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7:46 rip the children's eyes

Leslie Taylor

Ohh that memory of water going up your nose.. you can feel some of these


fat people....


7:53 attempted murder... Not a fail more like a court day for that idiot coming up

Carlos Ramos Condori

Castigando, cuerpo soltero.

Troy Young

What did the demoncrate say before she died?Hey everybody watch this!

Jeremy Brown

There are way to many people think this is funny... really shows how many people dont think about what can happen when stupid wins in thought. Alot of these people are lucky to be alive and some not so sure cause camera pulls away not a good sign..

Christopher Robert

7:54 That dude is a total douche bag. WTF

Christian Floyd

5:23 We all did this as a kid.

Paul Worsley

The fat girl btw

serG Gorj the madness of the brave we sing a song!

Ainur Ibragimov

I like to watch people try to die

DS 1

1:13 - one of the most pathetic attempts to enter water ever


aqui se ve lo estupida que es la humanidad.


7:00 русские рулят ^

Frankie Chileman

Now I understand the definition of stupid

Ivan Rodriguez

Q eso me gusta f de huste

ggf cfhvyy

white people fun, i see...


Ima juggler in heart :D

Ivan Rodriguez

Seleve pero esta bien

Hi Ban

1:53 Cracked the eggs

Ivan Rodriguez

Buen crabado

Nienke Konings

Hi, My name is Nienke, I am working for the Dutch program Studio Snugger, it’s an educational program for kids between 6 and 8. We use funny videos in our program. I found your video and I would like to use some clips of this video to the kids! Could you give us permission to use them? That would be great. Thank you so much! :)


8:50. Dont bet with yer kids assholes :D

Xiaowei Dai

So boring

Ivan Rodriguez

Huste no sale en videos q ver salga a ver q pasa

Danielle Tessier

You all are so stupid sometimes I just want to yell at these people to tell them they need stop and think what they are doing

Rich Jireh Son


Teh Sweater Bruhs

Those two screams are literally the same voice line


Don’t dive off rocks etc.. as for a moment of fun can land u a lifetime paralysed or dead

Laura Turotti

9:39 is my prof

Leo Gulmark

Funny game

lobo solitario

Solo estupideces !!!


That's what happens when you weigh more than your jetski! Try some physical exercise!

Fred Reddies


Gregory Schmidt

Some of these should be titled, "Why women live longer than men."

Jj Holloman

5:24 I lost it when he started running

Ivan Rodriguez

Q paso con la Hermosa

Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

most of this bs cn be blamed on being to FAT 4 SPORTS!

Rollo Tomassi

Can we skip the clips where people could really seriously hurt themselves. Not funny.

Jim Rasch

some of these are just not complete without the x-rays

Kris Frederick I paused it. I still don't know how.

peter golding

More fat people looking ridiculous

Lionel Pilcher

You can hear the pain in some of these videos.! NOT FUNNY. CHANGE THE NAME TO SOMETIMES FUNNY, SOMETIMES PAINFUL


Абсолютно никто


Must funniest 5.25


Dudes yelling at another dude in Russian... Oh this is gonna be good...


7:53 Nearly broke his neck, not a lot funny about that.

Keven Carson

Why do I feel like a Kid when I laugh at this?

claude wernert

What is highly dangerous ? a drunk Russian Lada driver...

Alex H

Darwin will be seeing a lot of these people in the near future

Michael McAninch


Ron Vitug

The one with the baby is an irresponsible parent. Others just stupid

Ivan Rodriguez

Sr q ver su traje de baño

Ayad Orator

Nestor Rosado Rios


grozbeek mose

This is a royal mess.

Jon Dunmore

2:30 -- Someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FUCKEN KILL ME before I get that old.

large biff

How has the human race managed to last this long?

melisa xx

i laughed so hard at this is accidently swollowed my gum


Funny video.

Vincent Cooper

Using the F word on a family view. Not good.

Logan Creed

1:07 she sounds like the chicken that Peter Griffin fights!

CutePsiPsi X

Ja sie zastanawiam czy jestem tutaj jedyna polka jezeli nie to

Ivan Rodriguez

Mami rico

Carla Bruno

que engraçado gostei

gabe o.

Freeze on 10:08.... is the scariest!!!

itamar chiamolera


ross mummery


Luong Ho

Funny summer

Ivan Rodriguez

Estas buena lo sabias

The Roof

1:11 no one, absolutely no one...

Lone Wolf 101

There's nothing funny with an elderly woman trying to get up the stairs and falling. Just stupid.

Сергей Галицин

Super! Oscar!)

Mike Baucom

the worst video ever

Al Nonymous

6:12 Let's not and say you did.

Ivan Rodriguez


Anna Greiner

Nobody is talking about 0:34 are you kidding me

Anna Greiner

He literally hit that cement is he actually ok

Walter Pakr

Könnt ihr bitte nicht mehr so viel wackeln wenn ihr ein Video drehen wollt

Cat Man

Sumbody gonna git hurt ☠️

Jason Cobb

These were less funny and more painful


1:25 So funny


Isn’t summer great , the dude on the jet ski tho ,


lol i have a super funny picture, the guy who was doing them just came out of nowhere and scared me so i fell : in the picture you can just see me in the middle of the air lol hahaha

Live News USA

2 jeeps 1 rock... my money will always be on the rock.



Ron B

fat people, a constant source of entertainment.

glaxo welcome

The idiot cutting the tree down at 9:13, if the tree didn't fall into the pool it was just as likely to fall on his truck. How stupid can you be?

Independent Thinker

Who let these idiots out of their cage?

James W.

Bite me.

Roystan Dsouza

Ivan Rodriguez

Q madraso se dio la mamasit

Brayden Warren

6:59 gopnicks doing gopnick things

michael compton

"Did you pop it? " No I just let the air out extremely fast ! Duhh !!


The trashy pucker up photo shoot was the best one ⚽️

juan carlos zaragoza

The same old cuts everywhere and the same old fool-ups , bad flip, broken trampolin, slippery floor, belly dive, wackala

Карп Молчун


Go on,...........break a bone

Moon. Lxght.

1:37 Double strike