheaper


Im abit confused, even on the budget items list you have 2 large cluster jewels that cost 8+ex EACH, wut?

Ricardo Magana

bought it all for 35c each lol now there 50 to 55c for 1 jewel all max dmg . bought them just in time :)


Hey Big Ducks. You're clusters in this video aren't contributing much because they're missing primordial bond. Also they're really straight forward to seed craft. Best method is spam with alts until you hit renewal, regal and hope you get something removable, then seed craft on chaos res and aug attack & remove/add attack until you hit rotten claws. Slam life and done.


what do you think about a 2h mace with socketed gems 20% more attack dmg, +1 lvl gems and +2lvl support VS the cold iron point

Alex Maragh

I have a question why cold iron point over clayshaper?

Barba P

Great build, got my first Sirus this league thanks to u <3

Jose Luis Destrieux Muñoz

this guide its ok for carrion? what could be better Stone or Carrion?


Just noticed hes making a guide for a 5k life char lmaooooo dude

toxic death

great build i just subscribed

Jimmy Lau

what attack skill can i change if i dont wanna use cyclone?

One World One Reality

How do you get your golems to stay ahead of you? Mine are always behind me and I have to keep walking right next to mobs in order for them to attack something.

ErosVlad Hunedoara

well is cool i do red maps like tier 12/13 easly with budget version soo far lvl 90 xD and is much more room for improvement to this build :D like an 2 H axe with minion dmg and an empowered lvl 4 use stone golem on weapon 6L and on armor raise zombie with meat s hield for maximum defense xD


all content hc is included or?


You should try the stronger version of this.

Big Ducks

Hey guys forgot to mention a huge note about the Hungry Loop ring. Was kinda tired while recording and it slipped my mind.
If you want to use the Hungry Loop spectre setup you cant use the primordial chain. Unfortunately they don't work together.
Thanks to Neri for reminding me!

Lw Lebt

Can you Farm blighted maps afk with that build?


Ssf viable ?


I just updated my old stone golem buil for this.Great build! i use 2 clusters.Getting 1mio+ dmg.

claudiu carlig

What AFK all content? You almost died several times . Use proper titles for your videos and stop misleading. Also ALL builds are capable of alot of DPS with investment. And this build requires 60 ex min to be decent.


Nice build,I like stone golem,Ive been doing stone golem like every league since legion,keep up!

just a suggestion
I just want to say I think its better to have 8 stone golem + 1 chaos golem if you dual wielding cold iron,since stone golem will gained +6 level while lighting golem buff for damage and to you is not that much.


I don't understand what you mean by 'shock shenanigans', as shaper effectively gives you 6 seconds of all hits shock out of every 14 seconds, and beacon makes those shocks do a minimum of 15% damage, giving a net increase of 6.4% more damage, as well as 6 seconds of chills on enemies out of every 14 seconds, which helps a lot for survival too. Also you are using a immunity to freeze flask on a golemancer, you're immune to all ailments =D

Bob England

Q: How do you achieve 9 golems, i have 6 stone golems (if i cast a chaos golem i lose a stone golem) at the moment with golem commander and the 3 of the labs complete (level 74) , also this is my first minion build as i have 1700 hours into 2 cyclone builds, 1 x marauder chieftain and 1 x CoC shadow assassin


Good job! Will try this one too

Anne Reilley

Why don't you use Kingmaker instead of the two daggers since you can't have an animated guardian?


I don`t understand where do the frenzy charges come from :( or is that just for the Hungry Loop Version ?? I see them in POB I just don`t understand where do they come from ....


Shouldn't you be using Generosity on your auras? Isn't better an 8th stone golem instead of lightning golem? You can also link Maim to Chaos golem to apply it. By the way, I don't think quality on Stone golem isn't that important. I'm using a 21/0 gem and they don't die.


What about Pantheons ? I cant find any choices anywhere



Luca K

So I was wondering. People said that lightning golem really doesn't do anything but it's one more type of golem for the primordial harmonies. Wondering if 8 stone + 1 chaos golem is the way to go, or 7 stone, 1chaos 1 lightning. not really sure. I also use a vivinsect, but don't know if Pride or Dread Banner should be put in it. Any help would be appreciated <3

Gramp's Manu Gaming

Gonna try this on ps4, ill post on my channel the build that you make


Man you are so inconsistent, the boots you show with fortify are 4 by red and yet you show skills in your boots the are 2 blue 2 green

Canal Love Pets

How much exalteds in minimum, i need in this build? Because i'm very noob yet, and idk how i farm much exalteds :(

Brap Pitt

The formula to calculate your stone golems slam attack, so that each time they attack they use their slam.
You need PoB, import your build, look at your stone golems attack/cast rate. Also look at their skill cool down.
You divide 1 by the cast rate and then multiply by 3 (4 if you have awakened multistrike).
So in this guys pob, he had a 2.41 attack/cast rate.
So 1/2.41 * 3 = 1.244.
For optimal attack speed keep it as close to the skill cool down rate as you can, but don't go under the cool down rate.

Merzer J.

5L, impale o minion damage?


uh I just dropped an almost perfect rool of one of this jewels, gonna price it up, ty for the vid xD

Jason Weaver

You leveling trees 1-35 show grabbing the Golem Commander nodes then dropping them in the 36-55 on until the Clusters and No Clusters setup. Was that intended? Seems odd having it to only use for a few levels of having the skills.

josh steele

I'm on PS4 Looking to pay 30$ for a golum build it don go to be crazy like this but good.enough. yo destroy some.bosses REPLY IF INTERESTED


Carrion Golems are have 1,5 Mio Dmg x4 Carrion


I honestly do wish for you to get more likes and more subs on you channel but, i don't want more people to see the videos at the same time because, more people watching = market prices skyrocketing way higher that i can afford. ._.

masq 1988

Can You full afk high tier blight maps?


I'll subscribe just for the lack of greenscreen.
Purple background all the way!

Ronin Ribeiro

Still works on 3.12?


which pantheon is better for the build you think ???


afk? not rly...

Canal Love Pets

Hello, I would like to know if you will update the build to league 3.12


i follow your build exactly n can only barely do tier16 map. chimera n all that never. awakening lvl 5

Doctor Fatty

I killed Shaper, Elder and Sirus with the budget version of the build. Trying to get Uber Elder fragments together before season end. Thanks for the guide!

Gary Gravity

wait so hungry loop with 4 stone golems - without amulet is more damage? than 7 stone golems?


Your guides keep the game fun for me, I farm all the shit you suggest to these noobs and sell them overpriced

Thanks some players need this as its easier to sell these items to noobs who will listen to you

Thanks dude



m k

How difficult is it to level with golems?

Matheus Machado

I dont think that the lightning golem is doing anything other than give you some attack speed on your cyclone.


Just wanted to say you only need 1 extra golem for this to work.

ErosVlad Hunedoara

the price exploded cuz of u rolf

João Paulo

This... sucks. Golems are so lame, and this is so far from AFK with all the summoning. Also gear showcase is inconsistent AF.

Morti Finkenbein

Mate, the music is way to loud.


I am really sorry, but this build its a shit.

ErosVlad Hunedoara

the anima stone is like 100 c atm xD

Noah Lund

is it viable to ssf

Luke Reiser

> Cannot have non-golem minions on amulet
> Just get these spectres


something is wrong with this u cant use specters with the primordial amulet so how is your high end supposed to work


nice touch with the background music :D

Ender Elohim

why no grave intentions?

Dominykas Sukys

why when i paste pob it only shows 350k dps of golem slam, in video it shows 1mil

Kira Sternenfeuer

there is some bad choices here my friedn basically no need for those Dex and Str. node near the witch as it is the more worse decission. you see the nodes beyond the life and mana nodes abotht he starting point ? check them out! first gives 10 to strength and dex 2nd 25 and they give an additional buff to you as well so 2 nodes that only give 30 of each dropped for 2 that grants you 35 and addidional benefit!


When you don't like the video like Big Ducks asks so less people see it to keep the price of uniques down...

ryan odonio

wow i literally just walk and golem is killing them. I used to play flame golem but they die easily. thanks for the guide.


Man you make this one look real tempting. Part of me is like yeah give this one a try. Thing is though I kind of rage quit POE a couple days ago... Swore I'd never play again. Even got like a 20 min Mute when I finally snapped. Yet here I am watching another Big Ducks build video, my mouth's watering with vengeance. Could this be the build that takes me past Tier 12 Maps? Nah I said never again. Wonder if anyone will remember my rant in global....... Nah I better not... IDK


Path of Building doesn't factor in the cooldown when it comes to Golem DPS. The 1 million DPS you're seeing is the base damage (+ poison/impale) applied times the attackspeed, in your case x2.41. What happens in reality is (since the attack is on cooldown most of the time) that the golem doesn't attack x2.41, but x0.81 (= 1/cooldown) per second with its slam instead. So, the slam DPS per golem turns out to be roughly 1 mil / (2.41 / 0.81) = 336k DPS. Still a good enough build for most content. :)

Shan h

im not sure why but my chieftain runs about 11 hundred life regen at max endurance charges with max ele resist but i still take a shit load of damage. The only thing i can think of improving is my chaos resist which is at like -60 since i didnt care enough to raise it but now getting into maps that weakness is starting to show


It feels a bit weird when you start showing off the build by saying how much dps it could do, if you bothered to equip the proper items. Why not demonstrate that if you have the items anyway? Showing this build at the fullest capacity you can take it to, or even better showing the difference in results at different investment levels would make this guide better in my opinion.

Chuck Maddox

0:02 it's like you know me personally


You cant really AFK higher content, you will get 1 shot by some things, like standing in multiple explosions on ground, if ur AFK, you die.


i don't understand why my POB slam DPS per golem isn't even 300k and default attack is only 180k DPS. i'm using 3 rolled large clusters, 7 harmony cobalts, 2 eminence veridians (and of course 1 anima/might). i'm doing a 7 stone/1 chaos/1carrion setup. am i missing something? i tried to mess with the configs but couldn't really find anything.

Lone Survivor

Slow. Meh

Haramgalf The Grey Gorilla

I just found this channel and the work is amazing. Keep it up! =D

William Goosen

Divine flesh and 90% chaos res is easily doable.

Nuna Ballona

ALL content? Not quite... (Pro tip: don't take this build into HOTG.)

Matt Brackenbury

Isn't this Ethan's build?


Seafarion brought me here !! love the vid - love the build, its my first Cyclone build and i love it :O . it was quite expensive to get the jewels but defenetly worth it :O !


"You can't just afk clear all the content in Path of Exile!" "Haha Stone Golem go BRRRRRRRRR"


Just a warning for PS4 players. This build in jewels alone will cost you over 8Ex rn.
Anima stone is 6ex on its own.
The harmonies etc are min 0.4ex ea

Silvio Antonio

Wht if instead the dual wield i use a staff with luxury stats or the unic one wich gives minion dmg ?


how do u have 9 golems at once, i have only 4 atm

Neco Harmeggido

as i loved the video should i dislike it to keep unique prices low?

max hax

I never managed to get stone golems to feel enjoyable to me. Ice and carrion golems felt good enough but for some reason stone golems felt extremely slow. Even with speed/cd focus.

Trent Miller

so how bad is this nerfed for 3.12?


Im melting Tier16 maps, i do have 2x large cluster jewels with Harmony's and 2x Rotten Claws in em, im working on survival-part now :P


i am new to golem builds. When do I get multiple golems. Right now I have all 3 golems but they are not all active at once and I only have 1 stone golem. What level will I see 7 stone golems?

Andre Framil

AFK ALL Content In The Game?!
'u will die more often than your golems'
nice afk dead mode

Alexandre Sallas

it is possible to use Ci in this build?

Ali Larhdiri

Better use Carrion for the mapping and stone golem switch for bossing I guess

Mike Shaman

5:30 yeha, but you are missing alot of defenses for this build :D :D thats why ur health dropping =) you need like this armor unique chest with -dmg from crit strikes, so u will have 90% phys mitigation, also legion jewel for chaos mitigation ( i had like 82% chaos mitigation which also took 50% of elemental dmg on it) and Vaal molten shells :) With unique flask for vaal skills you just pop it on boss and afk. Without taking dmg baiscaly.


it is soooooooo slow xddd

Francis Plante

So im not sure now,what give you more dps?the amulet or the hungry loop?

Amzar Nacht

How much damage would the golems do if you slapped Infernal Legion on them?