Steve Nash has the toughest job in American sports right now - Paul Pierce | The Jump

Steve Nash has the toughest job in American sports right now - Paul Pierce | The Jump

66 937 views | 15 Jan. 2021

Rachel Nichols, David Fizdale and Paul Pierce head to "Crunch Time," reacting to Portland Trail Blazers big man Jusuf Nurkic breaking his wrist, and discussing whether Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash has an easier or harder job with James Harden now playing alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

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Cedric Frazier

No he don't..eazy breezy..night in night out..just pull kyrie by his collar that's it..

William Linnenburger

Teach them to play the triangle offense

Bumblin’ Biden

Here’s what you do......all three of them get three games in a row to hit the shot at the end of each quarter 12 defining shots. rotate every three the end of the regular season we tally up who had the most end of quarter makes and that’s who’s taking the final shot in the playoffs.

Tony JR

They shouldn't lose not one game


I predict Irving or Harden will pull a Robert Horry, and throw a towel in Nash's face in order to force a trade. SMH

juan esteban arias gongora

I agree...


Did they even as Nash if he wanted harden?

Dale Gribble

Hatin azz ESPN

John Ellis

I'm about 99.9999% positive someone told Rachel to ✔ Paul for that comment about having the hardest job in America right now....we all knew what he meant, but unfortunately society will say he's being insensitive to what's going in the world right now.

Elijah Wood

Lmao Rachel got the producer in her ear telling her to shut Paul up.

Life Is My Opportunity - Channel

Due to the pandemic I lost my job.
As a result I started this channel, now my job is to inspire the world

Discreet Millionaire

Crazy part yusef still went for the block.....that's how you play the game

Mont S

American sports lady

Mike A

Toughest job in America


Yeah. Coaching 3 top players is sooo unfortunate


companies like espn love to make black people look like clowns for excitement and higher ratings. stephen a and paul pierce are great examples

Donovan Todd

Another of paul's "piercing" proclamations

Nick Morning star

Tom cruise now a head coach hahaha


Racheal is such a nit picker


..." Well...we're...Gonna Do...' This '...& next Game ...we're...Gonna do ' That ' " ..WOW...SUCH INSIGHTFUL ANALYSIS..of NOTHINGNESS

Thirty-Three Hip Hop

They will learn what LeBron learned...year 1 of a super team is a trial run. They won't get it done!

Angel Sanjuan

Maneeeee if i was the coach I’ll just let them do they thang

Sosa Boomin

Love -Thy Human

Loool do these people see what is going on in the nation but the again it’s Paul pierce what you expect

Sincere living

They will beat the LAKERS in a 7 game series, it’s just to much firepower and DJ can lock up the paint !!

Yugdeep Singh

agreed. steve nash make it work or else nets are a laughing stock

Edward Fitzgerald

No he doesn't

John50 Beach

Toughest job in american sports right now is whoever they hire to clean their facilities every 15 minutes to meet covid guidelines lol

Ryan Kennedy

People read the title. It says hardest job in SPORTS.

LeeTravius Mckay

Toughest job in America

I i

With kyrie, nothing gonna work. Loool

daniel tatum

Rachel tried to check paul him


and now kyrie will play, huh?

BigBody Gaming

I wonder if Stephen A still thinks this is a dream job that a Black coach deserved and was robbed of.

Anirudh Kasba

So kyrie is playing tmr right?

Tou Her

No way. I could coach the Nets and still win the championship this year


Brooklyn crowds definitely needed.... jayz ready


Brooklyn will have to make thier offence thier best defense.

Steven Cooper

Run the triangle!

Deric Santiago

Watch n see big3 dominant 20.21 nba done

Triple JJJ

So much for “white privilege” lol

Reilly Dougherty

how soon they forget D Rose is a MVP who got traded during the season and waived during the same season


They have no bench and none of the big 3 play D smh it's over. What a dumb trade btw

Chris Charley

Watch your wording Paul mfin Pierce

Alex Miller

Good thing he’s Canadian

Andre Is Good

I think he has a good problem to have

Bee Gee

Paul Peirce's analysis is similar to Trump's analysis on Global warming... smh.

Zohair Fares

Nash God help you. He start looks as grandba.


Paul Pierce is the true goat

Justin Kim

In the end, it's just basketball.

Edna. Mack

Even though Steve is a rookie coach he has speculator players that want to prove to everyone they can win nash isn't going to have any problems he has a core of veteran assistant coaches that will help

tha jet

Nets in 4

Nic Stone


LeeTravius Mckay

Yall are too literal Paul was talking about it in the sense of basketball. He even clarified it as "in American sports"

Deer in Headlights

2:34 Paul Pierce cappin hard..gtfo (not even close to it)...Rachel checked him real quick, the real og keepin it real. Much respect ✊


It's going to be hard coaching 3 future first ballot HOF'ers /sarcasm

Dwayne Williams

Toughest Job come on ??


pressure = yes
job = no

Ron C

y’all clearly don’t watch the full video before commenting

Ant Tonytonyt

He always hurting himself


David Blatt


The Paul pierce in the thumb nail just did the longest line in his life

Krish Santiago

2:44 Beautiful


Hmmmm. Nash really does have one of the hardest jobs period though.... So few people could do it

Jose Castaneda

Didnt tye lue get put in that situation as a coach? Right? Or na?

Policy Junkie

Steve bash talking defense lol

Jason Borne

Kyrie is a for real clown continues to embarrass himself. All self inflicted.


No it’s not. Just let them play

LeeTravius Mckay

Let's just say toughest job in basketball

Triple H

Do we even need to say anything at this point... shut up Paul what an idiotic thing to say

Cloud Life Gaming

The fact she had to correct PP about the hardest job in America we all knew what he met


Hahaha. Coach says 'smart guys' and they go to video of Kyrie throwing around incense before a game. lol.

Christopher Augustiniak

BOOMMM rachel checking paul pierce like a G. hahaha

Guilherme Dias Rodrigues Miranda

Three NBA superstars where two are super-divas or a 4-11-1 NFL team with no cap room and a QB controversy: Which is the toughest?

Isaac Rivas

Wow when did Kyrie said that about Coach Nash

Armandito Perez

What are the odds the Nets score 100 point in the first half this Saturday?

King k



I can imagine all 3, Kyrie, KD and harden yelling at the top of their lungs and throwing tampons at eachother while Nash is in the middle with a blank expressions regretting this coaching job as some tampons ricochet off his face... lmao in all seriousness can’t wait to see what this team looks like


I hope all the owners and fans out there know that Steve Nash was set up to here and I hope he gets another chance else where.

At the 1:20 mark he says the three are capable defenders. I guess he hasn't seen Harden play defense.

Satish Nepal

They gonna fire him so d’antoni gets his ring lol


Did they change the title or something?

Cos it says toughest job in american sports not toughest job in America

B'alam K'inich

I dont care, I wouldnt have given up Caris. I would have gone as far as an extra 1st and another pick swap to keep Caris. Jarrett Allen is gonna be tough to replace as well, but Caris could take a game over and still get everyone involved.
Could have put Harden at the 1, Kyrie at the 2, Caris at the 3, KD at the 4 and whoever at the 5 because with those 4 you got the best small ball line up in the game bar none. Harden would have to accept facilitating. He could easily be the biggest focus point of the defenses they face so it would be best to get him to bring the ball down and get things in motion for everyone else. I can easily see Harden taking on Nashs player role with the suns. Be the biggest offensive threat and use it to get everything else opened up. Nash just didnt have KD to sling the rock too.
I also actually think Nash can keep these guys in check tho. Hes hungry, it's easy to see.

Mahzar Fazhar

Came to see if people would comment what I was thinking. Wasn’t disappointed. Just get rid of this show please. Give Woj 30 minutes to update us on basketball and tweets. Be better than this...

Oon planet earth

King In The Making

Kyrie gotta go?

Don Corleone

Paul Pierce is right.

Em Asian


Damian Clark

KD and Kyrie are the head coaches, Harden is the assistant. He has an easy job

Dashahn Draper

Paul is a clown he ment what he said


Rachel just saved Paul's career

Jack Daniels

Rockets got a great haul in return. Positions them well for the future


This guy needs to eat more island food. He got injured from a swipe at the ball lol

Robert Lind

No he doesn't president of America is way tougher and it pays less only about 400k a year.


Did they change the title or y’all don’t read? It says in sports LOL

Phil Slape

the amount of dislikes LOL

Reese Samuel

Toughest job in America is being black...


I think with Mike d'antoni there it help ease harden if there is a ego problem

TBrc C

No he doesnt hes coaching basketball players that been playing all their lives there are people sacraficing there lives to defeat covid

Bryan WithaY

First Responders Cough
Coughing because the caught COVID from saving someone’s life!

javier book shadows contributor du

143th comment