10 Fighters The UFC Rejected

10 Fighters The UFC Rejected

4 209 000 views | 31 Jan. 2019

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Dollar cost Backpacker

Askren lol... He made it!

Cris Brackett

Tou sometimes sound like Joe Rogan. Have you ever heard that before? Thanks for the information on these amazing fighters.

Rick Taylor

She is beautiful.... Miesha too

Mr Hexadus

between me and you.. its really obvious.. how one of these fighters got shafted and targeted 20 years later.

gibby91 a

You sound like Joe Rogan


The UFC is a disgrace to the sport like most sports organizations and I think it is ahead of the three main box federations by setting up the game

John Doe


mj comia

Came here because of the thumbnail.


Why your R's sound like H's?


Also Dana White is a money hungry bitch. It’s all about money, not talent.


See, you cut Gina from the UFC, then she lands in a movie such as Deadpool.... Perfection

Cowboy Cowboy

Gina was a HUGE mistake. She was the 1st true star. Charismatic from fight crowd to gladiator audience into starwars fans. She puts on a great show.

Propagation Station

You sound like joe roghan


Oh goodness, I just saw the last episode of Mandalorian... why ?


I literally thought this was being narrarated by Joe Rogan.

R. A.

Fedor was amazing and I miss that dude in the ring. But the concussions caught up

Ibrahim Sohail

I haven’t watched the full video yet but I know fedor is number 1

Ronny Rono

Holy cow you mean Cris Cyborg was on steroids?!?!

Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

This guy narrating sounds so much like Joe Rogan sometimes... like he could be his brother.

AL Info

NEVER should have rejected her..Great fighter and good attitude. ITS also business and don't fault her for money...ITS all in the public eyes....

Orhan Snake

7 pounds

Travis Greene

You sound like if Rogan didn’t do drugs and elk meat

MingTuck Chung

I think it's some what the same with Boxing. Anyone who isn't American won't get much push to fame.

Rebekah Field

Slot 9:18; isn't that the lady in the blu ray movie I own 'HAYWIRE?'

Michael Oaks

If you dont think a 14-0 pride fighter wouldn't run throught the UFC, you may be right, but it wouldn't surprise me. Pride was one of a kind.

Ninos Shaoul

Ok people. Who was Fedor gonna fight? Sylvia? Arlovski? Rodriguez? Couture? Werdum? Nogueira? He would have destroyed ALL OF THEM (And did so with some of them in Pride)


He thought Ben Askrens fights were boring, meanwhile I'm falling asleep watching Khabib cuddling people.

David Link

Well Cyrbog is a man fighting woman under the mask of a woman

Brian Martinez

Gina rejected UFC. They wanted her to fight Dana was just his usual asshole self and she chose not to deal with it.

Steven Young

Fedor is the true GOAT.

Vivek Sawant

best part 4.14 khabib " this is No.1 bullshit" lol


Anyone else think the narrator sounds like Joe Rogan?


Gina got big... manly

just a guy

Imagine how good the first good would have been if dana just let him In

Domenic Hughes

Lol Askren

Seymour Funkan

We all clicked because of Gina.


alexander emelianenko must have worked at Chipotle.

A Man With A Dream

The more I hear dana speak the more I understand why the ufc is like watching a schoolyard fight that came about by ridiculous rumors, ego inflamed insults, taunts, and of course all the adolescent children hyping it up and fueling it just to see a fight at whatever cost. When you have the president of an organization speak so unprofessionally as he mocks and insults the people who actually fight, the very people who create the job dana has, is only further proof of an inevitable demise. Professionalism in the ufc is being replaced by foul mouthed and disrespectful adolescent minded individuals that resort to tantrum like tactics to hype a fight and their own self inflated ego's. Instead of setting the example of proper and professional conduct to maintain the respect of the sport of MMA, dana set's completely the opposite. That's why the conners, mayweather’s, rousey's exist. It saddens me to see how far people will go for the sake of a dollar.

Steven Wagstaff

Imagine trading your best fighter for Ben askren to get knocked out in a record breaking time


Cyborg is a fuckin man idc come at me lgbs....but not like that

David Trvjiyo

Gina Carano would’ve definitely made the ufc some $$. I never payed for a fight. But I’d pay to see her fight.


I couldn't finish the video because over and over you keep hearing one name.....Dana White.


At Fedor's peak there wasn't a huge PPV push anywhere and UFC didn't have the PPV numbers they had today either. Against the right opponent, he definitely would have brought in more views and more fans. People asked for it over and over, for years, but Dana was too cocky.


"This is number one Bullshit."

James Derek

Dis is number one bullshit


Too bad Kharitonov didn't make it to the UFC.

Let's Shoot Nor NV

"Hepatitis C, not Hepatitis B, as reported by Affliction." (O_O) Uhhhhhhh, what? We should not be hearing this from anyone but Alexander himself. Huuuuuge violation of HIPAA laws there. Wife works in medical, this was an instant red flag for me.

Fah Moh

khabib cameo make this video even better.

Propagation Station

This is #1 bullshit


Gina was the one that REJECTED the UFC. Being in the film industry pays way more

Young Kwak

Turf motel if thats not hood as fuck

Ssj Miggs

I don’t care what people say aleksander was smooth af straight animal

josh jackson


Roy Stroble

You sound like a young Joe Rogan


This guy sounds like Joe rogan

Richard Calderon

Sexy babe 10:24 she's hot I won't pull out guess am going be a daddy lol

Sabeeh umar

dyna white


To be fair Cyborg absolutely does look like a walking female steroid. Also to be fair Brock Lesner looks like the poster child for hgh and estrogen blockers and he was allowed to fight.

nunyu buz

This is number one bullshit. ...I need that on a shirt.


askren did fight for the UFC

Tokyo San

King Mo is the racist, he has a well documented history of crying racism at the slightest hint of something not going his way. Woodley is his protege.


Tip: Just say: " Seven fight winning streak." Saying "Undefeated winning streak" is stupid.

Jesus Jose

Gina is so sexy

Garrett Wisniewski

Bobby lashley really could have been successful in ufc


Ok, so they rejected these people but signed on CM Punk? Why


That’s a Man... Baby

Scott DesRosiers

Fedor is MMA's Tyson. A can crusher, but Fedor had the advantage of Yakuza and Russian mafia money.


P.s. Dana white is a chump POS

Dollar cost Backpacker

Cris cyborg is a man.

Zachary Devan

Rondas got nothing on Gina.


UFC also rejected bill wallace


A white woman asks a black man who is a professional athlete if he speaks English and if he can read.. He calls her racist. That's just facts.


Man as I know, CRIS CYBORG and FEFOR EMELIANENKO had a match at UFC. They had a match.

Jess McKinney

Dana White saying Chris Cyborg looks like Vanderlei SIlva......I can't unsee that now....thanks again!

Judge jimbo Browntown

Gina the hottest girl fighter

William Don

Sounds like joe rogan

John Teixeira

Bro you called Cyborg FEMALE. Like I get saying woman, whatever, but female is a biological classification...


Ben Askren

Jr Arzadon

The noisy handsaw additionally annoy because tea micrencephaly flower following a sour coffee. guttural H habitual, hateful cry

Hayden Hamshire

Ben askren now in 2020


Gina went on to be on The Mandalorian :)

Chasity Dove

The neat committee summatively love because crow chemically fancy inside a squeamish golf. cute, knowledgeable security


I like this channel but the political correctness is a bit too much sometimes. Like criticizing Rogan and Hinchcliffe for making fun of Cyborg ... Its not like its their job to make fun of people...


Video is a bit out of date, out to link an update

Zorobabel Maderazo

Dana can't reject McGregor even he does a lot of bullshit because he is money that's Dana money face..he can't handle the fact....wahahahah just saying...

autotuned duck

a "sleeping pill" addiction ? lol wtf is that dude was addicted to unisom?


god dana is so dumb not letting these guys in the ufc I mean they break all kinds of records like fastest knockout in ufc history at 5 seconds and wanderlei silva losing to the baddest women on the planet...

Matthew Dave

Gina Carano is such a pretty face tho.


10 fighters rejected yet a few of them still thought in the UFC

Dead Man

Filho and Jones are proof that cocaine is a hell of a drug....

performance enhancing drug.

Schäfer G.

UFC is a huge scam. Yeah, boxing can suck something, and some might say there’s a lot of belts. BUT these organizations keep boxing from being a solo monopoly. Dana is literally the promoter and organization owner. It’s like if boxing only just had the WBA, and Don King was in charge of it AND the fighters.

Stoned Mountain Unicorn

That ending was abrupt, if i'm beeing honest

b Rootles

Dana - “she is the hardest fucking athlete we have ever dealt with.”

*Kris Cyborg has entered the chat

Dana - surprised Pikachu face

seri katil

Christ Cyborg isn't female, it's a biologically born male and should be illegal. You cannot change your biology, DNA, genes and you'll always be what you were born as.

Vinicius Anacleto

UFC is totally partial, what is ridiculous, what i expect from this type of entertainment is THE BEST is the BEST, nothing like, i like this fighter and i don't like this one By: Manager DW.
he should be impartial, and now i really don't get excited anymore about UFC.
is looking way more like WWE. all fake with blood.

Piss Out LeWindow

they refused me cos ther shite scared


Gina or meisha, I’ll be playing pocket pool either way.

Max F

Just goes to show, MMA legacies live and die by performance inside of of the UFC, or lack thereof.


5:46 Yo what is that bump on that dudes back.

lead 4s

i want a 3 some with gina and meisha