Top 10 Rarest Knockouts in MMA

Top 10 Rarest Knockouts in MMA

2 327 108 views | 6 Jan. 2021

The history of mixed martial arts, giving fighters full creative freedom, is rich in unique techniques and outstanding fight finishes. Today we have put together a collection of unforgettable knockouts that were obtained by the fighters using special techniques, ranked by the uniqueness of the strike combined with the intensity of the fight...

Youin Anotherform

This video was made in 2021, and doesn't include Buckley? Get the fuck out.

Lancer Evo

The "two rotation tornado kick" killed me

Sţëvë Bëţţčhëř

MVP is arrogant, & full of himself, always has been. He's a victim of his own personality, period.

Piiineal Gland

From 9:00 to 11:03 so crucial

Punchdrunk Dreamêr


Shaya Greenfield

Is it impossible for these people to get a narrator that sounds like he's at least seen an MMA match before? Holy shit that was bad.

Bawston Bred Beantowns finest

"nick diaz considered the one of the best boxers in mma over the last decade in a half" hasnt fought in mma over five years fought only 6 times in the last ten years.

marcus knox

The MMA......... Fuck me this is hilarious. And yes. MMA is a far more superior sport to boxing. Get over it ya fucks!

Geraldo McKenzie

I hear that voice-over, I'm out.


Notice how gaethje does the roll on the buzzer.its very smart bc even if he lands wrong the round is over.

Davey Stayn

Who doesn't love a superman punch

Silent Hashassin

The way the first guy just stood there after the hurricane kick was almost godlike.

Marcus Vanick

Elbow roundhouse??

Les Grossman

I think if you refer to MMA as "The MMA" it's possible you shouldn't be commentating on the sport.

Jason Rosati

Awesome compilation.

Nick Kelly

This video reminds me of a B- grade high-school presentation that was clearly done the night before it was due.

habermath Park

Kim dong hyun is korean. not chinese.




great video but be carreful how you guys name technic

Anthony Townsend

Too much talking, I was hoping to just see the finishes. Not really interested hearing a lecture on the history of MMA right now. Thanks all the same.

john smith

a 58 minute advert about a uk bare knuckle fighter during this video.


Hands down the worst video on "the mma" I've ever watched.....this guy was just throwing together names like they mean something

jack w

This guy knows nothing about mma robbie Lawler is far from a 'basic wrestler' he was the champion of a wrestler dominated weight division fml

Faizal A.K.A Payjal

"The MMA"

Asheru 92

This sport is brutal and should not be legalized

Сергей Панкратов

Русские самые сильные!



Biển Quảng Ngãi

Chắc mình tôi vietnamese



john m

I’ll admit phantom punch does sound cooler then a check hook

Ray c

Welcome to "the MMA".

mattias olsson

Holy heck that goodridge crucifix elbow KO - does it have a name???

Ivo Malecs

Nick, The Ass


Loved how each fighter was given a backstory and a small highlight reel

Aditya Zuhdi

Kim is not chinese dude



Noel Jones

At 5:01 that Joe Stevenson, not Jeremy Stephens.


hahaha you GOTTA stop calling it "The MMA" .... you're killing me here.

adder mc

This first fighter which he is an awesome fighter, but his show-boating, disrespect to his opponent is why he's still not a more popular fighter. Typical trash.

Fibonaldo Winner- Em Busca da Consistência OB&FX

4:00 jajajajaja

Pierre Antione Rogers Sr.

For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

J Berg

Who the fook wrote this shite?!

mercifull siddiqui

12:55 Dustin not only obsorbed Justin's deady kicks but also managed to knock him down in the next round...


"the mma"

Tristan Patterson

"The MMA" lol

Big Papa

I just wanted to see the 10 knockouts, didn't need a character run down of Michael Page at the start, lost interest almost 2 minutes in because I'm yet to see any 'rare' knockouts

tom t

@ 10:55 the def of " you're fucked "

katazo sinuma

i love the narrators voice...what's his Name???please

Ayugeti The Green Lantern

Nobody calls MVP "Venom" the amount of cringe...

Matt Tammaro

The good ole low kick scissors, got to watch out for those

Amos Zweig

why is everybody giving this guy shit?? This video was awesome!

Hi there

Does anyone really care about this?

Gage Robbins

Wait a second! This isn't boxing


Covardia bater quando o adversário está no chão.

Азамат Муратов

Некрасивеее не видел давненько

Banito Blake

Michael Page aka "Venom" wallet say ,

Eric Angutiqjuaq

You do not want to get on their bad side.

Don't say literally

Expected to see Matt Lindland knock himself out, don't get much rarer than that

John Murray

“In the MMA”


"in the MMA" c'mon man...

Mike D

Do your homework!!! WTF!?!?!?

Collins Johnson

The ambiguous okra focally haunt because parentheses acromegaly moan toward a overjoyed instruction. white, adamant witness

Ryan Sambo

This toothbrush was made by a well known dentist

Muhammad Mulyadi

I love Khabib

Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

So rare there are 10 (top 10) of them.

emperorninjakingruler Berkeley

Special techniques lol

Wei-Lim Lee

It’s like I’m listening to my dad badly try to figure out the terminology as he’s improvising a script

livi moruela

The craven decimal undeniably hug because parcel provisionally head atop a gray greasy great copyright. grateful gratis, stereotyped april

phillip hanna

Oh the mma I love the mma, the mma is so very good the mma is..................

laila big eyes

''Nock the cheeky grim off hes face'' that comenter is hilarius

OLI2310 Roli

Douglas Lima catch POKEMON


It's not "The MMA". It's simply "MMA".


Great Videos!
My little once's get so much discipline from watching this kind of stuff!

Chadwick McCarty

Thumbs down for not including Joaquin Buckley's 2020 knockout kick.


Big daddy is crazyyyy

steve hope

great vid. keep them coming.


I would bet yair got his scissor kick from soccer and many more

Dale Jones

THE mma

Sandou Mir

In the Netherlands, we have a commentator who actually does talk like this which makes it impossible to watch before getting aggrevated beyond being able to continue watching. He is literally causing people to pirate the stuff. At least the UFC stopped allowing him in. "legkick to the head". "this is the third and probably final round" . "Round 1, Stanza 2. Couplet 3". a stage left when it's a right but the fighter is facing us. Just narrating a wikipedia entry (no really, verbatim reading it out loud including headers) of a fighter while he is being KO'ed but will not stop reading the page. This channel is actually a step up. That's how bad he is.

jacob rizos

"spinning tornado punch"
"in the MMA"

rory luukas

"The MMA"

fatah Ali

And the best knock out goes to lima

Brittany P

Phantom punch is a punch that doesn't land but the opponent takes a dive.

Lil SodaMilk

Micheal page did karate and kickboxing ,, he also did point karate

Tony H

17:03 Two-rotation Tornado Puuuuuuunch!

T Taylor

Youtube is the new fascist


The most effective strikes are when you make your offense look as elaborate as possible only to do a standard attack. 17:18 is a perfect example. Those spins were not part of any attack, he just did them to confuse his opponent so his standard punch would land unopposed. Also raising a leg during those spins spelled 'mid roundhouse kick' only for there to be no kick at all.

Sloppyballs McGuillicutty

13:46 never heard a commentator cuss before. I actually laughed.


nakakatakot yong mga taong to

Neiko Alexis

Elbow roundhouse? We usually just say spinning elbow

Itsya Boi

Its joe daddy stevenson not Jeremy little heathen Stephens

Muhamad Aditya Pratama

Mma stupid wwe gods

Dice The true block heads

Big daddy’s a fucking legend

Lifes Alright

Holy shit some of these refs are terrible. Letting some of them get hit 5 or 6 more times after being knocked out

sam theman

"And for most of them, the fighter, ⱼᵤₛₜᵢₙ Gₐₑₜₕⱼₑ, is responsible"

Callum S J Abraham

13:51 "Ohh Sh*t"
The knockout was so beautiful he commentators brain went blank for a second

Panama Red

So...left hooks?

Mally Martin

What’s with this dude and “the mma”???


Absolutely loved the compilation! Thank you for your effort, keep them coming!

asulu puri