Top 5 WORST Pokemon GBA Rom Hacks! | Sacred

Top 5 WORST Pokemon GBA Rom Hacks! | Sacred

49 055 views | 14 Apr. 2017

It's unfortunate but the Top 5 WORST Pokemon Rom Hacks, NEW AND OLD, gotta get chosen! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

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Pokemon Jupiter:

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Pokemon Quartz:

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Giggity Fucker

I don't have have a problem with these games, but #2 just makes me want to bleach my mind. Like wtf was going through the creator's head?

Nathan Price

Man, I don't usually have to speak up, but this is literally bullying of the creators, they made the game for others to enjoy, and I get you didn't enjoy them but you didn't need to play them in the first place, hearing prior people tell you to not play them, you had no reason to, but you did so you could hate on people who are trying there hardest, this is not a critique this is a bullying video of nothing, your points to me seem as so "this is cringey" that's not a anything that could help the developer, your giving no insist to anyone, your just bullying them. This is completely horrible, if you don't like something then don't play it, and don't threaten someone behind a screen for a video game, there's a difference between a actual review of a game, and bullying, this is bullying, there was nothing corrective about this, and man they tried there best so lay off, and don't be a internet bully, even going down to the point of asking other people to hate, asking them to hate on what other people may love, don't spread hate man, spread love. Because if you don't have something corrective or positive to say then don't say it.

Vladimir Calderon

Yoooo funniest video ever lmfaoooo


Liquid Crystal was a piece of shit, running back and forth to solve puzzles, fucking glitchy ass question mark pokemon, SERIOUSLY, I got stuck on a trainer cause he had NO POKEMON, clearly the game is not finished and needs more work.


PoKemOn Glazed

Claudia Sanchez

The creator of pokemon quartz was 14 at the time he made it

Dariel Sanchez

pokemon xy nutria is horrible simply because of the difficulty everything is good but the difficulty just ruins it, It tried way too hard to be difficult using as many cheap tricks as it can to make you lose, like the fuck is the point of having so many fucking pokemon if your pigeonholed into using specific pokemon that even then don't guarantee victory, since gym badge levels have been reduced to the point where you'll just be steam rolled if you accidentally over level your pokemon because they won't listen to you

Logan Collins

no wonder ur avatars a boondock you curse a lot over a according to you big boring game

Sunny the winged cat

could you do the rom hack: "derpizard"


I haven't played much, but Insurgence is ugly as all hell. It's just fucking bull.

Also Pokemon Sweet. I mean, yeah, the new typings are cool, but some of the designs are Quartz level. Like fucking Samurott. Ugly ass bitch. Plus the colors in the overworld are so bright. And the excuse that it's "supposed to be bright like sweets" is bullshit. They could've used pastel pink or some shit like that!

Statik Damon

Go to 6:14


all of them suck

Benji Plays _

I hate flora sky


Where tf is chaos black?


Correct the title by "Top 5 outdated rom hacks", Quartz was made before Emerald was released. For its time it was a great game.

coong ee

quartz is good ;-;


Shouldn't have so much swearing

Ryuko Matoi's Undertale AU Music

why do dislike ash gray

Varadarajan B

I went pass through bulbasaur event

Manlyman Physiques

Change the title to most overrated pokemon rom hacks.

Marlhy Murphy

But Flora Sky is AMAZING! It has festa zone and battle frontier! I personally loved it but that’s opinions I guess.

Rhino 'n Chips

Ash Gray could've been 5 minutes long, be impossible to win at the first fight, and give you syphilis and it still would've got all the completely undeserved attention for the premise alone. I've met someone who said it's the only rom hack they've ever played, even before playing it myself I gave him an ashamed look.


part 2 please.

andhika ramadhan

Seriously Flora Sky !?
Thats my fav hack pokemon game and its easily to completed.
That storyline is awesome too.
As you know, its Entered one of the top ten greatest games on various website and various youtuber videos.
[correct me if im wrong or something. thx]


LOL JUPITAR xD i completed it so you are wrong xD

Toaster Strudel

pokemon light platinum isn't on here?

Son Goku

Imma play Pokémon psychic adventures

Mariah Steele

Pokémon Quartz has always been a guilty pleasure for me. Lots of the Fakemon are silly but that's what I enjoy about it. The dialogue's pretty cheesy and I believe Baro (the creator of the hack) thought adding swears would make it cool. Feebass' equivalent is really easy to find in this game and if you evolve it, you get an Ice/Dragon turkey creature (the Fakemon in Quartz' intro) with SPEED BOOST. So broken! I've beaten the game once and there's actually a postgame I thought was interesting.
Oh, and I think Topaz could have ended up on this list if you knew about it. Its edits reek of laziness, as some of the sprite edits have white backgrounds. The plot's cool but how about a hack where we play as Team Rocket WITHOUT lazy Fakemon? The only one I liked in Topaz was the Pelipper replacement Aquiton, a flying whale. It was simple but at least it wasn't overdesigned. Hit like a dump truck too. Thought Inceneroar was bad? Check out Armorwoof.


Pokemon Quartz is funny as fuck xD


The video speaks for itself, leave a LIKE & a comment for the WORST Rom Hack you've played. I hope you guys enjoy!

PokemonMaster Patrick

I hate how they didnt finish the orange islands in ash gray but otherwise its great

Chase Collins

If anyone's heard of Sonicmon, I'd like to throw that game under the bus. Horribly difficult start due to most of the mons being Steel, and only having access to Normal moves from the start, unbalanced moves & mons (Lightspeed flat out being Focus Punch w/out the charge up, but still having it's start-up priority), BS catch rates, and exp being exponentially cut, making grinding an absolute pain.


pokemon cock version. enough said.

Esteban Venegas

Im playing Jupiter bro that makes me dont wanna play it

Markus Rodriguez

Call em out!
You saved me from downloading Jupiter

Currently Daydreaming

Looked up a bit of the psychic one... I need bleach




Thank you!

Dapperjack 6

This Pokemon game it was when you played as an pikachu and you Pichu brother get kill I want to play it again if someone know what it call play talk to me

Danny Legend

Pokemon sun and moon. The packing was really slow. U can't really discover anything. They show u how to do anything at all anymore. And- wait. It's NOT a rom hack...?! Game freak made it!?! Oh. Ok.




flora sky and ash gray shouldnt have been here

Son Goku

Wtf nigga?! How the fuck are flora sky and ash gray on here?! Tf are you on

Artic Fox Fan

I love bad rom hacks. they are very fun


I never played through kanto because of how boring kanto is. Psychic adventures helped me play through the entire game

gamer foxy XOXO

I hate this video

Cheese Dirks

I thought of a pokemon that would be terrible. Its a lion that is an ice/ rock type, and it only learns 3 moves, confide, splash, and play nice, and it has trash stats


Please, worst fakemons ever? Have you seen Pokémon Topaz? Seriously.

Mclean Milana

pokemon crystal shards...


The only thing trash that I've seen in the past 11 minutes was this video itself. Hate whatever games you want, but just calling them trash/shit/garbage like this on YouTube is simply rude. These people put effort into making these games and just calling them trash like this just isn't acceptable. It's not just the game creators this triggers. This is simply naive.
Make a game of your own so we can see how you'd like it to be called shit the way you did in this video. A ton of effort goes into making a Pokémon game, whether that be a ROM hack or a fangame.

Katelyn Carson

are all pokemon rom hacks people know gen3 rom hacks?

Poke ball z

Lol ash gray is good


Play pokemon uranium, opposite of quartz!!

Rude Dolphin

Pokemon Dark Rising was a shitload of fuck!


1.Pokemon Rusty ROM Hack
I know the real series is great but the rom hack is rushed and it have alot of glitches (Rusty's Dad In The Beggining Of The Rom Hack Dosent Have A Line. Rusty's Mom Only Said "Who Is Red? " And When U Use Fly Rusty's Glasses Disspears! ) and you even have a rival in the game! Seriously there no Perfect bidoof in the game you only have Snorcrash, Bidoof, Wobuffet, Pooping Pikachu, And the ROM hack is nothing like the Series


Why would someone want to play anything that sexualizes children, physic is garbage


"I will find you and we WILL fight"
Haha! I remember yeaaars ago, when my friend told me he bought quartz from a car-boot sale.All I know is that I personally would feel ashamed if I spent real money on it.


Chaos Black. The most offensive thing is that someone apparently made a physical copy of that one.

I've actually played all of these, except Physic, saw it, but was like, no that doesn't look even remotely amusing.

Darek Krzyżak

you forgot about light platinum this thing is so glitchy and you can easily get stuck in some of the gyms


"All naked sprite in pokemon psychic xxx"

Michah 20

have you played Pokemon light Platinum it's bad it's out dated and theirs a way to soft locked the game to make you have to restart the whole game I would say light Platinum is a bad rom hack


So there's a Pokemon rom hack out there that's both a normal Pokemon game and a dating sim?


We have to build a wall around this video!


Pokemon Eclat Pourpre (A French Rom Hack) is pretty bad too...
Insane curve of difficulty. (you can set it to easy/normal and hard though) The 2nd gym leader have a Nidoking and full evolved Poison types Pokemon (The final evolution of Zubat and Oddish)
The story tries to be mature, but just follows the plot of Fire Red, the game is glitchy with the trainer finder (Idk if that's the name) an exclamation point appear on the Lamps and on the trees... The trainers fight you even if you have beaten them...
And should i mention the Fucking Iron Ferialigtr which can't have his stats lowered and is immuned to Poison....
Definitly a bad Rom Hack IMO


AshGray is one of the best ROM hacks out there, fight me.


tyvm for the video you saved me from playing pokemon jupiter and now i wont download it ever and pokemon psychic XXX is a big no no for me you have no idea how much i hate porn like really hate porn to the death if i was the cop i wouldve arrest the maker of that hack like no joke, i seriously hate nudity at 100%, well thats just me some people may found that entertaining but not me for me its just disturbing and sad and pointless....... nuff said tyvm again for saving me^^ i apreciate it


Pokemon apallo is bad to many bugs


Daug try shiny gold sigma : WORST HACK EVER


Vargskelethor did this game justice by playing through it with his hilarious antics

Alexander Magdaleno

I really wanna see you make a romhack as good as flora sky or ash gray

Lyn With Lack of Flynn

Pokemon XY Naturia is the most broken glitchy mess I've seen in my life as a Pokemon Fan

The coolest Prinz

Ok I know this video is old but thank God I watch this before downloaded

Cloud Nine

what Flora sky is amazing

Pinki P

Pokemon Topaz

Landon Foster

Pokemon sun Ruby was a really boring game. It had some good sprites but the gen 7 mons had horrible moves, no fairy typing and replaced it with types that did not fit, and just basically the actual ruby but with the most HORRIBLE MOVESTS

Neil Gagna

I tried to play Pokémon quartz... I tried... So hard... I literally couldn't

Hero Shinx

For pokemon jupitar, where do I proceed after second gym?

Jay Cope

The fact that i just started playing jupiter just to see it on this list


These are probably old hacks

Atlantean Productions

Dark rising was ass lol it was buggy asf

Carl Johnson CJ

Ultra violet is good

Derek Spradling

So the first two aren't necessarily bad, they're just mediocre. In my opinion at least.
Here are some ROM hacks I've played that I hated.
Pokémon light platinum.
Pokémon ultra red
Pokémon a marriage of tales
Pokémon abandoned ruby

But Pokémon light platinum makes the list. I fucking hate that game! It looks good, but it sucks!


I feel like Quartz was meant to be disgusting. It just seemed that way to me

Luna S.


wrn beltran

Pokémon Clover

Grabs Popcorn

Jonathan Tibe

Where did you get the Huey pic from?

Jeffplayz 123

The worst rom Pokemon Feminist version

Oscar Barron

I love pokemon quartz because of how horrible it is


Baro made a sequil to his shet

Davethespade 4

Crystal clear is one of my favorites

thenightwalker 3



Quartz was actually the first hack i ever played.


why did this come when I search for best romhacks?


Pokemon jupiter is terrible and yet I keep seeing LPs of it. Really its only worth playing to see what absurd bullshit I put in there.

Brianna Nikia

Well shit, what are the best rom hacks?? Yes I know this video is old, yes I know I’m late lol.


Where's Pokemon snakewood? That shit is like fucking disgusting.


Touhoumon Insane. It's on TV trope's worst page. one reason in six words: "SAFARI ZONE IS CALLED "CONCENTRATION CAMP"


Have you ever considered that maybe...'re garbage?

slade400uk 1988

Lmfao nobody rants as good as nick, what the hell was that psychic adventures thing lol and I would have to add pokemon naturia to the list the games just stupid

Pokemon collector

pokemon grey stone is awful