What Smelting COULD Have Been... (Minecraft 1.14 Update Datapack)

What Smelting COULD Have Been... (Minecraft 1.14 Update Datapack)

950 955 views | 14 Nov. 2018

The Crafting Update that Minecraft 1.14 COULD have had!

Blue Cloud

what version does the data pack work on

Kelly Walker

make the special a cyclone

Robert Yobe

Can you add multiple potions to a weapon?

tre mdx

i tried it didnt work i put 1.14 still

BekaBerserk _

Did anyone else notice the double sided axe had lower speed and higher damage . . ?

Edit: timestamp 12:58

Narelle McMahon

Guess what I am in minecraft.1.4


where is the data pack??

Matthew Gantt

My kiddo wants this pack for the Switch but we can’t find it on the Minecraft downloads section. Little help?

Kaden Playz57

Heavy sword should deal 50 attack damage

Gathered Storm

Heavy swords should stun enemies and do more damage.
The katanas should have quicker attack speed than normal swords and still block arrows.
Iron-gold alloys should allow the item to get better enchantments and be more efficient but not as much as normal gold so it would be slightly lower durability than an iron sword but higher than gold and the enchantments should be better than what you can get on iron but not as good as on gold so that’s how iron-gold alloys would work.
Double sided axes should have slower attack speed but do more damage and slow down enemies.
Sickles when used as a weapon should pull enemies towards you.



Hayden Ryu

no one noticed that the double axe had 9 damage instead of 7

I collect Lego !!!

Logdotzip called lava cauldrons

Joshua Geldenhuys

Give the big sword a large amount of knock-back due to it’s size

Roman Pumpelly

its not grass fed meat

its meat fed grass

John Reynolds

Hello I’m from the future this is irrelevant I just wanted to ay that

Gato Gaminho

you can just use tinkers


So.. Tinker's Construct lmao

Finn Birnel

this is Minecraft dungeons!

BreakLuck Springs


Ty Harr

Why can’t we have a throwable hammer????? Logdotzip

Undertalefan2021 Yeet

Logdotzip sorry to bother you but i do not see the link to the datapack.

Micah Proulx

Question: so the lava bottle can hold lava, but if you throw the lava bottle in lava it burns...

Tomato Narrates

Please stop spoiling the video at the very beginning


Best datapack, Honestly horrible balancing, its a great idea in theory, though.

tomy Tung

where's the discription

Guarina Garcia

Please make a more ores datapack that goes alongside with the forgery datapack

BlazeFire MC

Should be demon schythes using netherite

Dr. Ismail Azad

Make like end sword ⚔️ an armor and tols


I already made a double sided axe without the datapack im pocket edition

Super creeper 64

This is 2020

Andrico Venter

Knah deluod ds

Daniel Robinson

Creeper mode

The Carnivorous Toe


Hashirama Senju

Hayyyyy whatsgoaynan gaaayyzz laagdaatzip heeyyyr

Jantzen De Jesus

I have a problem of the datapack when I drop iron nothing works why?

Roba di Leo Leo

I can't seem to get the database

Do you Know da way

He didn't do the ultimate axe

Epic Boy

Whos in 2020

Balreddy Angiti

Spin around too fast in Minecraft you get the dizzy effect can you add that to your game please


where can i get the datapack?

Jerzeel Alingco

Change the name of the heavy sword to thicc sword

Guarina Garcia

if i see a data pack or mod......I DOWNLOAD IT

Crystal Glover


MP3Martin dev

me laughting when 1.17 exists

moaeiy marin

Serious. Blockson why you don't put the Alex the world free the song One play and I'll just put my headphones into the PlayStation please logdotzip please do it to I can play and everybody play everybody is some people don't know how to get Minecraft tickets

Cherry Guidry

When it when you would hold the heavy sword it would give you slowness you know since it's heavy please please please please please please please please

Tiny brine Playz

6 lava bottles 2 nether rocks 1 Heavy Sword=Fire gods Heavy Sword Burrrrnnn

Волк Webster

My Uncle works with metal

Yihong Liu

Netherrite sword has joined the chat.


Sword - Nothing special
Axe - Nothing special
Katana - Swing to deflect arrows back at the enemy instead of destroying them completely, easier to deflect Ghast fireballs, less damage but faster attack speed
Double axe - More damage and special attack damage, slower attack speed
Heavy sword - Bigger sweep, more damage, slower attack speed
Sickle - Less damage, but more yield from small plants, can break cobwebs quickly
Hammer - Insane amount of damage and knockback, extremely slow attack speed

Ahmed Firash

Tyler: Grass will grow porkcholps
Every vegan out there: triggered

Oliver frigoles2


John Hotchkiss

My son really wants this datapack. How does he get it?

[Leon Kuwata,Ultimate Baseball Star] -

Instructions unclear
Dragged world into data pack,lost everything

Quíron Arcângelo Soares

Wait hammer and sickle? Are you comunist?

Naya Furuyama


Crystal Glover


Mine Smith

it sounds like minecraft dungeons


Me: Throws 2 Iron Ingots, 2 Gold Ingots, Poison Potion and Ender Pearl in a Heavy Sword Mold*
Also me: Now this is what I call EPIC


Hi bey

Cassandra Blevins

LogGodzip You are an awesome YouTuber


I want a forging update XD

Leonard Wee

Why not leather,stone and diamond?

Jessica Zhang

it slow you down but does 10x more damage


26-22=4 not 5 8:03

Jack Schumann

Heavy swords should have higher attack damage, but be slower


You gotta do more datapacks showcases the ones you show have so much content compared to what people do with them

Erubian Warlord

there is no link


The Double sided Axe can do double the damage of a normal Axe by just doing a critical hit.

jeff the killer

Every sword has a chance of defeating mobs in one hit and cutting them in half

The Holcomb and Backus family channel

Hammer Sickle? Is there communisim in this video?

2026 Oscar Fuszard

I’d love to have a poison tipped gold katana

Beth Bush



Now im disappointed


So let me get this straight, you use lava to melt down iron, by getting lava in a bucket.... made of iron... and then use said iron bucket to scoop out molten iron

DoubleX Alchemist

I think heavy sword should do extra damage

Beth Bush

I agree with tyler but it also should do a slowness effect at the enemy

BlazeFire MC

Mincraft lava filled couldrins are allready in bedrock


i like the alloy katana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moaeiy marin

Logdotzip please make your world Alex the world

Ultimate Legos

2:31 did some mining off camera


This is real smelting

Brandon Hosang

Same with the heavy sword

Cherry Guidry

Please please please please please read it please I really want you to do some ( research) about it please please please please please

King robot Gaming

Heavy sword:it makes you walk slower when holding it but deals more damage and has a chance of making a mob drop twice the loot

Corey Mango

How to get this datapack

Cassandra Blevins

Some video but how do you get the data pack



Oscar D Winchester.

You didn't put the downloads in the description?


I hope you all enjoy this video!! You can all get this datapack, the link is in the description! If you have any ideas for the heavy sword and double sided axe let us know in the comment section!

gustav Petersen

I cant find the data pack

David Vannoster

logdotzip there was a sign

Muhammad Imran

Did any one noticed his shirt changed from white from black a little time after the begining.like plz

moaeiy marin

free please

king unicorn

Would of been better if when you were talking to the dispenser about flowers if you would have said violence is not the answer violets are


I cant see the link

Cherry Guidry

And there would be if you want to do like edited anything like the sword the axe double-sided axe pickaxe and you would have a I know you would have to get two anvils and place the first one down and the second one that you rename 2nd anvil to Advanced anvil and you could edit it with north south east west north east north west south west and Southeast

Lucas Leeds

Did any one notice the double sided axe dose nine damage

The Hafizha

Link nya yg mna bang