Top 20 High End Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor Dupes | Pottery Barn + Kirklands & More

Top 20 High End Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor Dupes | Pottery Barn + Kirklands & More

705 434 views | 8 Jun. 2020

Today I'm sharing the TOP 20 High End Dollar Tree DIY home decor dupes with you! These DIYs look exactly like the store but cost less than $5 to make. You have to try these Dollar Tree DIYs and share them with your friends!

Glue gun

molding clay

Top farmhouse DIYs

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Thank you but you don’t show what you are making so I have to keep fast forwarding to determine it..I will look at your lastest videos which may be different.

Panther Melchizedek

At 19:26 you could use a compass to get a perfect circle with a pencil, then make the straight lines out to the circle edge. And it looks great. For some reason, this sun ray design is very popular now. Seeing clocks and wallart with it.

Carmen Rodriguez

Love the 3 hoop candle holder


I like yours better ❤


I loved them all!! Unfortunately i have 2 new kittens who won't leave anything alone! They are so curious and I thinking they are teething too. I've had to move almost everything up to the top shelves. One of them is deaf. Therefore, saying no is not effective.

Ana Reyes Vlogs

I love everything you make


I don't usually leave comments but I had to... Your just Amazing!!

Diane L Anderson

Fabulous dupes. Love them all❤️

Valdneia Maria


Gwen de RENNES

la bougie est trop haute, elle va chauffer le bois au-dessus, dangereux !

Jody Mead

So creative! I love trying to figure out what you're going to make with each project! Very creative! TFS


That canvas frame DIY, you can just buy canvas frames with the canvas in several different sizes from Michaels, Joan Fabrics or an art supply store. That’s a waste of material to destroy the canvas and then throw it away. ☹️

Ana Reyes Vlogs

Beautiful diy

iitoca Baby

Love them all girl I thank God for you great help I’ve really learned a lot thanks again keep coming with new ideas

Edna Crespo Adorno

Emily, I'm amazed with all your project, thanks for the inspiration ❤

nel iveth small

You are amazing !!!
Such talent I LOVE your style

Sylvia Obrien

where is your supply list?


You are a beast!! You did a much better job than the pieces you dupe. I will be trying to do this to save money and I need some kind of hobby. Thanks so much!


Please!!! Buy a bigger brush!!!

Hershey Phillips

They are all cute


Very impressive!
Way to think outside the box! I've always thought how incredibly expensive those type of items were in the high-end sites. You've proven how people are paying a ridiculous amount for a store name or designer name.

Tina Carney


kathy forester

You nailed every one of these dupes! I’m so impressed. These are so classy. Great job

Prisila Perez

You are supper dollar store don’t ever have the things I need to make DIYs..

Jenna Mendoza

i want to make everything lol

noryani orellana

Todo esta excelente.. Lo hareeee

Katy Ouazene

i'm katy from algeria waooooooooo and one thousand of waoo you are beautiful and your work is amazing well done i'm your new followers and a biggest fan thhank you

d sanders

I really like your project and how to make them. It would be interesting to list the items needed but then not give picts or instructions. Make it a contest of sorts. Get picts of what your patrons made. Give the best a model of what you started with. Just a suggestion. Thank you.

Jocelyn Berthay

Your project's are totally awesome. Thanks or sharing!!

Rita Rheinstadter

loved everything

just me

You dupes are great but the originals are so weird! Like who would want some of those items especially for the price, i might be not very boogie for all that art

hypnoticfire bee

These are awesome! Thanks

Therese Ripoli

Great job. I'd love to see more upcycling of materials.

Suzy Pearson

Love your channel, What is the name or item number of the waverly antiquing wax you use

K Vol

Oh I'm about to steal all these ideas for a wedding because I'm a cheap date

Vicki Green

love them all!


We need to know what you are making and see the finished project first, please.

L Brown

You are amazing!! What a blessing you are. I just closed on my first home and now I see I can have a beautiful home within my budget~!!!

michelle nason

Julie L

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING...your talent is on a ho nother level

Kristine Cornell

I love dupes & hacks! These are great!!!

Patricia Giles


Resham R

You are amazingly creative and fabulous


My goodness! You are spot on with your dupes! Awesome!

Queen I Am

I just found your channel and I absolutely love it. And I also just subbed. I have a channel as well.

Guzman Girls

Loved the scratch vase, the garland, the drip line candle holder, and the white bowl. The likeness to the original is amazing and you are so talented!

Rose Broadway

Great Video, loved it!

j keller

You sound like
One of my teachers

Bb Broadus

I love everything

Cynthia Cboins

These are amazing dupe's
Loved them all ❣️

Laura Brown

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Ralene Lemon


Carol Charles

Can’t choose they are all great ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jocelyn F

all great pieces, thank you.

Emily Dillon

Wow! These are gorgeous! Love the looks and the price difference is amazing

Danielle Rocha

You have a Great Creative Imagination..

nails Wygk

Why did you glue the hoops together in the first place, you could have just glued the open ones... I feel like this could be much easier, but it is a good idea.

Lecia Bella

You did a LOTTTTT .... holy...


You are really good, in fact one of the best at these. The 3 flat wooden geometric form is just 90 degrees, it's just a camera distort that makes them look like they're angled.

Lyna isFly

Love these. New subby here!

Tiffany Broyles

Hi I love your creativity. What kind of brushes should I purchase and where for all types of craft paintings?

Meetu Taneja

By chance discovered ur channel....oh my... all projects are awesome ....u just nailed it.thanks

Josep Lozano


Carmen N

Must say out of all the dollar tree, this one is among my favorites since I like the comparisons to the store brands, I plan to try one or two that I liked. But this was pretty cool!

yellow baby

You have won a new subscriber!!! Awesome crafts and I love that you included your inspiration with the price points

Sharon Rose

I can't begin to keep up with your creativity! I'm certainly not on your DIY level/skill set, but your tutorials are great, as is every project. You go girl!

Deb Gross

What kind of board do u have them pegs in

Valdneia Maria


Elcie King

wow!!! freaking awesome!!!

reshma mehta

Beautifully executed projects!

Jussara Moreira

You are amazing

Helen Gerdes

Okay, I’m not shy to skipping through DIY videos and just wanting to see the end result. But believe me when I say I watched this video through and through. I am extremely fascinated by this DIY video and you deserve huge recognition for your hard work in putting this together for us. Thank you! I really enjoyed this!

Pamela Taylor

AWESOME, love these and they look so much like the expensive ones. I know which ones I prefer. Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic crafting ideas with all of us.

nel iveth small

Creativity that is YOU!
You go girl.

Jesus Girl

Thank you for making stuff that is not scratched up "farm" style. I, for one, hate that and am so tired of seeing it.

Cathleen Weaver

I'm forever amazed how your brain works hahahaha. You can come up with so any.amazing items ❤

Diane L Anderson

Love love your projects thank you

Karen Kelley

Loved the chain! I have some clay left but never thought to use it for this! Thanks!

i want you okay

I would not use those glues. I'mao. Dollar store? I'm ao. Smh

Zerelease Hall

Nice !!

Christi Rachal

Happened upon your channel and oh my gosh,I’m so excited to find contemporary DIYs. I loved all of your dupes!

Makesha Bobo

Moving too fast


Beautiful and do-able ideas!!!

Stacy K

Absolutely amazing!!!!

Ida van Grinsven

Such great projects, your amazing

Lotus 370

Thanks for sharing and Kudos to you for your creativity

I. Bosquez

Your poooor floor!!!

emily mulcahy

Fyi, the dollar tree wood signs are press board, if you peel the paper off and wet the sign a little it comes off with a little rubbing, glue and paper

Jennifer Hartman

These are amazing! I cannot find a favorite! I agree they look higher DYI! I do prefer silver over gold, and I love black. Especially the black loops with candles..i might use red candles but I like white too. Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to show us some classy DIY's! Have a great week!

Sarah Butler

I really enjoy your show.i love all them.Great Job!

John Tramp



These are some of the best DIYs I’ve ever

Alina Milagros Meza Villadeza


Sannu Naveen

The best part is how you explain what you are doing... not too long, not too short, just perfect!
Also, it thrills me to wait and see the original piece at the end, compared to what you created... kind of keeps me on the edge of the seat while I watch it.... !

Aurora Bravo

Hi can you link the gold paint you used to spray paint?

Michelle Wilfong

Feathers are great

Stacia Belcher

Girl you did that!!

Panther Melchizedek

Could you re-edit the video to show the project beforehand so we can judge if it is one we want to do or not, please? Thank you.

Carol Charles

Clever girl that’s really good xxxxxxxx

Corey Dawson

Love your channel but would like to see the project you are making first