To catch a predator s03e05 Timothy Kyne

To catch a predator s03e05 Timothy Kyne

542 403 views | 12 Aug. 2016

46 months in jail, 20 years supervised release. Registered sex offender. Notice how they cute up to him until they tire of his bullshit. Came for a young boy. Join the discussion at Read his Chatlog

Keaton Curnutte

This interrogators are horrible. He shows ALL signs of lying and they don't press on him.

Okay nevermind later on they get harsher. Apologies.

Michael Gipson

These interrogators suck

mike jones

fatty is taking this personal, did someone bugger her son?


These cops are fucking bad at this.

Will March

cop from Yas interview would have LOST IT with Tiiiiiiim
with male detective in this interview too!!!


I think the female cop was training the male officer. I have seen her interrogate before. She's a pro.

Red Greene


Sadik Meah

Both cops looked pissed at the end that they couldn't get him to fess up even though they were there to 'help' him. They were pissed they couldn't 'help' him! How dare he refuse to take their 'help' !!!!!

Micro Transactor

This is the worst, most painful interrogation I've ever seen. The male cop should just say "Look, will you please just say something incriminating?"

Should've pulled him out of there and let the lady handle it. She's good in all of her interrogations.

Dark Knight 13

The interrogators really sound like complete amateurs.

Murrell Scott

The male interrogator sounds like a 13yo kid himself

Captain Marvel

Do not waste time. Like watching paint dry. These 2 are awful at the job.


LOL this interrogation always cracks me up for some reason... at 35:00 WHen the lady steps back in pretending to re-read the chatlog that she knew before this interrogation, she comes back into the room with a dramatic 'TIM,,,, we got so majior problems here' Morphing into the bad cop since the guy was getting no where. LMAO I love this chick

conejita love

La peor interrogación que e visto.

Phil Manning

Guilty or not, let the guy take a pee! If I was him I would have gone in the corner of the room. These two officers don’t come across well.

Nick Huskins

What a horrible display of interrogation techniques.


The male interrogator is an idiot. Even the suspect knows this.


They should have given him a bathroom break. This is not good at all. Even Elizabeth W got one and she killed a bunch of people.

Mikki Bjornsen

An age before everybody has a smart phone in their hand

Anida Cocktail

How can you tell when a pedophile is lying?

They open their mouth

Jack Harrison

This interrogation is so flip flop.
"I'm not saying you were gonna do that with the kid.." "I'm not interested in the age, I'm interested in the guy." "Put the age aside"

Bruh wtf these statements are terribly performed. I can see what they were going for but how they did it was awful

J Who?

These cops are so lame

E-magineThis E-T

17 minutes into the interrogation and I get the feeling these are rookies. I've seen others and they had a better approach in the first 5 min lol at 27 min they are implanting the words so this does not work. Others I've seen would have the guy already say it on his own. Lol at 29 min he gave up !!! 38:17. I think the guy is less experience than the lady interrogator in my opinion. Lol then 59:42 the guy puts his shoe in his mouth you can hear the voice change of the interrogator. This in my opinion is not a good interrogation. And all I can think of long are they going to make him Hold it!!!! Is that considered torture. ?! Lol

Michele N

The woman agent is actually good. She’s the only one to get this guy to admit to a sliver of anything, and psychologically figured him out. This guy is just too stubborn and wouldn’t admit to anything. Her other interrogations are awesome

courtenay sturgill

Why does this guy interviewer bug the day lights outta me? He is so annoying.

Hussam Hallak

These interrogators are awful.

Speaking Of The Spectrum

Ironically I'm only 13 minutes into this video so far, and I don't normally defend these jerks, but as someone who desperately needs glasses but can't afford em, I can vouch that a 3 can be confused for an 8 and vice versa! Maybe this guys eyes are going (he IS in his 40's) and he legit saw 18 instead of 13. He seems pretty damn genuine and not as nervous as all the other clearly guilty ones I've watched. That said, I am only 13 minutes in and haven't heard much detail on how many times the age was mentioned (and whether is was written out, thirteen and eighteen can't be confused this way!!!) or whether he refers in the messages to "keeping it a secret because he could get into trouble" like most predators say to their victims... any details of what he wanted to do don't matter if he actually thought he was talking to an 18 year old, but there are ways to catch him in a lie if he's being untruthful...


It's 'Skully' She's my fave detective on U Tube! I love the way she let Jim Rauch continue with his ignorance of the fact he was going to jail! She told him right at the end of a grueling 3 hour interogation! Brilliant!

James Phillips

at firstshes al kind and nurturing....then by the end her true disgust and bitch shines through as shes all your going to jail for a long time and your bail is going to be very high.

YoC Art!

The female cop is such a homophobe.


Why does the guy interviewing him sounds like Mr. Garrison (the teacher) from South Park.
And he sounds upset they didn’t invite him to this"fun time”.

Maritime Grime

39:57 “Oh yeah, you can help him explore his gayness, mmmkay.”

For some reason that just sounds like a line Mr. Mackay would say.

Ab Yz

real, real bad job by the interrogators on this one


It fucking infuriates me when they let the phone ring during these interrogations.



Seeing Through

Ide do pretty good if someone interrogated me but darn these two would of had me cracked so quick.
This is gonna be how they teach others in the future for sure.


How this guy is still managing to stay calm while being accused, honestly i have no idea what he actually thought.


my dude said gay dot com lmao


Moral of the story is....... stay off


This piece of shit was lying from the jump! He knew he was in deep shit and was trying to stay ahead of these two bumbling detectives and doing a lousy job of it. How many times did he have to tie and retie is stupid shoes??

John Barry

The wannabe psychologists are at it again


I know I’m going to get shot more times than Dell for bleeding all over the carpet by saying this.. but this suspect did a great job with his defense. Firstly, he did mess up by not hushing up and asking for a lawyer. But he kept everything consistent, even with having to piss like a race horse. I am not supporting groomers just admiring the interrogation process on both sides.

jamie arnett

the reason the guy keeps saying "its not about the age its about the person", is because the perv said this in the chat, i believe

Murrell Scott

According to Legend he still says he made a mistake..

Jason Peters

Can any1 count how many time tue cop says mmm ok

Randolph Vance

0:00 - Timothy Kyne thinking "man, I really need to go to the bathroom!"

james crowley

25 minutes in and these 2 useless cops are still talking in circles about the same thing

Bret Linden

These interrogators are horrible

Rebecca Vanover

I don't know what the point of these interviews are. It seems to me that the interviewers are helping the perp prep for his alibi case.

kyle menthes

omg the phone ringing made me jump, can someone take a message.... we busy.

Ian Fortuna

Every time he says “I’m sorry” I just want to cave his face in


I would confess to anything if it meant that I didn't have to hear that male detective's voice anymore.

Twink Toilet's Best Friend's Mom's Cancer

1:07:35 You're welcome.



Owen O'Connell

Is it just me, or does this guy sound like Charlie Sheen?

STACY Kingcade

Sure these guys don’t have a webcam, however they use other devices!


The guy interviewer is painful to listen to. I’ve never interrogated anyone before and I’d bet my life savings I could do a better job than him.


Fan01 ..... its here ( see it, down the page )
For the "cleanest best comments" ...

Chad Jones

Both detectives are awful. The male is just out of his element, and the woman is just berating the suspect. They are honestly lucky the perp is just as dumb as they are and admitting plenty even though he thinks he's being smart.


If I were him I'd have just pissed all over the interview room.


I’m leaving here in my car Tiiiim. Do you know what I mean when I say car?

J9 M

Whomever is doing the interogation here? Needs to be fired ASAP! find another job... horrible

Gin Ford

sorry but i don't understand who is the crazy here!


I sincerely hope the male interrogator has gotten better by now. I mean no disrespect if he was still fairly new at this time. I just hope he's gotten better lol.

Yung Deuce

I was going to meet this guy to get some booty
Did I say booty? Oops, I meant to watch a movie
I mean he was cute, the dude was really bomb
Where did you meet him, on gay dot com
How old was this guy, ain't he young I mean
To my knowledge officer he was 18
What did you talk about with this dude aside from movies and sports
That would land your ass in a federal court
You could have this child trauma, fucked him up, wrecked em
All because you wanna put ya dick in his rectum


These cops were dumb at interrogation

Lisa Whitehouse

The 2 officers doing the interview are absolutely shit

Юрий Сментына

A failure. Guys go and do your homework. Torcherin: not letting to visit the bathroom and pressing in hope that he'd break. I'm sure he was waiving on this in court at full range and ruined the case.
Even you had his confession at this point, he would easy take it later down on the ground of the way you got it.
And if trying to play on male look at female detective; it is really doesn't work for homosexuals.
You shall have found someone a bit younger, male, not really experienced, who empathize with the suspect. Maybe have them talking in four eyes. Why is this over-trodden Good Cop Bad Cop?

Tia Hauser

Just an FYI this is in the NKY area. They still need to do this because of 13 year old little girls run off with guys they meet on the Internet claiming to be 16 sadly...

mike jones

piss on the coats John.. er Tim

robert glenn young

Tim's dad was gay! was his other dad!


Folks want to rag on the detectives here but they were just up against a potato with a collection of broken records. If you want to see them making someone squirm check out Jimmy Rauch instead

Patricia Colgan

Why does he retie his shoe

Peter Paul Media

40 minutes in and one of the worst interrogations I've ever seen in my life.

Logan Wolverine

Why did they not just say, "we have enough evidence that is 100% getting you in trouble, if you're honest it will lower your sentence?"

Cozmo Lang

It's interesting to see the different demeanors these same detectives have depending on who they are interviewing. They are yelling at this guy and I saw another video where they were acting like the guy's best friend and consoling him. Interesting police tactics

Helix Echoes

54:57 lol he called him "John" by mistake...
the male investigator really needs a lot more training indeed.


The male detective is a gem. This is my favorite interview, what a team of dunces.
This "detective" has such low IQ, his transparent methods, his phrases, his begging, his church leader ways.
Her accent, manner of speech, choice of words.

Señor Whatshisface

This investigation was absolutely horrendous, all the psychological training, went straight out the window. Going in circles, for practically 2 hours when this case could have been reduced to 15 minutes with proper training. I cannot rationalize the "John, you are getting hung up on the age thing, let us put this age thing aside. That's the sole purpose of the whole investigation, the investigator practically excused the case right there. The whole interrogation was an entanglement from the start.

Wynton McCurdy

He doesn’t realize that he’s already screwed himself by saying, “i came just to be friends, if it went further so be it”... because the person is 13! The detectives already got him, 15 minutes in. That interest combined with the dialogue is enough evidence to charge him...

I appreciate the people who criticize the detectives’ style. If you understand the law, then you can bring your focus to their real objective. Motive has already been established. Getting the suspect to lay out a story that can be cross examined in court is the next step. Keep him talking, and then put him to bed.

Understand that, mental fatigue is part of their strategy. The detectives have all day!


Someone answer that phone! It's the boy asking TIMMY ? Where are you ? He is so guilty. such fools that attempt this, but many do and many get away with it, that's the scary part.

NOPE And Nope

They all lie through their teeth!
I would SOO NOT have the patience!!!!!


This is my favorite interrogation. I could watch this over and over and never get tired of it.

jabari kidd

This lady is a savage

Chad Jones

The male investigator literally needs to be fired, jesus.


How did the male officer say-- it isn't about age its about the person, and the guy in handcuffs is correcting him...what happened there..?

Randall James

Fly on the wall tie your shoe

Loretta Napish

This dude.. is funny.


Most of these questions are EXTREMELY none of their business (what he talks about with OTHER ppl)

Sean McClure

Can you imagine almost being at the point where you can’t stop the pee from coming out and this long winded, inexperienced, and repetitive detective is doing whatever he can to make sure to drag it out. I know it’s tactic that probably works but I’m also certain there are people who have admitted to something just so they could go to the bathroom..

John Pharis

This Male cop is a little confused I think... Hes bringing up a scenario that has nothing to do with what's going on... I dont think he knows what hes doing.

Supernova Lancaster

The only TV show where the Host turned out to be more deplorable than any of these predators.

Ryan Toyk

This is absolutely ridiculous! All they're doing is badgering him playing this good cop, bad cop bullshit because they don't have anything but circumstantial and they need a confession or they got nothing! POS cops!

Captain Marvel

Why waste time with all this BS? Everyone knows their lying and you have the conversations.


There's really a website...

Now I wonder if there's a!!

Tony McCollum

I want to punch this male interrogater in the face for being such a dough



Matthew Berry

This interrogation was a train wreck


These 2 investigators are extremely inexperienced and lead the interrogations in the wrong way, they should get more training ASAP

Wayne Chamberlain

This guy lies so much both his lips dont trust each other