20 Stupid Minecraft Things that Actually Work

20 Stupid Minecraft Things that Actually Work

1 590 366 views | 27 Dec. 2020

20 Stupid Minecraft Things that Actually Work! Minecraft is full of crazy ideas and concepts, which means that sometimes even the weirdest ideas can work out. From a cake ladder to using sea pickles for item sorting, and more, let's look at some of the dumbest ideas that actually work in Minecraft. These Minecraft 1.16 stupid things in minecraft can actually work, and some of them do surprisingly well. So let's see what we can pull off today in this Skip the Tutorial list video.

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Edited by Jeenneette Wolfe

Footage collected in part by Frankie Mundo


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Minecraft: The Ever-Changing Maze [True Random Labyrinth]


Minecraft Space Mountain Disneyland (2020)



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When i did the boat on a minecart it not work anymore

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the cake stairs is gone. why? stampy ate them :)

Not taylor. Banana.

" Foxes are normal- "
Me, with the xbox 360: " There ae foxes in mincraft?!"


I like the animal crossing music


For the minecraft with boat put any mob and it move forever without a track (flat world only)

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Me crying in bedrock

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please say there is a way to download this map


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i like how these videos mention so much dumb stuff with minecraft but not a single one mentions how kelp is a self-sustaining food and fuel source. i broke an entire server’s economy once using it.

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That's why I like foxes holding swords. It reminds me of zacian

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you're assuming i know how to make item sorters and other redstone things

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Cat astrophe is a joke in king of the hill (FOX, 1997-2009, SYND 1997-2011)


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the soul sand doesnt work on bedrock?


It's def a Sif cosplay from Dark Souls 1

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So proud that i already knowed half of these things ;-;
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3:58 Hmmm A Land Water Boat Perhaps


ive had a super smelter ive used the whole play through and never opened it

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cake ladder is literally doom engine logic. just look at the damn thing that's a doomladder.

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The thumbnail is almost clickbait

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"Average Human reaction time is 0.25 seconds" That's cap. Just ask anyone who's played a E+ modded Beat Saber map.

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20 Minecraft bugs that Mojang thinks they're too stupid and funny to patch

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these videos are getting more useless by the day
i knew everything in this one again

El ardigordi espacial

In 1.13 uptdate there is a glitch: make a door (any type) place it at the same time you throw it, you will get an invisible and unbrekable pannel, the only way to quit it is breakin it in creative or place a doo on his hit box.

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If I’m correct you can Put your speed at 200


9:59 I jumped backwards thinking you were a bug i almost smacked my phone... Lol

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How do you do shaders in minecraft i want my world to look realistic or is that the wrong mod?

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I like that i actually didn't know at least half that stuff unlike other videos that show u things everyone already knows

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... Lol, that last one with the door is something I always did... but only because I liked the asthetic better.



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Did I hear the Animal Crossing New Year music at the very end there



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too bad dolphin's grace isn't in java

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I can’t concentrate on Minecraft when you keep using Animal Crossing music in the bg XD


In regards to the cat on the chest: Is it really a good lock for a chest if it can be murdered?

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Anothet trick is to place a button on the block you want to duplicate and then put a piston and just activate the piston

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Imagine putting thorns netherite armor on a wandering trader and putting him in your friend’s base

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the chicken fox one worked but the fox dropped the sword

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