My Gold Making Tips for Hallow's End 2019

My Gold Making Tips for Hallow's End 2019

11 660 views | 20 Oct. 2018

It's my favorite time of the year again! From pet flipping to recipe farming, here's how I'll be capitalizing on Hallow's End for gold making and beyond!

Addon (need Handynotes) to help you find Candy Buckets:

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Squid Rider

The hearthstone is badass.

Bear Tartare

The hh hearthstone was so worth it. 1st year I've done something besides the mount, got that last year. Candybuckets also works well. It's nice to be able to do the other activities.

Lon Measley Dreams of Warcraft

6:59 I meant Sack of Spectral SPIDERS, not Tigers... (though I really wish I had the latter)!


omg The Diablo 2 Soundtrack ...those feels


I got the mount on my 103 Warrior so it's probably 100+ :)
Nice VIdeo!!!


I think I heard a door slam at 2:04. Maybe your place is haunted! Thanks for the video and have a spooky halloween!


You can kill Arachnis in other people's garrisons as well, if you personally don't have him in yours. (He has a 5 min respawn.) I used to open up my garrison with a custom group for him and Soulare in case people wanted to get the toys. (Soulare is now somewhere outside in BfA where both factions can get to him, so no need to use the garrison one anymore for the Wayfarer's Bonfire.) Informative video. Thanks!

The Original Captain Trips

for some reason i got my holidays mixed up & i thought we needed 350 treats per pet, not 150...that's w lot more doable! ty