Ludwig, the Holy Blade (Extended, w/ Lyrics) Bloodborne Extended Soundtrack (by Nobuyoshi Suzuki)

Ludwig, the Holy Blade (Extended, w/ Lyrics) Bloodborne Extended Soundtrack (by Nobuyoshi Suzuki)

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Turn on the subtitles to see the lyrics! Translation for this track was made by user Sunbro Adresse. You can see the history and changes of these lyrics here:

I saved all the BB lyrics just in case in Aug 2019, but they were drastically changed after that. I received comments from users who were translating these lyrics and I still have some of these comments with new lyrics saved in my Gmail feed, but not all of them, unfortunately. We lost all the long and detailed conversations about these translations, but with the comments saved in my Gmail feed it is possible to restore most of the lyrics close in their latest form. Analyzing the saved Gmail comments, defining which track these comments are referring to (yes, even this is not always clear with what I have left) and restoring at least part of the conversations about these lyrics to restore the latest translation takes time, so please be patient!


The tracks in the official soundtrack album always felt shortened for me, compared to the music pieces, that played in the actual game. I do understand, that actually these tracks on the album are how they were composed and recorded, and then in the gameplay process these tracks play longer, depending on how long you fight with the bosses. Nevertheless, often the length of the track on the album is not enough for me, because in most cases you fight the boss longer time and remember the track in other form and length. So I decided to make the extended soundtrack of the Bloodborne game, extending all the music pieces, written for the game, to be closer to how they are play in the game itself.

Most of the tracks in Bloodborne are boss fight music, and considering that most of the bosses have two or three stages, the music also represents these stages, having a part for the first (or first and second) stage, that repeats itself in the game, while you fight the boss in its first (or first and second) stage, then after the boss turns to the second (or third) stage, another part of his music begin to play and repeats itself again and again, till you finish the fight. There are a few exceptions to this, and the music is mostly more difficult, then just having two stages, but still the algorithm is mostly the same for all the boss fights music. So surely I extended all the tracks in a way, they play in the game, carefully paying attention to each one, recording almost all of them from the game (with all the other sounds muted) to listen to these tracks and the transitions in the process of editing.

For making these tracks I mostly used the loseless version of the soundtrack. For some tracks I used music, recorded from the gameplay (if the music wasn't available in the official album), also I recorded some transitions for the music loops from the game as well, if I could not manage to recreate the same transition from one loop to another just using parts of the music from the album. Also, I added here the alpha versions of two tracks, recorded by someone from the Bloodborne Alpha in 2014, because they are differ from the same tracks, used in the final version of the game.

I have made two versions of this extended soundtrack, so let me describe a bit both editions. "Bloodborne Extended Original Soundtrack" is compiled in the same way, the official releases compiled in terms of the tracks order. It consists of CD1, CD2 and "The Old Hunters", every part contains the same tracks, the released albums have, in the same order. It is made for those, who like this specific order and does not want it to be changed, and for those, who would like just to replace some of the tracks in the official album with the extended ones, if they would like just some of these tracks. They are numbered in the same way, so those who would like to do that way can just replace one song with another. The "Bloodborne Full Extended Soundtrack" though consists of all tracks from the game, DLC and alpha, collected into sort of an album in a way, I like all of them together to be listened (like in this playlist on Youtube). Both compilations also have a few alternative edits of some tracks, if you would like them better and would like to replace the ones from the main parts of the compilations with these alternatives.

You'll find the download links to this whole compilation in the description to the very last video of this playlist on Youtube.

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Unreleased Game Music

Comment by Sunbro Adresse on Feb 2020:

Ok, here is the new (and I hope last) attempt to decipher the chanting. Thanks to Unreleased Game Music and Hugh mann who were of great help piecing together the lyrics. As always latin in Bloodborne, and modern media in general, is extremely inaccurate. Although nothing here is strictly "wrong" per say, there is no great syntax or poetry in the following sentences, but mostly ideas that can tell us what the guy behind the lyrics wanted to convey. For that reason I took some liberties concerning certain words, not by twisting their original meaning but rather by extending it. Consider also that the order in which sentences are organized doesn't matter as much in latin as it does in english, for this reason the lyric can seem confusing and I will, if necessary, make use of parentheses to mark the words that don't belong in a same sentence. Without further ado, here are the lyrics.
Phase 1 : From 0:27 to 0:47 and 2:10 to 2:29 Venator, venando, sanguinem vigore : O warrior, by vigorously hunting the blood (I grant myself knowledge) Venator, (do mi nus), amor a nihilo : Ô hunter, I am beloved by none Venator = Hunter (Masc. Vocative singular) Venando = By hunting/hunting (Ablative Gerundive of Venor "I hunt") Sanguinem = The blood (Masc. Accusative singular) Vigore = With vigor/by the vigor = vigorously. Even though this isn't an adverb in latin I translated it as such since the meaning remains the same (Masc. Ablative singular) - Following this is the bit that I put between parentheses. It goes with the first part since these two bits work together, though they appear in different parts of the chanting. Do = I give, I grant Mi = (To) me (Singular Dative of ego "me") Nus = Wisdom, knowledge (Indeclinable) - And finally the last part. Venator = Hunter (Masc. Vocative singular) Amor = I'm beloved of Amo "I love". A = Also found as Ab it means a whole lot of thing. Here it's used to put an emphasis on the fact that the object Nihilo is exercising the action on the subject. Nihilo = By/From the nothingness, nothing, void etc… here I chose to translate it into "none" since it makes sense with the sentence. (Neuter Ablative singular) The next part is tricky as it can means two things. From 0:47 to 0:57 and 2:30 to 2:40 Gladius sanguine refugit opulentus : Before the blood the sumptuous blade has fled / Before the blood recoils the sumptuous blade Gladius = The blade, the sword (Masc. Nominative singular) Sanguine = Because of/by/against the blood (Masc. Ablative singular) Refugit = Either "It flees/recoils" or "It (has) fled/recoiled". Of Refugio "I flee". Opulentus = Adj. Sumptuous, abundant, plentiful (Masc.Nominative singular) Onto the next part, from 0:59 to 1:22 and 2:41 to 3:04 O Venator ! Ob sola divina ! Ah ! Domino terribili ni spatham, scelero ! O Hunter ! For the holy foundations, for the terrible lord, I do not defile the blade ! O Venator = O Hunter (Masc. Vocative singular) Ob + accusative = Because of Sola divina = Holy foundations/bedrocks (Neuter Accusative singular) Domino terribili = For the terrible/fearsome God/Lord/Master (Masc. Dative singular) Ni = Negation (adverb) Spatham = Blade, greatsword, longsword… (Fem. Accusative singular) Scelero = I profane/defile This bit here is really difficult, both because it's difficult to hear the chanting and because the grammar is weak. I came up with my best. The raw translation I gave can be interpreted as something along the line of "O hunter ! See, for the sake of the divine traditions and the terrible lord (great one ?), I didn't defile the Holy Blade", but it is overall very messy… I think it may implies that even as a beast, Ludwig didn't defile the Holy Moonlight Sword, in respect (and fear) of the Great Ones and the Hunters' lore. From 1:22 to 1:45 and 3:05 to 3:26 Maledictus fiat morte et sanguine opulento : May he be cursed by death and plentiful blood Maledictus = Past participle of Maledico "I speak ill of something/one" (Masc. Nominative singular) Fiat = May he/she/it become. Subjunctive of Fio roughly "I become". This verb carries the idea of change, to pass from one state to the other.*Maledictus* with Fiat*, although it isn't really "proper" latin, translate into "May he be cursed/Be he cursed". And we can be sure that the subject is masculine since *Maledictus is a masculine past participle. Morte = By death (Fem. Ablative singular) Et = And Sanguine opulento = By the plentiful blood (Masc. Ablative singular) That's all for the first phase.
Phase 2 : From 3:45 to 3:59 O Venator ! Erus sanctus, tuam fati par dia : O Hunter ! The sacred mentor, the divine partner of your fate O Venator = O Hunter (Masc. Vocative singular) Erus Sanctus= The sacred master, the lord. Translated here to "sacred mentor" as it goes well with the very words uttered by Ludwig. (Masc. Nominative singular) Tuam = Your (Fem. Accusative singular) Fati = Of the destiny/fate (Neuter. Genitive singular) Par Dia = The divine partner (Fem. Nominative singular) Be aware that I accepted that one grammar mistake may slip into the sentence here. Tuam for this sentence to truly work should be Tui as to fit with fati*. There are two mistakes : Not only should *Tuam be to the genitive case, but it should more importantly be to the neuter gender. But since the Accusative case is used I can understand how this mistake has been made by the lyricist. From 4:00 to 4:18 Cor tuus ne victus fiat morte… Erit sanguinem opulentum ! : Lest by death your heart is vanquished… Abundant will be the blood ! Cor tuus = Your heart (Masc. Nominative singular) Ne (+ subjunctive) = Lest or By fear that Victus = Past participle of Vinco "I vanquish/overcome/triumph of" (Masc. Nominative singular) Fiat = May he/she/it become. Same as in the first phase, here translated as a simple "is". Morte = By death (Fem. Ablative singular) Erit = He/She/It will be. Of Sum "I am/I exist. Sanguinem opulentum = Abundant blood (Masc. Accusative singular) I'm still working on the second phase chanting. This is "only" the transition.


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Wouldn't it be awsome if the people who did the choir could tell us the lyrics for the second part?


The only thing that I could make out from the second phase lyrics that are missing:
4:36 - 4:43 "vita mortis sana" Regain your sanity after a life of killing
Then, after the word "dominus" (lord) at 4:50 it's impossibile to undestand anything due to the high pitched female choir and all the instruments going on . It's like a sequence of "Oh! ...", and I believe some lines are even repeated multiple times because they sound very similar. I probably could hear the word "spatharum" (sword) and "desperas" (despair) in the middle of that mess but take it as a grain of salt. That part requires too much insight.

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Not 100% sure but I think there's lyrics to the second phase. After the moonlight cutescene you hear the choir singing, but its drowned by the brass and also when the chorus hits

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