They Actually Added the GARGANTUAN LEVIATHAN to the Game and I Regret Everything - Subnautica Modded

They Actually Added the GARGANTUAN LEVIATHAN to the Game and I Regret Everything - Subnautica Modded

2 565 097 views | 10 Jan. 2021

They Actually Added the GARGANTUAN LEVIATHAN to the Game and I Regret Everything - Subnautica Modded

Welcome back to Subnautica! We're back in the OG underwater survival game, and we're checking out some mods! They actually added the Gargantuan Leviathan (Lost River Skull Leviathan) to the game along with many other new creatures! Let's play Subnautica MODDED!

0:00 - Intro

3:18 - Gameplay

Space Cat Creations:

JuranDM (Gargantuan Leviathan Model):

Mod Programming by LeeTwentyThree

"A Gargantuan Return" Trailer by UltraVioletMango:


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About Subnautica:

Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril. Craft equipment, pilot submarines and out-smart wildlife to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more - all while trying to survive.

Subnautica is an underwater adventure game set on an alien ocean planet. A massive, open world full of wonder and peril awaits you!


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Please do a modded playthrough!


I think the gargantuan leviathan wouldn't make a roar, I think it would straight up make a rumble sound and just soundwave you to death

Tanner Cox

What’s the background song in the intro?

Digital Lurantis

I would love to see a modded series

Elijah Nelson

I think they should make the adult 1200meters and the kid one only around 800 because it’s way too long. They should also make it wider too because it just looks like a noodle

Tristan Knowles

I don't understand why you would make a video titled about the gargantuan leviathan, then when you finally get around to showing it off you primarily do it at night so that you can barely see the creature and make out next to zero detail. Its just, "Hey guys want to see this really cool thing that I hype up? Well here's all this other stuff in good lighting, but that thing that got you to click on the video to see? Yeah let me just change to night so you can't see anything, and talk about how cool that black moving shape in the distance is."


Makes me want to attempt my Hardcore run again. Never saw the end of this game


Over a mile long, what


I really want to know what his putto song is because I would listen to that on my way to school.


Screams unnecessary from the reaper

Gavin Miller

Ok just so u know the adult gargantuan is the size of 2 mount Everest’s, 2!!!!!!

Keith C

Do it. modded would be fun.

King kaiju playz

What if there was a Godzilla mod in subnautica

OnlyBrettFx Ps4

I haven't played this game. But I now want to play with mods or even without. This game looks amazing

Mr Anderson

"would I like modded subnautica" BOY YES

scp 173

I fucking LOVE those moments where you use the sonar and you see the leviathan in the distance, every time i see that moment in videos i get chills when it appears

Dark Prince



Wtf did you do to jasper

Low Cut

this are really? i going to reinstal de game right now!!


Ya know, hearing their oices back to back, Idk how I didn't realize they were related.

Jeremiah Carlson

13:46 lol that scream of pure terror


Its sad to hear about the stuff going on with simon,anthomnia and the development team..

Lieutenant Nightmare

Congratulations on 2mil subs IGP

Ashton ONeill

i would love if you did that i would like that i would subscribe for that yes i want a mod playthrough


Do the playthrough

Envy Homunculus

Sorry that something has happened between you, Anthomnia, Simon, and the modders. It sucks when things like this has to happen ridiculously.

Mik Goober

"Eat me dog, my body is ready"


Now THAT is a leviathan

Vincent Pang

The imminent mouse coincidently allow because pisces iteratively gaze unto a gainful sailor. abounding, harmonious judo


When he gets scared, he sounds like Markiplier

Soul Breaker

Modded series approved


YES please do a modded version of Subnautica!!!!!!

Brian official channel

The gargantuan litterally looks like a sea dragon Leviathan head and the sea emperor Leviathan tentacles and like 13 Times the size of the sea emperor leviathan

And how can it do stealthy crap? Its litterally a quarter of the Aurora space ship (the adult one) well not quite a quarter but you know what i mean and this "thing"probably eats sea dragons that come up to the void and ghost Leviathans that don't gang up on him and i think the ghost Leviathans (adult at the void) were trying to safe you

el pelis

Use <fog> to see good

chett beach

make a modded play thu would be clean



Zoey Demotte



I’m sorry bro, but I can’t respect you anymore if your causing drama for no reason. Thanks for the good times.

Server Crab

13:48 bruh that scream had me dead


my votes for a modded series

Elijah Nelson

I like how scared of the game you are even though you play it a lot

My name Jeff

At 19:21 it looks so elegant twisting around

Justin Herrmann


Oliver Goodwin

Please. Do a modded subnautica series

Ashton ONeill

igp just rideing around

reaper: hello there

Elijah Kilgore

trys to do outro
GARGANTUAN LEVIATH: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhreeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreweaedfgfhfhedhydfgdfhf

yaaaa err yaaaaaa

Nathaniel Soss

Usually, the people playing this game are faking being scared and screaming and it gets old really quick. I stumbled upon this video and expected more of the same.

But that scream when the Reaper snuck up on you was genuine, and perfect, and for that you get a like my friend. I don't think anyone can fake a scream like that. Thanks for taking the heart attack for us!

Just call me SpectrCC

13:39 Best jumpscare of the century


Well, thanks for reviving my thalassophobia. LoL. I couldn't resist looking, and now I really wish I hadn't.

Adam Cheng

The gargantuan leviathan looks like sap 3000.


What if you could live in that thing?


I really like this design. Not just because it looks cool, but it makes the size of the Gargantuan fossil make sense; if the Gargantuan was at that size but straight and rigid it would have spacial issues unless the area was VERY different when it was alive (or maybe the void just actually had life in it, possibly). The creature being cephalopod-like really takes that size and makes it make sense within the crater since it is...condensed, I guess.


they should mod in anatashesha in this game


When I saw this I thought it was added to the actual game and was gonna turn it on until you said it was a mod

Mr_dubex 123


Beans'n Øak

I thought i was watching ign when i got the notifications


I think having a smaller one that is super fast and aggressive would be way more terrifying


Just make one as big as the planet lol

kevin mislos

jacksepticeye should be seeing this

lil_ T

The million year armored creature is the biggest and the databank says “this life form would have been larger than any living creature encountered on the planet” that is the biggest leviathan ever.

Suki Blyat

Okay i dont want to sound rude but is there any modder that wants to bring back all the dead stuff on the map ?

Aiden McNabb

I think that a modded play through would be so awesome. Pls do it

Zedrick Manuel

It's like Legendary made this mod


subnautica modded... this might be oscar worthy


Here's a dumb idea for a mod the more dangerous or scary a creature is more cuter it will be. Out universe purpose to make it a bit harder to tell how dangerous it really is and in universe reason that that there will always be children and sheltered adults who will be fascinated by sea creatures and this octical device is used to keep them from being too scared or too traumatized.


I actually laughed out loud.
Remember, don't fear the reaper.


You’re a goldfish to him.

Eddie Spaghetti

As cool as Subnautica is the game makes everything look smaller than it is

Mrbow 66

GOD DAMN IT! i hate The Work team now they can't just do what they want cursing at you and others.

Raymond Amoroso

It reminds me of the take on cthulhu from underwater

dark ghost

Igp thank you so much for covering this after all of the stuff that's happening to Simon and all of the BS that's happening behind the scenes thank you for defending you're an absolute hero to this mod a great personal around


here ya go. but just grab a diaper or sum :O

Miranda Meow

I'm legit feeling actual panic watching this ctfu

Kearney Johnson

No thanks


OMFG subnautica is actually still alive, pog

great video btw had me dying

Rice Cooker

People are scared of the depths of water and I’m just like “thorsty”

Phoenix Wolf

I’d love a modded play though

Logan Cox

“Juvenile” gargantuan leviathan
Then what is the adult


I would love a modded play through. Your original subnautica play through was how I first got into the game

Josh Leming


Jordon Ploe

The assessment for the adult should be I hope you had a good life

Raymond Amoroso

Is this on VR? or occulus or something?



Shadows Erza

I’d literally die in real life if i got jumpscared by that


i am, in fact, never setting foot in the ocean. ever.

RebelWolf 420

Hey igp I have a game idea it's called second Extinction it's a fun multiplayer game I'm sure you icy and the lads will love

The Noodle

i almost cried when the reaper attacked you


I have a really bad fear of the ocean. Kind of tempted to make a series playing this game to the end but dear god Id shart myself

Banana boi Yo

I love this shit

Edit: every second is hit myself


As a Subnautica scaredy-cat who is afraid to leave the “safe areas”, the Seamoth sonar upgrade is a lifesaver sent from the heavens. It allows me to play much more adventurous in the voids, that is until I run into a warper and then I perform my best IGP scream impression.

Wally Pickard

Alright buddy chill with the over reactions

The Noodle




I will subscribe if u do a modded play through

Jonah Caraza

This leviathan literally eats reapers as a small snack


Just wanted to say Indie
You have been an amazing and motivational person for a long time now and it's really showing
You motivated me to make my own channel. Your humor and just constant positive attitude is what we all need.
The way you just make the most out of every moment. You deserve waaaaay more subscribers
I love seeing your notifications come up
Please never change

Arthur Callahan

THIS should of been what lurks at the edge of the map at the dropoff not ghost leviathans. 10s of thousands of meters of darkness for one of these to END you. Its mouth Should be nothing but billions of glowing teeth would make it better.

Lucien DeJule

Dude, I gotta say, you're literally my favorite content creator on the platform. Your content is always entertaining and I love watching your videos. Keep it up!


what’s the song he uses for his intro?

HydroFlame X

Every time it shows up on sonar it makes a stinger sound effect

Babady Bab

That was a very big boy