Floyd Mayweather makes it rain on Conor McGregor at the Barclays Center | BROOKLYN | UFC ON FOX

Floyd Mayweather makes it rain on Conor McGregor at the Barclays Center | BROOKLYN | UFC ON FOX

3 991 917 views | 14 Jul. 2017

Listen to Floyd Mayweather's opening statement at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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Listen to Floyd Mayweather’s opening statement from the second press conference in Toronto.

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Travis Bickle

Floyd knows how to say eijit,

Mathew Syiem

Floyd vrs khabib in boxing..who do you prefer

Mister C

why mayweather can't do this to manny.

Otavio Santos


this show is just a circus lol

Ryan Bricknell

who else got tired of mayweather screaming yeahhhhhhhhh


i mean..... they were all ones.....

Jahmir isaias

Hard work!


hope it's fake money floyd is throwing huh?


When Floyd got the DJ to play that future song




Connor out there looking like DoFlamingo


Yo I just realized that was GERVONTA at Mayweather’s side 6:02

Pen Steph

Mcgregor looks like going to the Beach


mayweather dresses like a 15 year old

FaZe Sway

Bro McGregor bas the balls to go to boxing and Mayweather says he ain't a really fighter bruh. I'd love you see McGregor vs Mayweather in mma


Tank in the cut ready to knock someone out

Muhammad Mujahid

Mayweather is Mayweather,Conor is just hype

Parviz Valiev


The only reason Floyd got on Conors nerves here was cause sometimes people that are just so dumb and so cringe make us all mad lol. U ever just get mad at someone cause they say the stupidest stuff with such confidence

Tanishq Bisht

It see tank laughing there lol


man idk if its just me but the way Mayweather is talking is just annoyinggggggg


5:59 straight bars

jawad ali

They should have a mma fight now

NoobMaster exe

I wonder what the world would be like now if McGregor won

Andy _V

what da fook is that guy??????



Thunder Killer

Wheres the next circus from this company?

Dharrshen Veloo Veloo

0:03 Big up the TANK at the back

Poizon Clipz

I wish he shut mayweather up. He’s not only trash but annoying

Francisco Palacios


Kudzi Majeza

Mayweather sucks on the mic, yeaa!!!!

Andy Reyes

Who else is here after his fight with logan got announced

Ellie Mae

KSI & LOGAN got nothing on these 2


Floyd shouting quitter like he’s been in the Octagon, I bet he’ll quit like a wuss after getting choked in the first round

Qadeer Vlogs

Father of Mcgregor is khabib .

josh coleman

Conner will always be the


Floyd really threw money in air for Connor

Naresh Vaishnav

Nobody :
Not a single person :
Floyd : YEAHH.... YEAHH.... YEAHH

Harshjot Singh

Look how dana is blushing

Drago _Codm

Floyd's "yEAaaaaa" sounds like a kid getting a candy for a 50 cents change


2020 and still watch these


Hard work learning how to read

Adib Chowdhury

Anybody else feel bad for the photographer

Shane Embry

Floyd is stomach churning cringy.

Ahmad Jalal

Floyd mayweather die boxer der welt ich bin Afghan


Connor got the same drip like DoFlamingo.

Érturûl Ghází

Fixed stage


3:48 tank Davis

Leni Salomon


0:14 thank Davis

Ali Kouweik

This generation of fighters are a disgrace look how they act god

найли калкаманова

Крутой прикид у Конора

Malik Ata

The best of MMA lol

Bruno Congo 1


Rofik lens

When my friend presenting in front of the class and having lost words

Triple Furious

MCTAPPER knows how to tap fast

i’m q4zi

i would love too pick them 1 dollar bills up

Carlos sanchez

Dude literally said "YOo! form oultron

Lucas Bullz

4:03 When your mom actually takes you to McDonalds


Thumbnail conors head


Am i the only one who noticed the optical illusion on the index picture?

Syahtria Arif Arifin


Sievny Thav

Mayweather averaged about 0.5 words the whole video


there all WOONS

Loud Bang

Mayweather: Can't Decide what to say to fight back. Final Weapon: Repeats the same word

Jason Cole

Let's see mayweather go to the ufc and fight if he is so bad.

bruno Manchester

It's all for show to make more money

Anzar raina FvPxedBWTe

It would have been too much more fun if it was after khabib vs Conor....

Brandon Rogers

Bruh get out of the way camera men

Isai Barajas torres

Bien farol el negrito regalando dólares

cobra power

Deux ignorants plein d orgueil inutile a la société !
La mort sera au rendez vous pour vous 2 et pour nous tous humains !
Tu prendras pas tes millions de dollars avec toi dans ta tombe !
La seul est unique richesse de l homme sera ses bonnes oeuvres !
Une vérité éclatante que beaucoup ont oublier !


Floyd's voice is like a 15 year old kids.


This is KSI VS Logan Paul press conference in London v2


5:04 that guy would break Conor today

A Playz

3 million dollar fighter im a 800

PJ Dexter

this is so embarrassing

Mike Bickle

Mayweather wouldn’t last one round mma with Conor.

Yordi -

Mayweather acting like a clown on the stage but fought just like him in the ring


Can we have F in the chat for Paul bros

Harsh Patel

In a regular street fight mcgregor would knock out floyd

jaguar bear

Dana white became wet quickly


What if flyod Mayweather fights khabib

Daniel Lockard

Conor is wearing the coolest pants

Adam hufz

i cant imagine what if mayweather enter the octagon and when he cant stand up against conor hahahhah

Lauritzeeraq Lyberth

Children of Satan.

Miles padillo

the real boxing is the fight between pacquiao vs marquez and pacquiao vs morales no hug just exchange a punch

Chris DudeDurian

The censorship gets me every time


So cringe floyd

Gggg Oooo

50 year old saying form voltrun bruh that was so cring !

Afaq Dk

That yeaaaa was so cring




My brain cannot literally process this video

Janusz Suisuiki

Still havent seen floyd in that octagon like he said he would

Bronny James

1:36 most awkward moment between floyd and the cameraman lol

justine trinidad

"You Fckin Ijeet!"

Xavi Maldonado

Announcer wanted to call it everything at the end there

Hi Hi

It’s like May weather is speaking like he at a conserert

Ashutosh Garg

Conor took an L here too


0:14 that guy behind Floyd no one knew but little did people know 3 years later he was gonna be a tank