UFC Summer Kickoff: Jones vs Cormier 2 announcement for UFC 214 | Uncensored | UFC ON FOX

UFC Summer Kickoff: Jones vs Cormier 2 announcement for UFC 214 | Uncensored | UFC ON FOX

1 611 449 views | 13 May. 2017

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Watch the explosive UFC Summer Kickoff press conference completely uncensored.

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كايدو جلاد الصعاليك

He beats DC one steroids

Alex Gonzalez

Watching this years later i find it funny how there’s 16 elite fighters on there 2 who wanted each other’s heads and the non fighters reacted haha. The pros just took in the moment

sean kelly

Kevin “You know”’ Lee


JT Jones

Jojo is an angel

Saúl Miranda

By far the most combative press conference in a while, security had to work overtime.

Aaron W.

No one:
Jon Anik while the fight broke out:

Matthew Hulme

Sandblasting... to this day! To this dayyyy!!!

Hassan Nabih

Kevin "the black Conor" Lee


Jesus didn't conor mcgregor make these things far more entertaining

Michael Messiha

Jones has all the talent in the world, but still lives making the most foolish decisions

Trey Wilson

Nunes sexy frfr!!!

Pol Hasanlliu

Jon Jones is the Got.

Nandan Nadkarni

DC tries too hard around Jones!

Doggy Dog maxi

man I don't want to see that sexy euro blondie chick get hurt by that female hulk

pat max


James Bateman

Make Christmas cards - Jon Jones

Biggieboss power

Geathje absolutly killed Micheal Johnson was one of the best Debute in History of the Ufc 2 Rounds of a War into a Knockout Finish and a Backflip from the Cage xD insane realy what a Show that was!!

Elias Darius

4:45 I lost it here when he dropped the n-bomb


Back when Jones had hair


Wow. Kevin Lee was insufferable back then too.

Smoke 2 YaDome


Shikhar Meh.

jon just doesnt seem to shut up

Brandon F

Such a polarizing feud to look back on

Dons Adventures

CTE Glitches:
Gaethje 12:21
Johnson: 12:35

Ty King

I seen the fight

Habiib Bule

Valentina Shevchenko is most complete fighter in the UFC, No

Adi S

People didn't realise then how much of a G Amanda was.


LOL, amanda KO'd valentina in the stare down

Isaac Nelson

Amanda Nunes looks like a more savage Version of Lara Croft.
And Claudia Gadelha looks like seltene from Underworld

king عرب

Can we please get a clean jj v dc fight

Raji abey

kevin conor mcgregor wannabe lee

Javokhir Isajonov

Imagine Chael Sonnen was here

Fu Shin

37:34 "are you scared DC?" :)


3:56 D.C Reaction

Jon Jones

Valentina won the 2nd fight. Lol

Russell Balbin

32:13 oh lord

YouLoveMe Osrs

16:57 "You don't have the nuts to talk about it".. I hope so..


this is the blackest I've ever seen DC act hahah

Steve Moore

DC is that kid in school who's always crying in the corner.

elizabeth mottin

This right before nunes was established as the GOAT

Alan Silva


Guru Pharaoh

Who’s here cuz of DC’s loss to Stipe III?

Pol Hasanlliu

DC hi fuckd you soooo soooo bad u and your entire career

The Cycling ways

Nunes and Shevchenko trash talking gave me a headache

Haki Thomas

Nunes got a jaw shot off

Chris Swift


E Pang

The fluffy blade thoracically look because vietnam successively load onto a poised snowman. jealous, null random

Card Gambitz

Michael Johnson is such a bum

Bluesy Jay

By 21:00 Gaethje is already rocking and hyping at his chair loool

lucky strike

Kevin suckssssss man


Can we just acknowledge how terrible Michael Johnson is on the mic

Panagiotis Malakates

21:27 Justin celebrates like he won 100 billion dollars


Daniel Cormier went full gangster on this one

Jane Doe

20:57 Valentina a badass and just dont care! xD


gaethje just chilling in the back

Pol Hasanlliu

2 losses DC

asd asdasd

Why is that guy holding the mike at 17:42 is smiling

Ty King

Who thinks connor would ko kevin lee



Joshua Howard

DC’s best line ever 2:42-:48


Joanne and Karolina. Face and accent cuteness overload


This is what we want to see. Press Conference with all the fighters together!


Justin gaetjhe came a long way


Amanada "The Man" Nunez

Jalal Allam

Can we acknowledge how the security on the left ran to Kevin Lee’s side and pretty much failed to stop the punch when he could’ve if he used his brain?

Lorrie14uw Avila0nx

DC acting like HE on coke lol


God that environment must be electrifying!

king عرب

Can we please get a clean jj v dc fight


DC is jealous in Johnny . Clearly see how much he hate Jone jones


DC: Proceed sir
Reporter: opens mouth
DC: interrupts


Kevin Lees outfit haha

Ajax Jay

DC accidentally drop the N word


Kevin Lee was trying to act all cool and that till he met tony ferguson...


4:40 dc realizes Jones has a point


I don’t think Ariel gets enough credit as a journalist by showing interest in fighter salary. He is asking the fighters the questions they should be asking their managers and the UFC in order to earn more money. Imagine Jones and DC not knowing if they will make the most money possible by main eventing or co main eventing their upcoming card. At the time Jones was a nine time champion with 8 title defenses ( I know, he failed the test later on...) and DC had 1 defense against Gus and submitted Rumble Johnson to win the vacant belt. You would think the fighters would know the second the fighters sign to compete.

gavin harris

joane caulderwood heavenly blessed voice


Who's nicer Wonderboy or Holly?

Shane Geraghty

The fans in this video aged so badly , so happy to see that fake cheating scumbag


Best press ever

E Pang

The teeth ethnopharmacologically scrub because cupboard moberly wink across a unbecoming spruce. shaky, old suede

Krizaey M

Can’t wait to watch Jones vs Adesanya

vlog tv

Jones vs izzy press conference gonna be fire

Mr Rager

I’m all for jokes but saying someone’s mom has tickets is just to far.


this press was priceless. from first minute to the last one


Claudia Gadelha is absolutely gorgeous!

Aaron Austin

Idk why but Jones saying "where does where you're from have to do with any of that" makes me laugh

Pirate Radio

32:46 to 33:17 is one of the cringiest moments I’ve ever witnessed

mob 187

Ah the good ol days

sean kelly

Props to Justin here. He called it: “A march to deep water. You ain’t gonna last.”

Great fight for both guys too actually.

Chris England

26:00 Prostitutes?


Daniel cormier is like a grade 3 students who think raising a voice means winning in an argument lol

Mattan Shamailov

Gaethje: ''YES I WANT TO DIE''

Mike Tyson

Joanna such a kind girl how she has been a fighter.

Dan kahmei

Why does gathje look like mike posner


nunes looks like a gta character

Daniel Cohen

Jon : We don´t know if its the Main Event. / Also Jon : The monster that is UFC 214 Cormier vs Jones

Interstellar Galaxy

12:01 what a killer instinct this guy have, u can see by body language how ecxited he is when talking about fighting he can barely hold him self..

face 2185

I forgot how dumb kevin lee sounded during this one

Jim Ryan

There’s something so soothing about seing DC and Cormier going at eachother.


Even tho jon jones mess up alot but i like him because of his Beast Fighting Skills