Funniest Live TV News Interviews Gone Wrong

Funniest Live TV News Interviews Gone Wrong

39 299 281 views | 20 Dec. 2016

Funniest Live TV News Interviews Gone Wrong: A collection of the funniest live tv news interviews gone wrong.

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Funniest Live TV News Interviews Gone Wrong -

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Invoker Playz

You know umm "Everything like that"

Onn Sight

4:01 best story ever haha so adorable

Soapy Bryant

0:57 my favorite part

Corben Bender

I wanted donuts.

YoungRich Essay

Everything like that


"And everything like that"

--- some random hockey guy

Tim Hooper

and everything like that

Riley Zamora

Not the hot pocket

Glenn Tremblay

Poor Flossie.....


i felt the pain when he said he dropped the hotpocket

Nelson Barbosa

And everything like that!

Wisdom And Understanding

Straight COMEDY!!


This is why they don't interview people anymore

DeAndre Davis

Im over here crying at the lady in the chair


"What's the secret for living so long?"

"I dunno i just live it."

Jose Andrade-Izaguirre

0:7 then go I drop my hot pocket

I.K. Grey

Not TooooDaaaaaay

Kai Fox

At 0:21 he looked at the screen like he was in The Office


That was pretty enjoyable and everything like that.

Ashton Harvey

I didn’t know he was gittin eat up by bees I thought he was just high.

Shuaib Ahmed

that first one was adorable 'I dropped my HOTPOCKET!'

Jermaine Kyrie

I dropped my hot pocket

Michelle Birk

EVERYTHING like that!!!

Bear Page

The 'everything like that' guy wins it for me.

Endless Infinity

Flossy is my Monday spirit animal.

Richard Breads


Naldo’s Vlog Creations

Everything like that

General Kenobi


Pulse Elmo

Bruh I feel u man I dropped my hot pocket once bro ain't fun

Fatima Asif

"I said aw man. She said aw man. I said AW MAN. THE BUILDING IS ONE FIYURE "

Sawyer Broskley

Everything like that

Victor Concepcion

Its everything like that..

Joey Coco Diaz

That 110 year old lady is my spirit animal


He dropped his Hot Pocket.

Kendra Mangona

Everything like that

Allison Schellhorn

"And everything like that"

Eric Cheval

An everything like that An everything like that An everything like that An everything like that


Grandma wasn't playing

blaine bowen

Devina Jersey Aro

"everything like that"


Who else paused the video to go look up,
"In Australia what does busting a plugger mean" ?

Robin Marculis

And everything like that.

Miguel Jeremias Pérez Cruz

2:08 funny as hell

Paul Dub

Not tuh dddaaayyy

jezreel lucas

I feel bad for the guy who dropped his hotpocket


I loved this video and everything like that

Sonic Seven

I dropped my hot pocket lol

Cory Andersen

I love these people, they are soo real!

Sacred Starlight_94

Granny said "I dont fight it i live it" Factz


OMG I can't stop laughing. Subscribed

Eliah Ok

And everything like that

Wild Pringle

Flossie is 110 like she’s going to be tired

Norma Garrett

And once again " Everything like that"

Djoni Amman

What is "hot pocket" here?

Bittu singh

Hey yellow dude..u r annoying..totally ..everything like that

xXPoisonousPowerXx • 69 years ago

"I was scared"
"I dropped my hot pocket :c".

Dave Carves Wood

These are my people

Ayush Nema

keep watching here and eveything like that


everything like that


Everything like that lol that got me so bad


or everything like that D:

Up Yours Truecaller

Enjoyed watching this video... and everything like that!

الصياد -hunter

It was funny u know like everything like that


Everything like that

PineApple Juice

"I drop my hot pocket" poor guy


SHe said WATTT. i said NOO. This woman is on another level


2:37 not to dayyyyyyyyyyy

Stephanie M

This is just pure comedy!

Snoochie Boochies

And everything like that

Papa Bear

Young and gettin it.

The Provoked

"He started crying like a little baby"

Rand Jassar

And everything like that...

Swing Cactuses

"And when I said Jesus Jesus Jesus, that tornado went up over his van!!!"


These comments are funny and everything like that

Tami Hixx

...and everything like that....


And everything like that

Galaxy K!ng

Was that fire truck pink

Erika Parker

“ The building is on


Has anybody seen my snap and turtle anything like that

Jalisco Jalisco

"and everything like that" lol

charlotte canary

an i hear a big B O W M E

Zay Lempfert

And everything like that

Fabiola Geremia

Everything like that...

chico 1

Its funny


"And everything like that" once said a good man


0:16 he smiled

Danny Lohrey

i have never been more proud to be named daniel


"I was hollin' Jesus Jesus" and everything like that xD

Trmmal Richaird

“ And everything like that.”


but did he ever get another hot pocket

Zane Montgomery

1:06 me too

Banana Man

He dropped his hot pocket and that old lady tough

Racheal Britt

I dropped my hot pocket


He dropped is hot pocket

Fred Lister

“I ran down the street in me undies and everything like that”

Elijah Davis

This is funny and everything like that


I was fixin' ta get out 'cause it was a tornada.

TrainStorm // Pere Marquette Productions

2:08 the long awaited sequel to “Ain’t nobody got time for dat”

Kevin Cornwell


Shannon Galbraith

I didnt understand any of that last interview lol.