Conor McGregor wants Khabib to be his first fight back, but won't wait on him | SportsCenter

Conor McGregor wants Khabib to be his first fight back, but won't wait on him | SportsCenter

2 008 097 views | 23 Aug. 2019

Conor McGregor joins Ariel Helwani on SportsCenter to talk about his next fight back, with Khabib Nurmagomedov, Max Holloway, Frankie Edgar, Nate Diaz, Jorge Masvidal, Jose Aldo, Tony Ferguson Justin Gaethje, and Dustin Poirier mentioned -- but Khabib his top choice.


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Brad Jones

Oh shut up you drunk coke head!

Faisal Reviews

This tool thinks the world revolves around him. This is his biggest problem....

Mercury Abroad

The Proper12 is getting to him lol if he loses his next fight it’s over for him. He’ll be fighting jack Paul then

Younoussa Diallo

Conor you talk too too much

Los Blancos

Conor is me wanting to fight the final boss when i am a amateur

Wild Primal

I used to be a huge Conor fan. Not anymore. What is wrong with Conor man. Dude cheated the entire fight and STILL lost. It wasn't even close, he lost by TAPPING OUT for crying out loud. And in this video he's talking about how he did good the first few rounds.. like who cares YOU LOST bro.

Andrea Zanasi

Fuking Connor!!!


3:12 Mgroger - my foot was a baloon -
Khabib - what foot?

lisa minasyan

As khabib said, his English is not understandable at all

Layla Khan

Notice "Bad boy" ( lol) McChicken not making any bad comments here about Khabib....knows not to

Kasim Anwar

You got mauled

Heisen berg

This entire interview conor : Murmurmurmurmur

Ibraheem Gaied

Hahaha he want's to fight anyone now lol

Isa Zaman

Conor seems like hes scared by the way he’s talking he sounds scared to fight

- Moe



3:12 ahahahahahaha, Chicken LOL

Mohamed Aniss CHAIB

My foot was blame of something like that

Zeneb Osman


Sounds like uwek uwek uwek..a cry baby...

Poetic Thoughts

My foot was a Balloon , My Foot was a Balloon

Nabil bach

I was fan of you Conor but you lost my respect and it was more media lies the true champion and the goet in so many different ways is the eagle khabib nurmagomedov

David Martinez

wooow I thought this guy was a whisky salesman


My foot was balloon

Conor 'I thought I was floyd' mcnugget

Legends have it that his foot is still a balloon

Made In Bangladesh

Khabib Is The Best.


Conor fan here but he is NEVER beating khabib

Frank The Tank

My foot was a balloon


I can imagine khabib and conor plying again and khabib winning again



Wild Primal

Blaming his camp... Every loss you take in life is ON YOU. Sore loser.

Hiten Patel

I’ve tried for years to like Conor. I’m still trying.

mr 3:16

0:07 lets full a glass of whiskey...keep that camera away also so people dont see

safe azz

Notice how he can't even say khabibs name

Jack London

Why does he talk about going for the legs as if it's something illegal? If you want to be a wrestler you have to deal with all aspects of wrestling.

Sub Bot

Conor only fights bad when the respect is low

Shadow 707

Conor "My foot was blame or something like this" Mctapper

Abdullah A

Khabib destroyed this arrogant peace of sh*t

Bobby Leocats

He is just trash , he dosent deserve any rematch

Sundar Subramaniam

If he really wanted the rematch, he would have fought top contenders and earned it. All he did with the title was hold it for 2 years and not defend it even once. But he talks as if he had a dominant run as champion and Khabib got lucky in their fight.

abdul hannan wasay

I really want that man warrior who fought Mendes but idk if i am gonna see him ever again

Varo Slemany

and people say mcgregore scared of khabib !!i dont say he will beat him but khabib in this case is a runner
he know he cant beat him that way ever again

Magdi Ali

Huf!!! Conor

Mohd Fadhil


parashar bezbaruah

This mashed potato is talking rubbish...

M Wahid

Chicken is talking! Irish whiskey is not gonna help you anymore. Find something else it might help you

mehdi bensnah

U have a big mouth

Desert Wind


To hear the real goat

Nishant Joshi

My foot was a baloon

Ryan Hatcher

A lot of you are bashing McGregor but you listened to the interview, and probably looked more things about conor lol.

You guys are a joke

Jack Lacey Beats

i can beat khabib if he was tied up

AbG Game on

Not good enough excuses.

Suju Gasim

Eh hehe, eh he hehe he!

Red Riot

Lol he clearly depressed after fighting khabib

Rufus Collins

Coward has never fought after being smeshed by Khabib. Stupid loudmouth diarrhea mouth.

Zaria Wardrope

I came for “my foot was a balloon”

Anil Aksoy

He was too committed to Cocaine ...



parashar bezbaruah

Conor is still a mashed potato...and shall always be..look at him blabbering about..thats ridiculous....

Joey Micael

Sound like a lot excuses..

Osman Darwich


Shining Shakeel

So he was expecting khabib to stand up with him?

Shadow 707

"Let's talk now"

Mohamed Shahid

Whatever u lost

Rizwan Chakarwarti

Khabib during fight "heyy lets talk know

Juljan Peshtani

My foot was blame or something


Nah Con man, you don’t deserve that rematch. Nothing to prove. All to lose

Mand Kind

Admit that khabib ragdolled you. You can’t make excuses after how ready you said you were. Khabib wouldn’t make excuses if he lost he would probably just jump in front of a bus and say “I am not worthy of life”

Sundar Subramaniam

If he doesn't consider wrestling as a legitimate form of fighting, why is he in MMA and not in boxing or kickboxing? Oh that's right, because he would get destroyed by elite strikers in those sports too

Frank The Tank

He says feel the grip on the wrist or the glove? Lol

Wasim Akram Mondal

Love the excuses


Nobody wants to see them fight again bruh we all know how it’s gonna end lmao kabib is gonna put mcgreggor so sleep with a choke


We need the rematch

abo omar

dont u remember saying " its only bussines " ?


Conor can win the belt back now, esp if Khabib stays retired.


It's ok Connor you can cry


Oh Connor he smashed you, shut UP and take It like a man.


Conor‘s promo skills sure have gotten weaker.


Conor Mcwhisky tells the truth when he's drunk


No respect making excuses not a warrior. He must be really hurt.


now why would that happen tho lol. he hasnt won over anyone significant for the past ... what? 3 years? go to the end of the line fucker.

s k

Leprechaun is delusional, lol.

Huna Buggy

Connor before the fight I’m prepared for everything
Connor after the fight he got lucky I had injuries blah blah blah
Sore looser



Lionheart 222

Tapped like a Chicken !

Daniyal Younis

Khabib end it, because cornor team does wrong with them talk about religious, family, country. This is called disrespect. And media not talk about this all disrespect and really bad to see white lie in their eyes. Khabib fight and play but in last it was his anger on these all coron team.


Blah blah blah

yos yos

my foot was a balloon

Anas TP

Before you speak don't need to think but just see 2nd round of ufc 229

Yasir Baig

So many excuses, but we all know khabib humbled and smeshed him just like he said

AKA Compilation


Haroon Khan

Focus on your whiskey business mate, you made plenty of money, had a good career and got humbled for all the stuff you said at the end. Now Khabib has retired there's still a lot of killers waiting for him. I would laugh if he gets knocked out by Gaethje or Ferguson if he gets past Poirier. If he's foolish enough to go up to welterweight, the top 5 is filled with killers that would all take his head off.

Tom Bibby

Khabib the wolf Conor the Sheep

Rennard Jr



Now i know where thememe "my foot is a balllooonnnnn" come from...HAHAHAHAAA

The Heart Break Kid


Meteor Idzharul Haq

Conor waiting until Khabib retire, and comeback to 155lbs


Conor you got whooped the first time convincingly - no way you can say it was lucky


Who is here after khabib broke his foot and beat geathje

A i

Khabib destroyed him

Man of the Land

Khabib wrecked him and he still can't even give him an ounce of respect. Connor is such a clown