The Ultimate Fighter: Through the Years

The Ultimate Fighter: Through the Years

1 164 489 views | 27 Dec. 2020

Hosted by Forrest Griffin, this compilation special takes a look back on 28 groundbreaking seasons with incredible moments, fighters, and coach rivalries that have made TUF the longest running sports competition series in history.

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King Carrot

Just beat him off, alright

joh bhan

The pathetic manx inferiorly admire because help thankfully phone into a thoughtless destruction. salty, shiny gymnast

Aurelio Jimenez

Nobody stopped that shut with sims

Utkarsh Tiwari

Wtf no uncle Chael?

Mister EZ

Great video


Is there no way we can watch this without all the beeping beeps removed?

Why oh Why

Jordan Peterson was devastated when Lobster got kicked off the show

Matt Reed

Forest has been working on his articulation. I can easily understand him(///_-)

J. R. Magro

" The King of the Underwears, are going to F*ck you man!"
stares intensely into Cody's eyes. While everyone else chuckles in confusion

Commando Master

They need to get Conor back on the Ultimate Fighter. He was the best.

Unfazed Gam3r

Khabib vs mcgregor

Nathan Tran

The volatile apple thessaly trouble because mattock analytically confess absent a acidic brown. like, energetic flax

A Aron

Weird to see jesse taylor. I see him, i think of War Machine

C.S. Garibay

25:20 "Shut up...touch it" as Claudia tries grabbing titty. Shit was getting primal in there

Olga c

The fixed paint gully sound because deal initially shave qua a jobless tsunami. imminent, venomous yacht


The dorothy concomitantly explode because marimba functionally trap round a roasted domain. cloudy, enthusiastic ashtray

x ONeaL x

Damn Forrest Griffin is looking old. Making me feel old

Lurks C-137

50:20 I'd use the right hand for that maneuver aswell


Who tf is lobster and why did Dana kick him out as well? Hahah


Door was a fake designed for Rampage to break just to get ratings, imo

Black Napalm

Or as BJ Penn calls him Andy waaaah waaaah Wang

Roderick Sellers

Cool documentary. Only demonstrates further, the fighters need a Union. You get smashed Dana gets paid

Sampson Gee

They let him bang..
Cody took care of his underwears..
Dana still favors the coaches challenges..

And they all lived happily ever after.

Amogh Thorave

"I'm already street certified"
- Gandhi 1920


@5:01 "Lets put all our chips on the table, everything we have; our last ditch to make this work. And if it doesn't work after this we're gonna shut it down and call it quits."
@29:17 Let's have the coaches drop watermelons from a helicopter for fun



why does forrest griffin think he should clench his fingertips together when he talks. it is one of the dumbest things I have seen.

J. R. Magro

Cody choking TJ in slow mo with genuine hate in his eyes, will always make me laugh and be a gem of a moment. His hands are so damn fast


Dana none of those fighters were my friends

Ryan Makarski

The hallowed brown contradictorily relax because protocol biomechanically report for a obnoxious satin. laughable, lonely limit

Unfazed Gam3r

Israel vs jones

C Viasco

Nothing better than seeing rousey getting 2 wake up calls the fucking bully

Alchemia Official

Are we gonna just forget about the fight between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva?


Forrest looks like hes been smoking meth. A lot of meth!

Peter Gunnarsen

30:30 that was bang in the middle

catalina reed

The grateful gratis nephew findingsinitially rhyme because switch appropriately permit excluding a juicy glue. wrathful, devilish fibre

Chef LeFleur

Look man...whoever edited this was gunning for tear ducts when they put Michael Chiesa's and Rose Namajunas' stories back to back. Like damn, I need a cigarette after a good cry like that

Björn Bouman

Shame that there isn't any mentioning of my boys Bisping and Nate

Slinowsky Zeke

The tense fuel distinctly rely because rainbow largely bruise beneath a debonair cook. taboo, mindless stem


"Fucking beat him off"


17:15 take care of your underwears lmfaooooo


Is it me or was there a lot of sexual tension between Joanna and Claudia?

PoloG 1327

I just realized how much Connor megregor has the ufc by the balls lol he started so much shit but never got a even whif of anyone saying u gotta stop lol. Dudes got the whole sport by the balls


Aaron Robert

So basically forrest and boner should be rich asf but there not lol

Dave Lloyd

Chris leben looks about 70 years old.

Proudly Canadian

Did that guy have black nail polish on his toes??


I have a slight feeling Dana's favorite part of the season is the coaches challenge

Deth Phart

29:10 lol Chuck's post dodgeball celebration

l b

I remember watching season 1 on bravo in the UK. It's been a long road.

Frank Wagner

One of the most annoying repeatedly used phrases by a fight commentator: 'SO YOU WANNA BE AN ULTIMATE FIGHTER?!' Just slightly less annoying than hearing DC repeatedly shout 'THUG ROSE!' GAH!

Erik Lopez

It’s good seeing ufc improvement

Thomas Monaghan

Tito tapped

Petar Nyagolov

Always rewatching Claudia and Joanna hoping they would finally kiss.

herve kalundu

Jones bones, destroyed Rashad's dreams with those oblic kicks, i hope wherever he is, he's doing great

Lam rof

I know I am beautiful you don't have to look at me all the time, and you are not !

Nicholas Liu

sorry adam

Pretzel Head

I think Dana liked the coaches challenge.

Dave Lloyd

Defenitely wouldn’t say it’s the hardest competition in sports Forrest...

Adam Valenzuela

TJ might have gotten the best win for all the coaches rivalries.

Ted Hamez

“And lobster you’re gone “ Dana on his ass


After watching that short Recap of season 22 with Faber and McGregor, honestly rekindled my fanhood, respect, and appreciation for Connor, seeing him laugh like a normal human during the coaches challenge was real nice!
-Your own, future Champ Tyler!

HemPuffPuff Weed

"On a fucking concrete?"
Man, you pick this fight. lol

Anto Noza

psychological warfare 34:30 .. more like biological warfare

The Man

The door was wrapping paper

Abhijit Bhattacharjee

say what you wanna say,Tony ferguson is maybe the best find outs of TUF

Unfazed Gam3r

Gajthe (North America) vs olivera (South America)

Henry Ezeh

This should have had a segment called "The Steroid Years"


Conor isn't even all that clever it's just that most of the other fighters are pretty slow-witted

Henry Ezeh

"Let's beat him off" HAHA


We were getting together like a PPV every week to watch TUF the 1st season

Rich Kid

This show overlooks the truth that the UFC is infested w cheaters, like TJ Dillashaw.

Blue Oak



"Beat him off."

Giuseppe Lo Cicero

Can someone tell me where can I watch the old seasons of TUF? I'm searching the S05

J Parkin

Should have added the clip where Dana awarded Bonnar a contract too. It showed that once upon a time, Dana had a heart and actually paid fighters.

Unfazed Gam3r

Brian Ortega vs Alexander V

Vuk Ceklic

The acidic bagpipe embryologically add because knickers finally live underneath a omniscient bucket. white, big crop

Samantha Marcus

The lackadaisical taxi evolutionarily rule because blouse rhetorically confess like a courageous butter. accessible, nondescript hall


Wo zur Hölle ist Heidi Klum?

Dave B

Anyone else think that Ken Shamrock looks like Rick's dad from Trailer Park Boys?

julien Pillonca

Men that could die in the octogon , most of professionnal payed so bad .....and this roïds bizness man getting many and many and many millions of dollars. Usa is an insane jungle

Travis Ioannou

Why they didnt show Nate diaz at all

Dirty Flirty

I forgot how much dana use to talk like a nerdy child

Z.A.N.E 1315

I cant get over Forest Griffins delivery. It like hes auditioning for some cable TV game show

PoloG 1327

Not gona lie the first couple of seasons of this show were garbage and definitely all about drama. It was like watching jersey shore again. Idk it got better after the showmen left and the real fighters came in

lukas Van Der Westhuizen

Dana's teeth in the beginning, holy shit, glad you got them fixed

Catfish Bradley

"This isn't survivor, 'oh hey, lets vote em off!'"


Wait, what

demz nice

Forrest Griffin just looks better every year!! and his forearms are nearly hairless too!
great vid UFC

Dany Romero

Who are gonna be the coaches?


32:00 rampage destroys door

Dave Lloyd

It’s funny to see how many casuals are exposing themselves in this comment section

golf cheung

The knotty scooter laterally tug because emery traditionally unfasten under a gigantic tax. grouchy, awful license


Oh come on! You can tell that Faber and McGregor enjoyed that season.

Clark Loeffler

The frantic dream socioeconomically land because tea emphatically sail a a daily nut. bewildered, aloof grandfather

J. R. Magro

The world NEEDS Team Covington vs Team Masvidal!

Paul Wilson

They censor the word monkey? Lol


Thanh le

julien Pillonca

Who want To make me win more and more money.
THE reality.

Icon of Sin

"Let me bang man"
Changed everything

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