What It's Really Like to Compete in the Olympics

What It's Really Like to Compete in the Olympics

418 407 views | 8 Jan. 2021

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1591 with Jordan Burroughs. https://open.spotify.com/episode/6j9JygkIR2MsNLGZA9Suc3?si=NxQjcsEhRYes8yDW9gHYmg

Youssef M

Does this guy really think theres no Macdonald's in Qatar?


Who has gone to Spotify along with him?? I haven't...


Guy clearly has never been to Qatar lmao

rahul shivsharan

What I heard is only Mc Donald, Mc Donald, Mc Donald...

bobby boucher

Its like in the UFC the only country thats clean and not roid up is canada


This guy sounds just like Frank Ocean.

Philly B

"Yeah, but you would think someone competing in the Olympics would want to fuel themselves with a McElk burger super sized with dmt fries and Joetein shake."

M Davis

Which would suck less

My Penis is incredibly small but,

Everything is free at the cafeteria?

I'm going to the olympics.


So you tellin me Olympic athletes are eatin McDonald’s before their competitions lmao


What a great advert for McDonald’s - it’s in the athletes canteen at the olympics lol

Steve W.

He sounds like Frank Ocean

Johnson McBig

So what's actually unhealthy about mcdonalds food?

Nickolas Bruh

Jamie read this comment and get Phelps on the podcast

Nick Lenio

Checkout my highlight reel

Patrick Whittaker

if u just created world peace I prolly still wouldn’t let u cut me if I’m hungry

K channel

Joe Rogan isn't saying shit about the capitol takeover because he know Alex Jones was a big part of it.


Drake was in the olympics?

- 23

Somebody tell this dude Qatar is one of the worlds richest countries.


Bills Mafia

Morad Khaouda

Cool dude, but Qatar was such a bad guess, they are one of the richest countries in the world lol.


Joe "do they serve Elk in the cafeteria area" Rogan

Nadiir Rodgers

This guys wife definitely Asian

Gabriel Pelissier

This guy is sponsored by Mcdonalds

Steven Smith

I live in Itabashi which is 2 stops from Shinjuku. There's not going to be any Olympics here in 2021.

Joe Dirt

How to eat McDonald’s....... place in


Imagine all the fucking going on, covid spreading ain’t the only worry


This dude has some charisma, damn

Herp Deeper

1:30 lol What? Qatar has McDonald’s everywhere.

M s 11

Joe is stoned of his box

Phuck YouTube

Unless you do steroids then it's going back


It’s so cute how Joe thinks all these guys are super strict with their nutrition to be world class...news flash joe, they are ALL GENETIC FREAKS AND CAN EAT FAST FOOD ALL DAY IF THEY WANT AND STILL BEAT YOUR ASS AT THEIR GIVEN SPORT. Genetics >ALL

Jay Jay

I see the jacket his wife got him on Christmas tht shit tuff

boxed fenders

where the fuck does rogan get his guests from it's so random it's like it's whatever stoned thought he has he brings in an expert to talk about it until he gets stoned again and next thing you know there's an Amish man sitting where this olympian is right now

Internet Tough Guy

Anytime someone poopoos McDonald's or other fast food, show them this interview. Maybe that someone will finally realize they're just being an obnoxious spoiled prick.

Ethan Wrinkle

Put the full videos of your podcast back on YouTube. I would rather watch AND hear rather than JUST hear. I’m not gonna use Spotify so I guess I’ll never listen to your shit again......

Jonathan Nai

Why they keep talking about Macdonalds

Fernando Salazar

This dude is his own biggest fan.

Justin Dubin

They love McDonald's in Qatar lol


this is great lol.

Chase Hardison

Fuck this guy for making me miss chicken selects I miss those

Hugo Nongbri

They're feeding top level athletes McDonald's???

DW 98



“I won the Olympic gold”...... no you didn’t

Austin Oldfield

This man is genuinely a smart fucking guy. Respect Jordan.


I'm nitpicking here, but Qatar is a wealthy country. They're not impressed by McDees


Me sitting here thinking how I order 2 McDoubles and throw on a McChicken on just incase.

Greg Smith

yooo that mcdonalds story is hilarious.

James Ordway

Why buy a mcdouble? When you can get a triple...

James Schneck


Niles James

I’m bout to go get sum mcdonalds

Steve Smith

Did he win a gold medal? He never even mentioned it

Joe Dirt

Mcshit burgers

Kent Berame

damn didn't know I been eating like an Olympian this whole time, I should try out

Chett Steddman


I went LIVE TODAY at a BLM PEACEFUL PROTEST. Lol nothing on the news about it. How do i get Joe to see this??


"which would suck less"
very diplomatic lol

Eric Wall

Jordan's a freak athlete just an absolute freak of an athlete. He amazes the amazing. Every wrestler stops what they're doing and watches Jordan. Just so they can say they saw him live. Hes amazing.

Chippewa Guy

Surprised he didn’t talk about the athletes all hooking up

Bob Ray

He would be a great motivational speaker.

Alan Cawfield

I never heard of this guy before, such a pity sports media doesn't promote Olympians more and give them the respect he deserves, just checked his record on Wikipedia and it's seriously impressive he should be a much more known and renowned than he is.

Scott Simon



Lol someone show Qatar’s gdp to this guy


MicDonalds who? :D


Anyone else notice they’re deleting JRE episodes slowly

Ethan Wrinkle

Spotify is cool and all but some people like to watch the video part of it too!

David R

Did he say that about a McDonald's in Qatar?

Admin Email

Your good

Spooky Q

Listen Im stoked for the man. But i wouldve checked the dude for putting out that i just won gold. AND he had the medal on him? Im from LA thats how you get robbed. Js.

Paul Mclaren

Why would most want to compete other then the obvious money if there is no crowds, online but be better with full screaming stadiums.

Lawson Ransom

You can tell JB must be cutting weight, he is obsessed with food.

Jakob Simmons

Next guest should be Chad Kroger and JT Parr

Philly Tobes

Let’s start with the Covid and if there are going to be crowds at these events. I love how that athlete says he doesn’t know but I get the feeling that he only said that to keep it intriguing. Realistically I don’t think there’s any chance that there’s going to be crowds at these things not unless the vaccines start rolling out faster in every country. And here’s a fun fact, the Olympics have allowed transgender people to compete since 2004. So when Joe says that transgender people have an unfair advantage, you haven’t seen that in the Olympics since 2004, so no.

Francisco Vega

“They’ve got foods from all different parts of the country. You’ve got an Italian station, a Japanese station, an American station.”

Mi We

This guy's a great storyteller

Robert Stevens

That jacket is next level #BillsMafia

Ein Walroß

Bills mafia! Alright!

Snipe squad brown water

Why is everybody creaming over this dudes voice

Tee Riggzley

S/o Piccadilly from cod lol

DieHard CowboyFan

Damn he just disrespected us Puerto Rican’s lol it’s okay we known for boxers anyway

Malachi O'Leary

Joe "that's the craziest cheeseburger and fry story ever" Rogan


The real question is how many dollarinos he got for the, ah, native advertizement...

Rummy gem

Dont go to Japan , radiation levels in Tokyo have not been taken for 5 years , NRA admitted last week .

Nick Lenio

Been waiting for this for a long time... let’s goo JB

Ban Fasso

This dude could be an MMA commentator.

And the black guy would be good at it, too.


Usain bolt lived off McDonald’s in Beijing when he competed and dominated everyone

Zoon gideewin

I wonder how much money he getting from McDonald for saying “McDonald’s”

Albert Avila

I got these cheese burgers

Okey Buckeye

He should be a star


Jordan Burroughs bank account notification "$100,000 deposited by Mcdonal's Corp"


That guy in the McDonalds also got to the front of the line with him, smart move


Well-spoken, articulate guy, AND he likes the Buffalo Bills?? Love it!


4:15 - Jordan: "Whatever you need to do to be the fastest man in the world go for it."

Also Jordan in this podcast: "Oh, I hate those Russian to whom I lost because they were all juiced up."

Paweł Zieliński

This amazing guy must be your next guest Joe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WupRNV-XvB0

J Taco

Like 11k excited ass men and women in pretty much equal numbers living together and partying for a month, out side the few days they have to compete. All of whom are literally world class athletes in peak condition. Top shelf boning going on there believe that. Color me jelly.

Matt devereux

4 time world champions, olympic gold, I don't think people appreciate how special that is. man has hit the mountain top.


Mick Donalds 0:58

Maxwell Martin

I'm starving af right now waiting on GrubHub to show up with my Outback.. so hungry that these quarter pounders he's talking about sound amazing

Jeffrey De La Mare

mcdonalds out by fabric 4am just right


I'm not gonna pretend like I know anything about wrestling weight cuts but Jordan's right arm looks comically small compared to his body in the thumbnail lol. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

Uriel Montijo

As a Puerto Rican I can confirm our wresting team is not that good