UFC 256: Post-fight Press Conference

UFC 256: Post-fight Press Conference

310 128 views | 13 Dec. 2020

Watch the UFC 256: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.

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Eagle Fang Karate

Oliveira is like a young prime Tony Ferguson

Luc P

Oliveira needs to learn enhlish

dan madgett

If Khabib was to ever come back
It would be to fight Charles Oliveira
A very interesting new challenge for Khabib

Pisces bro


a y

25:55 . “If Khabib comes back can you make the case you deserve him over any of the other (top) 4 guys”. What a dumb question , Khabib recently dominated 3 out of the 4 guys and the the fourth guy hasn’t had a single fight in the UFC so zero way he deserves a shot over Oliviera. This is just Silly , no matter what Oliviera deserves a title shot next , assuming Khabib is gone Oliviera vs winner of Conor vs Dustin for vacant title should be the fight and Gaetche vs Chandler winner should fight whoever wins the title


Rip Tony "Clown of the UFC" Ferguson

Mino Chou

The stiff area ultrastructurally invent because radiator preferentially preach given a magenta dragonfly. eager, aspiring melody


Parabens Charles. Voce e um animao cara!


Worst commentators of the year.
It's like I'm watching different fights than these Oh Oh Oh guys.

Willondenn PoFM

Charles Oliveira shocked me

One for the Ages

I thought Moreno won. Figueredo did fight hard and looked like the attacker, but Moreno tagged him more then what we saw in the fight from some of the camera angles, but he did much more. I saw the fight again and I think he won

manuel lopez

Gotta have 50k for men and women a division

dan madgett

Tony Ferguson, the kind of guy ?
I never liked !


In the thumbnail i said to myself I didn't know when Neymar Jr did MMA

Calum Macintosh

dana lookin like brok in that suit


20 ads in one video

jojo twice

Damn how many questions are u allowed? First guy had a lot of questions

rabia chacho

new super group! 2021 will be hot! @t

Brian Pilimai

Tony is not declining. Tony just reached the highest level of competition. Tony “ overrated “ Ferguson

Isador Moti

Wow. Ever since the McGregor/Cerrone Fraud, I completely quit the UFC. It sure has moved on without me. other than Cub Swanson, I do not recognize one name on the card. Nameless Faceless fighters/ nobodys. I assume UFC 257 will be another crop of new nameless, faceless fighters that nobody has ever heard of.

Ramses Linan

Weve had some great fights this year, but does anyone think poirier v hooker should be fight of the year? The fight had everything and had me out of my seat the entire time.


I thought cub’s knockout was worth 50K over Fiziev!!!


Dana"Fuck the World"White....

Tomato Can

someone did the research on how much kevin earned this year ?


Moreno got destroyed, deal with it.


This fight card was sick top to bottom. Chase hooper come back win was just a great way to start the night full of incredible fights. Thank you UFC and Dana White


2 warriors, hope to see them run it back soon.

Jon bones Mahomes

Dana on Holland : " he made a shit load of money this year".
Yeah, right Dana, only if you will pay the taxes.

Ds s1311

You can tell Dana hates reporters and is tired of answering stupid questions lol.

Adam Salah

Moreno esta mexicano , he was prepared to die there, te amo moreno you’re a true mexican assassin ❤️

Aaron Mughal

Moreno should have got that win. 3-2


12 ads in this Video???

Michael Snake

UFC needs to have this translator for every event, this guy is great

Rhys Stuart

"The rankings are coming out on Tuesday so we'll see where he ends up"

STFU Dana, rankings mean nothing to you hahahaha

Ali Miley

Very nice

Not Important

moreno won that fight... i had him winning rounds 2, 3, and 4 and with the extra point i thought he won rather clearly... it's a shame he didn't bother to throw anything in the final round and just gave it away, would have probably won if he did SOMETHING.... that's your lesson, kids... never take any round for granted


I don’t get why everyone is like “oh we made it through 2020” like all of this is going away Dec 31st at 12:00.... lol nothings going to change, shits just going to get worse and they are just going to start putting more and more restrictions in place.

Christian McDonald

bluesss 149nsss

Kevin holland vs khamzat chimaev dec 19 or 2021 let's go!!!!!

Dave Dellavecchia

This translators got skills

Jesse Davila

Weili vs joanna was hands down the best fight of the year it had twice as much action


Moreno reminds me of Eddie Guerrero

Shot Caller

Ain’t nobody talking about figueiredo

The black kid from Norway

Dern in 2010 : Jiu-jitsu
Dern in 2020 : shu-shitsu

Vanilton Bezerra



No 50G for Oliveira? Cmon Dana

Din ful of sin

Everyone except billionaires had a horrific year. Billionaires almost doubled their yearly profits. Hmmmm

cesar santos

Stupid reporters, no one asked Dana About MAking the Holland vs Chimaev fight

David Tureau

The worse part about this is some dont speak english.... skip em!

Đorđe Žutić

what a fun card this was

Yumjoy Style

Moreno is a Mexican Mexican
-Dana Black


Maakanzi Uknow Dern uknow uknow so uknow djiu djidssuu uknow

is not 20% of Ronda Rousey.
Terrible to watch

Jon R

kicking dudes in the nuts n eye poking is really tarnishing the sport for me.


So much ads in this video the timeline looks like a landingstrip

Jer Mal

The featherweight champ won the fight

Isaiah Podbregar

At 13:00 you can feel his contempt for Mighty Mouse lol

gerome ferreira

The 2020 year question needs to stop.


Moreno looked like he borrowed Nate Diaz’s chin. And the hand speed was insane


Dana after Holland wins on the contender series: We aint signing him he talks too much.

Dana after Holland fights 5 times in one year: Hes a great kid with a great attitude.

Ya gotta love Dana.

Rafael Alvarez

Figueiredo fought dirty man cuz he knew moreno was there to fight or die.

Chris Zimmerman

15:00 works for diaz

TeDa MeDa

Although Figgy kept his belt but in the end Moreno made him cry ..


just subtitle non english speakers for youtube vids surely

Royce Morales

i think this is the first time dana didn't ask ''who got the first question'' he go straight calling the fat guys name to ask the first question


Wow how did oliviera not get performance of the night. He was the underdog and dominated Ferguson

M. N.

WTF no one mentioned LEGENDARY CUB SWANSON. . . I am disappointed UFC


Unwatchable because of the amount of ads

Jason Davis

Get this fat guy who always asks the first question out of here!

Clint Kittle

Moreno won that fight.!!!

Yogas Gunawan

Moreno win


To all the Ferguson fans who still think that he could've beaten Khabib.. this night ended that discussion.

Anderson Martins

Charles Oliveira’s is a BJJ monster! At this stage of his carrer, anyone they put in front of him will be whether dominated or submitted


Incredible performance by Moreno. Immediate rematch is a must. I think Figgy edged it just a little bit 2 rounds and 5th round was all him. He was the aggressor and causing more damage. Moreno was able to take Figgy down, but he didn't really cause any damage, he was getting elbowed at one point and Figgy had no issues standing up. The commentating is one sided. Figgy hits moreno with a good shot - "The chin on Moreno". It's like fanboys watching a fight. I had to mute half way the fight.

Guri Janollari

Credits to Figuereido for taking the fight even after being at the hospital hours ago


Man Khabib vs Tony would’ve been a fucking massacre from Khabib

CrazyCow Games

Idk but I thought Moreno won that fight

Justin Green

I watched it live, but you can't even enjoy this video because all the fucking ads. Shits getting ignorant.

chris blanchard

I think dern got GIFTED that W.... Virna jandiroba well thought she won.. to the point she yelled at her corner with about 10/15 seconds left to go for the sub on the sub specialist.. thats how confident she were.. Dern looked relieved to win.. though i could see a robbery coming.. i was on Virna and a lot of smart people were.. virna looked like wtf have i gotta do... dern looked like wow 'i won with a permormance and nose like this.. judging is a joke... Fiziev is the future and holland was quality.. i predicted he'd KO Jacare..but not like that from bottom.. Cub killed my parlay haha.. he was immense after ACL and Meniscus surgery and rehab.. speaking from exact same injuries ACL full thickness tear.. and Complex tear to my meniscus.. Congrats Cub Swanson.. warrior deserves a bonus... i had Figueiredo and thought he won.. but can't feel hard done to figgy was ill.. and Moreno showed up he's a Little mexican beast!! Fiziev's combo was like a filmset unreal.. move/finish of the night.. charles armbar finish attempt was perfect but Tony's just too tough .. madness Great night..

Trojan Sasori

The best BJJ in Lightweight history!

saul Guerrero

The Brazilian bully got served . 1.)Dana says 2.)Mexican style , .3) 3 fouls against the Mexican fighter , 4.) then robbed ... man o man no $50k

Cristian Rod

really hoping that people will start taking flyweights seriously now !

Eric Stuff

Oliveira is a beast

El Polo

Dana is really gonna make MrGregor vs Poirier for the belt.

Swole Monkey



Gotta say, Oliveira vs Khabib sounds really interesting to me. Being that good on the ground against Khabib, might have a shot.


Tony Hiding Now like a Coward

Aguiar Santos Trader



TRT Dana

Bartlett Love

Really nice

Tyler Harris

These judges have been dogshit since the UFC began.

Luiz Henrique

Ferguson is on dont tap team

William Oden-coke

Tony is a Warrior and much respect but I think he's fought to many battles time to hang up the gloves. Before he loses that great chin or worse


Charles needs to wake up and learn english. This is his business, his window for F sakes. Speaking english will bring him more fans, more success, more exposure and MORE OPPORTUNITY. For F sakes.


Fig won the fight, but Moreno won the fans. Wow. What a fight for both of those warriors.

Ric Mz

Charles Is the new Tony.
He has a great winning streak but not gonna fight for the title yet

Cosmic Giggle

Dana- “they literally beat the shit out of each other”
I’m glad he doesn’t know what literally means. I wouldn’t wanna see a shit smeared Joanna vs Weili

Sasha 19 e 94

Holland vs chimaiev fight of the year


From the first fight to the last this whole event was INSANE!

Estrela do Dia

Charles do Bronx! O pai tá on!!!

Leonardo Pereira