Joe Rogan on Yoel Romero KO'ing Luke Rockhold

Joe Rogan on Yoel Romero KO'ing Luke Rockhold

973 143 views | 13 Feb. 2018

Joe Rogan talks about Yoel Romero and Luke Rockhold.

Tim Hannah


George Stark

Luke Rockhold is overrated

Neal Borganelli

Luke has a glass jaw

Sten Nilsen

Oh Brendan how WRONG. Everything WRONG

Edgar Colon

Rogan’s Diaz impression is amazing, holy shit lol

Siddharth Choudhary

boy were they wrong


Everyone likes to see Luke get smashed


Brenda is always wrong with the predictions....smh


"All's fair in love and war, man"...See this...This is why you should think a lot more before you talk, Schaub.
This is SPORT. ALL is NOT fair in sport. Anything outside what is 'fair' is NOT FAIR... As in, against the rules or cheating.

Eli Howard

Brendan will never live down “luke may be the best middleweight in the world, possibly even light heavyweight”. Two years later


Crazy how just 2 years ago izzy wasn't even in the middleweight conversation


Luke Cockhold

Mav Mag

Luke ain't getting shit back Schaub

Matthew Pourciau

You have to have a chin... to win.

Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi

Cuba is so awesome. Had my honeymoon there. Americans don’t know what they’re missing.

Big Cole

Brendan don’t know shit this nigga said he can see Luke as the light heavyweight champ My boy Jan knock his cocky ass out dumbass Brendan


Rockhold is the most overrated fighter in the ufc second only to Ronda

Ghassen Ben Hassouna

Lets agree on 3 tings:
1-Schaub is a tool
2-Rockhold’s chin is made out of paper
3-Conor Mcgregor

Grant Cashwell

I luuuhhh you joe.....I luuhh you!


Fuck you Schaub. You dumb cunt.

Franklin Natomagan

Brendan calling Luke the most complete middleweight made me dislike this podcast.

Joshua M.

Is there anyone more wrong more often than Brenda Schlob ?

Artistic Skillz

Luke soul was taken by mike and yoel banished it to the shadow realm


Yoel is freakishly powerful... He's so old too...

Jasper Boicos

Love how joe brendan etc talk about fighters they’re always “he’s the NICEST guy ever” there’s like 1000 nicest guys ever according to joe hahaha

Cameron Clark

Matt died chuckles


Lool at how they talk about Whittaker... Shows just how good Izzy really is, figuring Whittaker out like that


That Joey immitation tho

Clinton Reed

The Joey Diaz voice HAHA

Skrib Beans

I can’t fkn stand Brendan he’s just a douche haha

Maartje Tipoe

Luke Rockhold is done! He was already done after that huge KO by Romero. He’s the most arrogant and narcistic talker.

Matt Vitez

Adesanya just KOed Whittaker, Rockhold has faded away, and Schaub looks like a complete retard in this video now xD


Joey's impression had me laughing lol


Brendan "No what ima saying is.. - JR speaks - .. I hear you" Shuab

Khary Dixon

Luke seemed to start actually believing he was invincible. I could see that messing with your level of abandon & ability to be intuitive in a fight


"let me get my wits about me before you kiss me on the lips" -Brendan Schaub


@6:41 Brendan: luke’s trying to be a male model-
everybody: what else would he be? a female model?

Scott Free

Luke is a cocky douche still..

Nomura Kenta



That Joey impression was on point.

Aidan Griffiths

Always fun to see


Luke rockhold the chin of glass


Always love joe rogan and his podcast, but when I turn on and I see Brendon Schaub I turn right back off

Milo Afrodisiac

Joe dont give a fuck about the 4th wall lol

Joshua Howard

“I love you”

Dklpep Dklpep

Brendan contradicts himself a thousand times per interview. Anytime joe disagrees with him, he says “for sure, or 100% agree joe.” Even tho he clearly just said something that they didn’t agree on. Dude is such an ass licker


Joe “Woooo” Rogan

Stephen Tot

Brendan Schaub......what an idiot!

Kyle Boomer

I thought Brendan would love a kiss on the lips from another man


1:06 Brendan gettin a lil worked up here...


Joe “his white ass was in Cuba” Rogan

Brett Sutcliffe

How TF does Joe do a better impression of Joey then Joey

Full Comanche

The Luke worship didn’t age well.

ching chong

Joes joey diaz voice was top notch

Antony jose george 92

Surprisingly Brendon is right about Luke Rockhold

IQ Cascade

Brendan shaub looking like Shades from Luke Cage

Joshua Howard

“before you kiss me”

Daniel Ellis

why is brendan so gay

David Tate

Joe “impersonating” Rogan


Getting knocked out is the only thing Brendan is qualified to talk about


That last punch Yoel threw at Rockholds head when he was against the cage is one of the nastiest punches I’ve seen

PX sesh

Shaub is so cringe and cheesy, he’s literally started adopting joes mannerisms too

Michael Barreras


Julian Price

Who would win
Teenage tiger or Conor mcgregor

Paul's Health & Fitness

Nobody been consistently KOed harder than Luke. Man he’s eaten some strong shots

Matthew Murphy

Lol Luke did not survive 205

api 4

Man was kinda excited to watch this clip until i saw brendan's cringe radiating off him

Tagoo Tuesday

Lmfaooo man how times have changed

Denesh Bhaskar

Hes on steriods.


Bro Rogans Diaz impression is great lol

Mateusz Gredes

Because of Yoel’s English especially at the time I honestly wonder if he was trying to say I will chop your legs off (I low you) or trying to say he’s gonna outwrestle Mike.

new world order

This aged well... Rockhold (the next light heavyweight champ) & Whittaker ( on another level to everyone else)

Good Solonius

Only Brendan would mess up Yoel’s quote and say “I love gay Jesus”

Enjoy Swiming

Looking a couple years down the road Schaub's comments are even more stupid with the years. I guess Brendan received so many ko and shots to the head he became a moron.... Or it's just his natural state of thinking, who knows

Brad Poole

Brendan sticks up for luke because they're both bitches with no chins

Kaustubh Mokashi

Everybody say “woooo”

Devan Richter

Well Luke's chin is pretty much like glass. All of his losers are by KO. That says something

Kay Si

matt brown is beating himself? i thought he was married? boom boom

Midnight Story Productions

Rockhold really had no reason to be cocky. He was exposed against stronger fighters in the end than those he knocked out in the beginning.

I Am Geezus


jings brar

Brendan sucks

Tagoo Tuesday

“Just knocked me into puerto viarta”


I hate when people say that about “late stoppages”. That wasn’t late.

He stops it after the first punch: “bad early stoppage. He was just about to come back”

He stops it after the second punch: “bad late stoppage. what are you trying to let Yoel kill him?”

Briant Esquivel

Hahaha fucken joe has like the best fuckin joey diaz voice


luke got that sweet kiss after yoel busted them sweet cheeks 2020 and still i love you.


Yoel not only viciously koed him, he molested him after

David Henderson

Brendan is a wanker ...he needs to get his swag back...Really? It's not a fucking coming of age chick flick you muppet

Vincent Romano

1:00 in shwab confirms what we tought all along

Gustavo Miani

Dude, you know when you only watch a podcast for a specific topic or question to pop up ?
1:39 That's what i wanted to see Joe talk with Big John when he apeared on the show,

Fony Terguson

In one fight? Matt brown was finally KO’d after he was head kicked by Donald cerrone 587 times. If u think I’m lying? Google it. you’ll feel stupid.


that joey diaz impression is impressive.

Grumpy asfook

Why does Schaub always shit on Mark Goddard?
In their fields Goddard is one of the best in the world,Schaub fighting was cannon fodder

j T

Watching this after ucf 248

zac gibb

That uppercut looked like it broke his neck

james mason

Bisping ruined Luke rockhold

Youssef Oraby

Joe Rogans got underrated impersonations

ShatterDay inc

DAMN SHAUB you where so fucking wrong about ROCKHOLD.Also LUKE'S "SWAGGER " was just ARROGANT NOT CONFIDENT .LUKE has a GLASS JAW AND was EXPOSED .That move to 205lbs was a DISASTER

johnny kim kim

here in 2019 baby

Pretzel Head

Brenda slaub

Org. Borg

Brendan has a problem with being wrong all the time