MMA Entrance Music / Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal

MMA Entrance Music / Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal

486 669 views | 29 Jan. 2017

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Entrance Song: Scarface - Tony's Theme

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Would love the mixed molly whoppery remix for his next fight ngl

Donald Cunningham

Whos here after the diaz fight?

Sami Alfred Tuncer

Whos here before the Usman fight?

Benton Miller

And now I have to go watch Scarface

Ej Draven

Can't wait for Masvidal vs. Diaz 2 badass dog fight true fight

guy Location

I got chills at ufc 244 with this song.. OMG this is perfect for him..

Jack The Winter

Meanwhile in Ben Askren's nightmares

The Reel Heel

Tonight, a baptism will take place.

Brandon K

Giorgio. Fucking legend.



Niall Connell

This gives Askren PTSD

Kyle Anderson

He's such a badass if I we're an MMA fighter I'd be scared to fight him......

Albert Akash

In case anyone doesn't know this is from the movie Scarface, one of the best crime movies ever, Al Pacino plays Tony Montana, absolute classic.


Ese fue Fidel Castro?

PT Lanjaran Putra Sedarah

Good music

Steph Z.

Most intimidating walkout music ever. Masvidal is the definition of a true warrior.



kakemann likmann

80's VIBE :-D

Notoriouss McGregor


Shannon Sharpe

And tomorrow he becomes the champ

RM 1988

Masvidal got that marketing presence

Sanyam Jain

It's absolutely mental how much gamebred has evolved to the point he is now Tony Montana.


I've been there, in person, for this walkout. Goosebumps. Electricity in the air. It was before when Masvidal was only appreciated by us hardcore fans. He lost a decision to Maia that night.


Song is called Tony's theme.
He can't fight Ferguson

Javiier Eduu

Masvidal vs Usman

jason lee

I selled weed in Middle school Thal why i will use this in my Amateur fight

The Outsider

This Badass deserves this badass theme


A Mexican is going to be his downfall, i called it. Boogeyman

tony matrisin


Preston Lions FC

say hello to my FLYING KNEE, Ben Askren didn't see it flying knee coming to end of his career

Vinixisz Almeida

The Jorge Scarface Vidal.

Alissa Wang

Hola, vine por Eliseo

Preston Lions FC

can't wait for Jorge Masvidal vs Kamaru Usman fight


Flying knee is coming to end your pain

Jack The Winter

It reminds me to Hotline Miami


This aint scarface's no More, this is Jorge's nos mafackas



Koda J Sciuto

Jorge: My mom told me if you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say it. Joe: Why the flying knee? Jorge: ‘Cause he’s a bum.

Keepit Cool

Who else puts this on and draws inspiration from Gamebred?



Mert Ural

This guy is very savage


I want him to be the champion


coldest track ever to walk out on ever.


I'm Cuban and grew up in West Kendall Miami.... This is BEAST MODE for us.

Big Daddy

Whos listening to this after he won the BMF belt

Javiier Eduu

Is #supernecesary


Sickest walkout tune ever

James Maughan

No wonder why Masvidal keeps KO people with this song pumping you up on the way to the ring GOOSEBUMPS


I like how this music in the beginning feels like the pain and heat of battle, but that one must keep fighting.

Lil Ellie

I think jorge honestly has the most badass walkout song tbh

toad sage


Chewy Postman

This song fits him perfectly. Cuban/Miami Badass vibes.

Zig Zag

Best walkout song ever!!!


"Say Hello To My Little Punch"
-Jorge Montana

the Alex killer

His song haunts Ben Askren forever


Keepit Cool

Marty is going to hear this song today for his last time as a champion.

Srijan Agrawal

Best walkout song imo


In the beginning it feels like the heat of battle

Steve M


PaulNeil Guru

Best Entrance by far


Looking forward to hearing this next Saturday, and Newwwww!!!

Dr Sanks

public baptism of marty usman

Matt Smith

I swear at least 300 of these views are me lol

off zurk

Scarface tony Montana theme

Emmanuel King

"All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break em' for no one."

Ej Draven

Scarface fuckyeah


Oh my God this is sick

Raider Nation

Scarface died at the end

Lionheart 1906

This is not the Masvidal's walkout song... this is the Scarface Theme song in the 1st place! Make sure about that.

assanari khoury

Just hope he will beat the shit out of colby

Luis C

Anyone else searched “Jorge masvidal theme song”

Zach 1905

What language are the words before the music begins? Italian/Spanish? What are the words and what do they mean?

Chewy Postman

Please win that belt pleaseee

Pavan Nair

If I was fighting against Jorge and I heard this song, I already know I'm getting baptized


masvidal lost :,(


Coldest walkout period. Nothing comes close. There’s better fighters, there’s better songs, but this is the coldest walkout.

Gianni Anfit

You know what a Hasa is Dana? That's a pig that don't fly straight, that's you mang

Joseph Cassidy

Could you imagine Masvidal vs McGregor, the two most badass walkouts in the sport.

mozamshmeek yea

Who else imagines Jorge kneeing Ben right when the beat drops at 1:00

Carlos Jr


Abe Martinez

You need people like me, say goodnight to the bad guy

- scarface

Zach 1905


Juan Carlos Carhuacusma Linares

de la csm


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Sonic the hedgehawg is resonating in my head


Street Jesus

Andrianarison nantenaina

Mobb Deep-it's Mine…. represents East coast goon


Masvidal vs Usman is happening!!!!!


So suits masvidal

Nabeel Awan

Love this GUY Jorgeeeeeeee Masvidaaaaaaal. lots of LOVE from Pakistan brother. keep KO'ing


wish they included reach

Luiz Gustavo

The most badass entrace

omri wahabi

super necessary

Rashid Sa'di

He walked with Roberto Duran to the ring with the Scarface theme in the background and he is Cuban and resides in Miami you can't make this up lol

nombre apellidos

La ufc es tuya Masvidal

Levi Lyons

Tales from the fuckin grind. #2020STREETJESUSMODE


Would have been 100x better if he walked out with the white and red suit on for the diaz fight

Si Ck

song has this sinister feel about it, like we are getting to the climax and something bad is coming.


The guy in the intro's speech is Fidel Castro?