UFC 256: Final Face Offs

UFC 256: Final Face Offs

217 597 views | 11 Dec. 2020

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Tony Ferguson the type of guy to give Dana a title shot.

Matty G

Tony's looking like he's in alot better condition and more focused than his fight with gaethje.

South Bay 408

Charles look like if Tony went to the beach got a tan came back to weigh in


Moreno lost already

Ayumi K

I'm sure it's a good fight

Zach Fury

How is Tony and Charles not the main event??

Muhammed Neumann

2:12eeh ! no WOOOOOOOOOOOO ! :(

vincent vallo

Demnnnn! Co main event aree twins!

Pedro Israel Chavez

1:58 crazy!! It’s like they’re looking in a mirror.

Yassin Joubli

Brazilian fast twitching muscles vs mexican chin who wins?


Tony is the type of guy to fight his own clone

Jirka xxx

Dayum Mr.Figureido looks like he want to kill him!


Let's be real here, Tony/Oliviera is the main event.

xjoshsauce !

that guy doing the heart thing look like he already lost

Bellicose 20

Kevin "you have nice eyes" holland

Tikka Masala

Tony has some skinny ass wrists and some bigass hands wtf LOL

OG Video Games

I can't believe Tony is still able to fight after that last fight with Justin. Props to Tony.

Filip Paul

Tony vs Area 51 Cloning Department

Charles Elkofairi

I think tony will loose this one as well. Hope he doesn't he deserve a shot at the belt again

Steel Flex

Like I said, he’s done!

Lee Shaw

Did anyone else catch the Dana White covid-19 cough at the end of that bahahaha

Erik Scott

Ryu vs evil ryu

huawei wei

Both tony oliviera show respect

Shay Thiele

I’m kinda over the whole wearing sunglasses inside to look cool thing

C R7

Who Is Here That Charles Oliveira Destroyed Tony.

marksman issa

two weidos afraid to look each othe in the eyes

jay schoeller

Tony looked in the mirror for a sec


Let's go Tony !!!

Varun Pandey

So basically Tony vs Tanned Tony


Tony Ferguson the type of guy to shake his own hand at a face off

Barhead 1966

Dana White vs a bowl of spaghetti

Firdaus Impian

Ufc not same anymore after khabib retirement

Anthony Fiasco

Tony's the type of person to create himself in UFC 4 and name him Charles Oliveira

Jack Daniels

The real main event, Tony and Olivera.


Guess we got ourselves a mirror match


They even wearing the same glasses lmfao


Dana looking like a proud dad lmao

Phil Campbell

Are they fkn twins. Wtf

Clinton Swart

It's going to be Amazing!!

Rizwan Khan

Tony ferguson vs Tony ferguson

sSi RooRoo

I thought the tony fight was the main card lol

The Last Saint

Blonde hair Tony from alternate version


How are people comparing Tony to Charles? They're not exactly alike. The only similarity is that they're both skinny.


Why do they come on from different sides but have to leave the same way? Makes no sense

André Gondar

why is no one talking about figueiredo ignoring danas handshake?lmao

Omar El-Rasheedy

Who thought it was a good idea to put the midgets on a main event over tony??? or dos anjos??

Drop Kick Murphy00

Tony's the real main card on this bill

Donald Trump But If He Was Cool

Why are people saying tony and charles are the same? Tony breaks people and oliveira submits people. Theyre both different in the way they plan to win the fight. Tony goes in and makes it ugly. Charles is very technical and smooth the best jiu jitsu ive seen thus far. Also, tonys cheekbones are the shit! Badass face he got. Anyway cant wait for this fucking fight. Main event got nothing compared to the co-main!

Emanuel Marquez

Tony and Charles look like twins lol

Trevor Campbell

The 49 People who disliked the face off need to slap themselves

raja hindustani

Tony is type of guy .even aliens are scared of him

Daddy Dana

Poor Dana


el cucuy vs chupacabra boraaaaa!!!!


“Only person that can defeat you is yourself”
Tony vs Charles : Well.... shit

James Quinn

As usual Tony is being overhyped like Michael Johnson and gaethje haven’t pieced him up already! I like Tony but he gets finished in this fight badly

Herahadi A.N.

man... is that realy tony? and his fight is not the main card?

A Very Hairy Canary

waiting for all these mma meme channels to use figuredo blowing off danas hanshake lol

Mohammad ALshammari

2:32 oh no, not again my dear Dana.

mitesh gawali

Both are tony...

Anybody wins it’s tony

dat boi

Mexican tony vs Brazilian tony.
Lol.. they also both wearing a sunglass indoor.. -_-

suzuki ltz

They cloned Tony.

Law and order

What if charles oliveira was the one that scared Dana this time

Mathias Nowts

Dana "TRT" White


I have to say it again Dana don't make the fighters walk the same way off the stage jesus

Eser Turan

That moment when 2 Tony mains face each other and 1 Tony uses classic skin, while the other uses custom preset

John O'Neill

Face Offs are the best part.

Limited Infinity

Figueredo Fighter of the Year 2020


Surprisingly I just get to know that Charles is actually Tony long lost younger brother with the same mother but different father .

Thatt Guy

tony won .. you frame by frame that encounter look at the 2nd hand shake vs the 1st , tonys demeaner never changed but charles smug expression changes on the second exchange were this time tony grabs him also , and charles is the 1st to let go and look away.. i predict tony to win base on that exchange ..

Sheikh Zayed

Justin humbled tony he is not behaving stupid now.. great

Jesse Delgado

Moreno is gonna get ko!
Poor guy!

Okie Mick

I thought that was "The Answer" at 1:33...

Guilherme Almeida

Brendo Moreno nem conseguiu olhar pro Deivison,o cara intimidou ele kkkkkk

Andrew Farley


J Mich

Ferguson fight is the people’s main event let’s be real

Dennis Darwisy

Tony and charles is what happens when you pick the same characters in a fighting game.

Dario Bonk

I was hoping Tony would scare Dana with another "Wooooo!" at the face off

B2D Eagle

This card is gonna be sick!!!

Nuno Moniz

I thought they were both blind

Racked Up Bubba

1,2 El CuCuys coming to floor you.

Eder Z

Make no mistake moreno is from Tijuana one of the bloodiest streets in Mexico. This will be a war indeed, fig looking too much past him.


Ferguson is a washed up bum at this point just like Camilla McGregor

TheFireballMan Fireball

Dudes face is shredded as well lol

Otabek G'afurov

Kevin hollond

mohamed shoaib

Tony not looking confident this time

Cristian Barbosa

Tony Ferguson the type of guy to wear glasses in the shower


I'm rooting for my idol Tony Elcucu Ferguson wish him all the best and get back his title


FiGA!! bad ass gonna be great main events lets go!!

Sajid Hasan

Didnt end well for tony

Dr Dre 3009

Tony lost both his fights coz he did not do his signature move called "whooooo" that scared the shit outta Dana during face offs

Jacques Nomdefamille

Dude looks like a younger Fergusson, haven't seen him fight yet but I hope Tony isn't over his head on this one. Would be a sad end to his career.

Tai s

Lol tony came in like lighting

Ash Rios

This is the first time i’ve seen Tony Ferguson being so polite ahaha

Munir Romodan

Who’s here after tony lost?


If fergusens legs take the beating his head did last fight...wow...should be a good fight

mohamed shoaib

I like how dana only licked his lips before McKenzie dern came to the stage

Marley Hendrixx

Mackenzie Dern is so gorgeus

andrew medeiros

Figureido lookin like he wants to snatch somebody’s soul

Scott Cross

Brandon is about to meet a killer in the ring. He’s done