Prey - 100% Walkthrough - Part 14-1: All Typhon Ability Achievements

Prey - 100% Walkthrough - Part 14-1: All Typhon Ability Achievements

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This is a guide to fully complete the game Prey. I will be showing you how to obtain all of the game's achievements and trophies, including the collectibles for: Press Sneak, Missing Persons, Psychometry, Dear Future Self, Black Market, and TranStar Gourmand. I'll also show you how to save and kill everyone (in separate playthroughs of course) for I and It, Do No Harm, and I and Thou. In the first playthrough, I'll be showing you all of the collectibles, all miscellaneous achievements, and completing the game with no kills and in the "most empathetic" way as well as using no Neuromods for the No Needles achievement/trophy. Afterward, I will show you where to find all of the crewmates on your second playthrough and how best to kill them for I and It and Awkward Ride Home. Note that for Split Affinity, you will need to reload at the end of your first playthrough and use one Typhon neuromod, then complete the last few seconds again to get that to count as your first playthrough. Then, complete your second playthrough in a new save slot and make sure that you only use human neuromods throughout that playthrough.


3:05 KNOW THYSELF - You acquired a Human ability

4:25 COLD DEAD HANDS - You fully upgraded a weapon

7:00 Emails 145/150

on Regina Sellers' computer in the Trauma Center (Hacking 3)

7:55 KNOW THINE ENEMY - You acquired a Typhon power

9:00 DEPROGRAMMING - You used Mindjack to free a mind-controlled Human

11:55 THOUGHTS CAN KILL - You used Psychoshock on a Human

13:40 Crew 266/265

Trevor J. Young - in Quarantine (use your stun gun on him)

13:55 IT'S ALIVE! - You created a Phantom using Phantom Genesis

15:00 A DIFFERENT SIDE OF YU - You scanned your Phantom Shift duplicate with the Psychoscope

20:00 DEAD CALM - You killed an enemy while using Combat Focus

25:45 MIMESIS - You mimicked a Mimic

27:40 MAKEUP EXAM - You returned to the Simulation Lab and completed the tests in Rooms A, B, and C

31:32 Emails 146/150

on Caleb Hawthorne's computer that you can hack (Hacking 1)

32:20 TEE ONE UP - You killed an enemy while they were Lifted

34:30 Email 147/150

on Security station in Neuromod Division (Hacking 2)

35:20 Crew 267-268/265

Hadley Dalton - Skills Recording room

Helen Croft - Skills Recording room

36:38 Emails 148/150

on Junior Bookman's computer (Hacking 2).

38:20 Crew 269/265

Joshua Vanstry - Skills Recording room

40:50 SHAPESHIFTER - You mimicked 20 or more unique objects

49:40 BALL LIGHTNING - You used Electrostatic Burst to drop two or more Operators at once

54:15 ESCAPE VELOCITY - You blasted yourself as an object for at least 20 meters while in normal gravity

58:45 Emails 149-151/150

in Mikhaila's quarters in Crew Quarters - Mimic Matter to get in

58:45 PRESS SNEAK - You read all the e-mails on Talos I

1:00:45 Emails 152/150

on Dayo Igwe's computer in Crew Quarters - Hacking 2

1:01:23 Emails 153-154/150

on Will Mitchell's computer in Crew Quarters - Hacking 1

1:03:55 Crew 270/265

Nicole Hague - appears as a phantom in the executive suites upstairs

1:08:05 Transcribe 70-71/65

Danielle Sho - Repair III

List for TranStar Gourmand:

1. Big Bang Candy

2. Captain Spree’s Fish Sticks

3. Cold Mountain Green Tea

4. Crispy Fries

5. Duck Beer

6. Green Beetle Gin

7. Glucassist!

8. Jamon Tomato

9. Jellied Eels

10. Kafe Karsk

11. Kings & Way Sprinkling Water

12. Methuselah Apple

13. Moonshade Lemon

14. Old Sardar Bourbon

15. Ossetra Caviar

16. Pomegranate Moonshine

17. PopStar

18. RanDom Dim Sum

19. Russian Blinis

20. Shaker Lemon Pie

21. Siskak Unagi Rollz

22. Skyking Pomegranate

23. Spiralite Cookies

24. Sunburst Banana

25. Sunburst Banana Pudding

26. Sun-Dried Tomata Jerky

27. Tamizdat Vodka

28. Udon Noodles

29. Veggie Blend

30. *Superfruit - this may or may not count - there are conflicting reports from different players, but I do show you how to get it in the guide

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Good ole' XBOX not popping achievements on screen again. :)

Jason Post

The wedding ring side quest is called "with this ring..." you get it from Kevin Hague in the cargo bay.


So satisfying to finally have those achievements pop up, amazing guide so far thank you so much for making these


you can call on two friendly operators and get the ball lightning trophy too

simon beetlestone

Every tother me I hit the machines they blow up. I haven’t been able to hack any of them.

Pedro Frederico

That wedding ring is part of a side quest. On my first playthrough I encountered Nicole in the executive suits the first time I entered in Crew Quarters. I don't really know why you just saw her now at the end of the game. But anyway, supposedly you have to take that ring and give it to one of the guys in the Cargo Bay, I believe it's Kevin something. He's her husband :)