Dubbing Anime Done Right - How Fans Fixed The Psycho-Pass Movie

Dubbing Anime Done Right - How Fans Fixed The Psycho-Pass Movie

364 044 views | 15 Nov. 2017

When dubbing the Psycho-Pass movie, Funimation was faced with some monumental challenges. Here we take a look at how they did, and what some fans maybe did better.

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This makes me want to watch this movie now. Especially the fan edit.


go fans:)

Namlli Yarrum

I love the Deus Ex music, very nice touch. Been wanting to watch the series through again. Anyone know where I can look for this edition? I've done some googling and come up with nothing so far.

Gregory White

Where is it


so, where can i find this movie? like what is it name


so where can I find this altered, better version ?


Anyone know where i can see the fan-edit version? i'm kinda interested now.



Cole Burns

Where can I find this?

Sir Nils Olav

I always figured that in dubs they actually do speak their native language, but we're just hearing the translated version.

Like in Aijin for example. There's two Americans in it and they speak fluent Japanese. Now this might have been one thing if they were speaking Japanese to other Japanese people, which they do, but they also speak Japanese in private conversation between each other.

The way my head made that make sense was by thinking that they were speaking Japanese to the Japanese people, while in their private conversations they were actually speaking English, but because this was made for a Japanese audience we hear them speak Japanese while they're actually speaking English.

This is a great way to write it off so it doesn't ruin your immersion in most of these cases. However, there are still things that bother me with this. For one thing, both Japanese and English speaking people expects others to speak their language and having to adapt another language in order to communicate is not normal. So in this scenario who should be the one who adopts a second language? I'd argue that Japanese because it's the Americans who have the power advantage in the Anime. It's also normal for international meetings to be had in English.

Still, thinking that they in world are speaking a different language than we're hearing is much better than thinking they actually speak what we hear. Because two Americans speaking Japanese to each other makes zero sense unless they're trying to improve their Japanese.

Jean Louis



you sound like a fat white boy



The Lost Ranger

anyone know where I can watch this eradication edition of the movie? I do really enjoy this anime! loved the series

Matheus Gonçalves

Fuck you, bro! what would you think if you weren't an eng native speaker or jp native speaker?


They should've just went with the metal gear or God of war method of "oh dude we were speaking Russian/Greek/Roman the whole time"

Haos magna Ingram

I forget what Tsubasa reservoir chronicles did for this sort of thing when Mokona was around to sync their languages. I remember other shows running into similar issues before, but usually as a one time occurrence so it isn’t anything big.
This reminds me of the issue isle of dogs had when translating for a Japanese audience. I almost feel the best solution without going out of the way to actually get voice actors from other countries, is the star wars approach of making a fake language and provide subtitles when you want characters to speak a foreign language.


Loved the TV Show.
Had to force myself through segments of the movie.
there's something so unbelievably hilarious about the complete tone deaf devoid of understanding and barely intelligible at best aspect of Engrish that absolutely butchers whatever someone is trying to say in English.


Where can I watch it

Samir Samir

how do i find the eradication version


No playback speed? Then talk faster

Doctor Healer

Where can you watch the english dubbed version?

Food Fan

Sure the english isn't that good, but I got used to it a long time ago. That doesn't make it unwatchable. This movie was actually not bad and in my opinion deserves more recognition. The subbed version is way better than the dubbed in my opinion, and most voices are fitting subbed. Some anime I can watched dubbed and subbed, but I'm sorry I can't with this one. Akane and some others sound unrealistic.

Angelo ma

The only movie i watch in english dub

Kai Cyreus

This is what I wish would've happened with JoJo Part 3


My mind is instantly flashing back to all of the Engrish scenes in Steins;Gate.

Sato Mafuyu

6:48 man... i cannot stop laughing



Tatercat Studios

Congratulations you have invented jerpernerse

LPF346 [HUN]

Thats such a cool idea! :D

Ethan Djeric

btw if anyone is looking for the English Eradication Edition, the release group is [MTBB]
you can find it yourself.


Just recently watched the movie. I liked it, but I have to say: I feel kind of sad and salty that people in SEAUn speak English. I mean, sure, the official language of ASEAN is English but that's just to overcome the language barrier (as we will do until the far future). However, I would presume that only English gained official language status in such a society, even public texts in SEAUn are mostly in English. And, although there are minor characters speaking native SE Asian languages they are depicted in precarious, life-threatening situations exacerbated further by poverty. I understand that movie budget forces compromise for voice acting but I genuinely wonder what happened to the language situation of SEA nations 100 years into the future in this society. Did the mighty English tongue crush our other languages under the heel of a jackboot in order to unify several nations? It's tearing me apart because it is commonly observed that if a nation has too many languages, some if not one language is appointed as official to facilitate communication. But, on the other hand, when they do make that choice, is it really best to select a language not native to SEA (to reasonable basis that English is what we use, officially, to communicate with each other)? But if we don't choose English, then how are supposed to communicate? Ugh, it's very vexing sometimes…


I feel like Kogami should have the perfect english dub since he has been living outside japan for a while now

Someone xd

Oh god that deus ex music


I kind of liked the sub. The “Engrish” works out great in SEAUn due to the fact that it resembles our modern world ASEAN. Presumably in the future of Psycho-pass this international organization of 10 countries has now become a unified conferderation. In an attempt to bridge the countries various ethnic groups and cultures, English became the main language albeit heavily accented. I love both versions will watch the EE version today. Great video


100 years in the future? SPOILERS!

Rauhaan Inamdar

Damn that was racist


What's the outro audio at the end?

ELbabotas Shinigami

Uhm... I can't watch the vid...

Gonzalo Charles

were can I find the engrish eradication edition

Haruhi Suzumiya

where can i see the movie? in this version


Or... and hear me out... Fucking understand the plight and go with it like we did for Bruce Lee's Way of the Dragon


Imagine being annoyed with broken english, lol. Y'all speak broken spanish every time and even mistake portuguese with spanish and want to be pussies about broken english. Sure it would be better to have english VA's doing those parts, but holding the movie back? nah.

Asif Khan

why dis video on 360p

Char Aznable

the superior way of watching the movie


Where the hell do i find this??

Cole Burns

Where can I find the Fan Edit?


i personally prefer the dub more, but if you watched the anime with the japanese audio this is the best choice

Jeni Narvaez Melo

I Love how you said to look for the movie in the way that we "raise our crime coefficient" XDD lmao genius way to go about it

Miguel Alvarez

Why didn't they just change the "English-English" to a completely different nationality in the English dub?
Could have been Italian or French, or maybe Portuguese? Something that's not often spoken in Japan.
The Japanese could be speaking "English" to us dub-viewers while the "English" are turned into another nationality with a completely different language. It'd still require a translator, and they wouldn't need to specify the language it's translated into. Just "One moment? - Okay, go ahead." like before.

Edgar Larios

So uh, does anyone know where to actually find this version? I'm having trouble finding it.

Young Mule

Talk about the great pretenders ridiculous language salad


I still remember when Karma speaks "English" in the dub of Assassination Classroom. In the original sub they just get the japanese voice actor to speak English to the American character and it works, it's just 1 or 2 lines and the Engrish is fine since Karma is still Japanese so he can't speak English perfectly.

In the dub tho that scene just doesn't work at all, it's hard to express Karma switching languages when technically both languages are different in story, but to us they are both English, so what they did was just give him a texan accent. It was genuinely hilarious, but it wasn't bad. Karma was being cheeky and making fun of the american so the Texan accent just really added onto it. It's one of the few moments where technically the Sub made more sense and was probably better, but the dub just made it so much funnier, even if it was for the wrong reason.

First Cooommment

I recognize that Deus ex remix. Noice!

James Fieweger

“Welcome to the Specially Administrated Zone”

At this point I lost it.

Sleepless Indefatigable

Reminds me of the dub version of Revue Starlight. There's a couple of scenes where Claudine speaks French in the original audio, and the moment that happened, the subtitles just ate a fat bowl of shit and took up half the screen. The French was transcribed verbatim at the bottom, while Japanese subtitles ran down the left hand side, with the English subtitles going ACROSS the Japanese subtitles, halfway up the screen. The dub fixed that by just having Claudine speak French for a moment and put the one subtitle there.

Asif Khan

somehow this video is STILL 360p for me
oh and btw I finally watched Psycho-Pass

Koro Moro

Is there a link someone can give me to the fan version. I watched this video a while ago before I watched psycho pass, and 5 seconds into the movie I realized it was the movie with the bad Engrish in the subbed version, but I don’t want to rewatch this video and get anything spoiled

J.L. Gerson

I can't find the engrish eradication version. Can anyone help me


i personally prefer the dub more, but if you watched the anime with the japanese audio this is the best choice

Grøh the Blähaj

Cool points there. I'd love to see that Engrish Eradication edition too if fans really did went that far as to mix different dubs altogether.
Though for certain; I, myself, do enjoy a certain Robert McCollum and Alex Organ's voice a lot more so I supposed I'll just watch the dub and ignore Akane all the time. I personally never got used to Akane's English dub voice but it's okay. Just nothing special unlike that of Kogami's and Makishima's.


I liked both, but prefer the regular funny dub, because even tho it's just akane and kougami speaking broken English, they're the main characters, so you hear Engrish a lot, and Engrish reallllllllly bugs me. That said, my hat is off to the fans who did the engrish eradication version as it is so much better than the original sub imo.

Toe Knee

What if the dub version just made them speak japanese until they used their translators, then they switch to english?

Shahrin Naim

I see no problems at all with dubs...btw this is anime who cares about few engrish?

Vivian Kurz

Wait a minute......
That's not J A P A N E S E

Daniel Kelling

So fans were able to creatively fix the sub, but what about the dub? Couldn't Funimation have picked foreign voice actors? Like, any language would do, if Japanese is too hard to find, or too expensive...

Nitori ShogiPlayer

Should be a given, what was said in the video. I think either everyone speaking all in English (but having the viewer understand that part of it is actually supposed to be Japanese) is viable because the reason you're watching the dub is because you want to hear and understand it in English in the first place. The fan enhancement should be what's applied to every work though I've also seen localizations where they just turn the original Engrish into a different language. I think that's also fine.


Actualy King of the hill has the best dubing of any anime

Sinis Me

I remember when I got the japanese version. Sad days

Maddy Moreno

whats the name of the version you recommend to watch?

Mark Renaux

Ghost Stories is the best dub and made a horrible anime into a world changing one

Outdoor Miner

To be fair, SeaUN seems like a place where people from different places live. It's the union of different Asian countries, with different languages. It would make sense that they'd speak another language besides English and for that reason, develop an accent when speaking it. I think you go with the assumption that to speak English correctly, one would have to speak it like an American, which is just not true. People speak English in African countries, in the Caribbean, in some Asian countries and they do not speak like Americans. Perhaps in the movie, they could've varied the accents when speaking English (the mercenaries alone are all from different places, including Russia). Or they could've, you know, give everyone a British accent. Perhaps that'd make more sense than an American accent (jk).

Caleb Greenhaw

Wait is this what happens when the sub purest and the dub purest come together to make something beautiful

Beldar Conehead

The only problem with this eradication dub is if you go in from watching psycho pass season 1 and 2 in English, which fits correctly, into hearing the characters your used to speaking English speak japanese the whole time. I've really got used to the English voices. Kogami' s voice actor just makes him so badass. I think that there should be more anime made like this eradication dub to the point where not dub is needed. Foreigners are voiced by there respective foreigners and japanese by japanese. For psycho pass, though, I'm to used to the English dub to switch to japanese now. I'm to far in the game. Let's hope the upcoming movie trilogy doesn't go back to English speaking territories so this doesn't happen. Either way, Funi did a good job with the movie. The watch scene with akane was the only scene out of place and it wasn't that distracting. Just pretend she was reading the dude she was talking to's profile. Maybe sent him a friend request on facebook.



Mister CyberBully

how do I watch that version of the movie?

arcane halo

THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS WISH THEY"D DO...tho Im all for japanese dubbers doing their best to learn english so they can dub in english too. Some japanese are quite fluent after all.

This is so good tho Imma search for eradication ed. and rewatch this. Thanks for the heads up


"calling rice balls jelly donuts" Oh god, I remember being so skeptical each time that came up during Sailor Moon when they'd be eating pork buns or anpan.
The worst offender, however, was the dub for one of Street Fighter's many anime adaptations, where there's a scene where Ryu and a minor character are clearly eating bento boxes and they kept referring to it as "meatloaf".


3:50 - 4:06
Eh, it's not like that's any stranger than canonically Non-Japanese speakers speaking fluent Japanese in Japanese dubs.


This is a really interesting topic. Great video

Jai du Toit

Look at how vikings did it.

A Really Edgy Metalhead Weeaboo

Fans should do this in other anime as well such as Terror in Resonance and Steins;Gate

Aldjan W Mararac

I like how you mix the Japanese and English audios here.


K but where do I get it?


just wanna say thanks. originally i watched this on upload and had been meaning to catch up with the show at that point for awhile, i just now managed to catch up to the movie(in2020/6th) after re-watching season 1 and 3 years later i never forgot this upload. i just wanted to make this comment because at the time you were going through financial troubles and id followed you regularly for a year or two at that point and always wish i could have helped you properly but i wasnt able to at that age and now i finally am so im going to as a thank you even if your life drifts away from youtube i appreciate your TTYDK series and still want one on mankind divided but none the less i wish you well in whatever sees you through

Miguel Alvarez

Or why not change the Americans to another nationality? If the flags aren't shown all over, just change the Americans to French or Italian.

Chief Kasei could then say "Unfortunately, we've run into a linguistics problem. They don't speak English or Japanese, so you'll have to use translators to communicate.

And the English Dub voice actors could have tried mimicing Fronch or Itilian, poor accent and all.

Joseph Stacklin

I love the smooth reference to the story there at the end. Consider me subscrizzled.


Where is the link to this new edit of the movie?

Czech mate

but why do you call it "genius", anybody with a brain probably also thought about this kind of solution when watching movie or anime with this kind of problem at some point.


Where can I watch this version? I can't find it anywhere.


so does anyone know where i can watch the the eradication edition?

ly tuy

Thanks a lot, Syy. Now I have another case to present when I go and convince some hard headed people that this community and what the fan are doing is actually good for their industry.

Don't know if I can do it or the chance would ever come, but let's say you, this community and this video would be a good chance.

I'm not really able to tell you what my idea is, but let's say if it goes real, it would be a good change.

And since I'm already all read with black specks all over, like hell I fear some more raise in my crime efficiency and clouding my hue.


Where can I find this movie with mix sub and dub?


I mostly watch in sub, I feel like I can hear more emotion and that the voice follows the character/s lip movement also the voices in sub sound more natural and conversations don't have those annoying changes in voice volume or tone , the only one I would watch in dub would be Black Lagoon.


I always thought of akane looking at her watch as just her confirming her landing


how did you extend something that can be said in ten seconds to a whole ass eleven minutes...

Humberto Amorim

Watching the movie was an excruciating experience to say the least, and also very comical. And that’s coming from someone who does not have english as a first language.

To make matters worst, what hurts the most is the fact that they are clearly reading from a script, I mean, come on, at least get some japanese speakers that are at least ok in english. It ruined the movie for me.

Xlegacy Zero

Those aren't jelly donuts?!


You know what this reminds me of? Future Diary.

The Sub of future diary has a glaring issue in that all the voice actors are absolutely awful at their jobs, however it also has the cell phone text (which is INCREDIBLY important to the plot) is also subbed into English.

The Dub has a great VA team, which is MUCH better sounding than the original. The downside? The phone text was never changed, so the screens, which contain important plot info I might add, are completely illegible if you're not Japanese.


boy, you sound like a more obnoxious digibro that's baffling