Floyd Mayweather Sr. vs Conor McGregor Trash-Talking at Press Conference

Floyd Mayweather Sr. vs Conor McGregor Trash-Talking at Press Conference

519 655 views | 12 Jul. 2017

At the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather press conference, Floyd's father challenges McGregor to a fight, and shows off his speed with a few jabs. The trash talking continued between the two for quite a while! It was a great time capturing this footage today -- hope you all enjoy!

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Chadwick Jordan

Till this day I don’t think mcgregor realizes that Floyd baited him into fighting with 8oz gloves. His ego got him stretched.

Syed Mubashir Ali

Conor sounds batshit crazy when he laughs lmao

Nine tail 0009

"Its your Fualt"

Antonio Siena

Conor shouldn‘t have talked that much

Nico Emilio

The dude from The Longest Yard was hilarious standing next to Floyd sr

My Effect

Are we all just going to ignore that Brucey from The Longest Yard is just chillin next to Sr. like he wants to step in the ring too?




You can tell hes a fan, the little exchange at the end is heart warming, this whole thing was amazing


This was the most entertaining part of Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. Conor McGregor arguing with Mayweather snr


old man making a fool out off him self

Sellican -

This is brilliant and so funny... love floyd sr

kimbo Slice

Dorege haaaa a



funny as fuck senior

Shane Bowles

Mayweather sr = uncle Rico


This shit still makes my day when I watch it lol

Wilbert Cañeta

Lol you lost pacman

Cts1 Funny Buffuu

Jajajajajajaja 50 - 0 mr tapout jajajajajaj

abod show

Oh that fast


Flloyd JR looks and sounds just like his dad... Just a younger version... Same mannerism everything

Kriss Sane

Take that flip flop Outta your mouth lmfao

Yhy3 007

fuck this stupid old ningga

C Webb

That was the most entertaining part of the entire tour.


This is soo entertaining

Bob Silverstein

Turns out Conor was the frail one

Jalen Daniels

LMFAOOOOOO this is pure comedy

Jonhatan Bielsa

mosley was on media a couple of days ago , went to all those normals shows , these boxers are so delusional and so bitter that he was saying this senil old fuck of 70 years old would be the fight for conor in boxing and that he would give the advantage to senior.. seriously , i dont get how they dont see all them opinions loose credibility .. pathetic.

Luka Majic

Take that flip flop out of your mouth hahahaha legend 49-1

Eoghan Doheny

Yo Shane saw u in other vid of. The conference with ur camera


My guy brucieeee next to sr

Obi Won

reality is McGregor needs to learn how to keep Dana White out of his pockets and get those heavy pay days you should really consider focusing on boxing and working his way up through the circuit he's already created a name for himself by Mayweather reaching down and pulling them up to his level it be cleaner and safer for him less brain damage permanent physical damage if he boxes right but if he won't Master it then he just get his head knocked around and sound like somebody like Riddick Bowe Punch-Drunk all the time either way he's going to be fucked up when he gets older if he doesn't figure out how to fight for real and safely

Zai Self Defense.

11:45 and Your welcome.


I love mcgregor but he has no chance on this one

Matthew Carter

not gonna lie..that was pretty fuckin quick haha 11:46

Samuel Bosquet


Simon Burke

@truegeordie react to this brother!


He's gonna beat the shit out of you! - the prophet

Joyo Papa's

Good man Floyd have a seat now...

cyprus sun

Connor to cringy really really cringy he could do with some ego beating

Ranger T

Rofl Floyd Sr still got some pop on that jab son. Hes like 90 and would still "wup ye ass"

Arturo Villarreal

“Why can’t I be quarterback” ah must of been all the popcorn” is that him at 2:00?

Francis Luthor

Imagine if Conor just didn’t give a fuck and threw a spinning hook kick during the fight

Miguel Olcina

5:20 the McGregor laugh


Senior is LOOOOOOVING it :D.....#respecttheelder

Kevin Brock

Lmao Conor had senior squeaking like a chicken

tibah khan

Fuck Jr even Sr would outbox Mcgregor

jason day


That Other Guy

This literally was the most entertaining part of the entire tour


Conor couldn't stand and strike with Nate.. how on earth did he think he was going to win vs the best in the business??

Nans Florent

Lmao Conor broke at 11:27

Felix Romero

That was great

jason day

These 2 should be on Tour

JR North

End of the day..mcbaby got whooped , how about that!!HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This shit is fuck funny

David Baldor

Did this ever happen?


Dis is Floyd Maywather Jr

Beats for Less

Sr do a better job the Jr in talking trash

Antonio Siena

Wie peinlich arrogant ist Conor.

Humberto E

It's your fault


even mayweathers bitch laughs lol

John Smith

Connor is another Rousey.  Big hype and totally media driven and fake!  I can't believe people are following for this shit again.  How stupid can people be?  Enjoy making him rich, you idiots!


“Like father, like son”

John North London

At 11:42 i just couldnt stop laughing


I find it funny how ppl discredit win against him but nobody discredit Ali fighting a football player

Goku Vegeta

Props to Connor for respecting Floyd sr

hassan abdul

You can do it Conor. Just work hard and kick his Ass. End his legacy.


They both were just having fun lol


this is like a film. conor warns the dad. dad tries to defend his sons chances. I can see conor really snapping and hurting floyd

King Mustapha

Floyd is gonna beat your ass u gonna lu-fos

Miguel Olcina


Santino Rocco

Last bit was so funny “see you later Floyd” the laughing from McGregor lol

Rich Oldham

hahaha see ya later Floyd!

Antonio Siena

He‘s beaten a lot of bums...and you‘ve been one of them


6:33 I wonder if McGregor has any charges o.O He talks like he's a crazy man who wants to torture and beat up random people for sheer pleasure.

Needy Major

11:27 Floyd Sr:haa aaaa

Adam Jones

Why is everyone defending Connor , he's talking all this shit gone get his ass knocked out by not only mayweather , but his dad too , bout do some tag team shit , "I told you ima whoop ya ass too"


A man in his 60s is twice as fast as Connor although Sr is no ordinary man haha that was better then the actual press conference lmao

Lui Jui

I cant wait any more :D

Kinloch Black


Octavius Nottage

Floyd said after my son beat the shit outta you I'm going to beat the fuck outta you lmao


ill pray for Conor to KO Trashweather....


7:20 reaction women laught dddd

Stefan Remus

It seems that Floyds great-grandfather is a funny guy ... ;-)

Ur gulp

Hysterical! :D Get that flipflop out ya mouth!

Dana white

Shane Mosley would knock conors block off in his prime....


Fuck Fakzens fightips. Just trash

Joe Fosdike

wait what did mcgregor say to floyd sr that made the whole crowd laugh can't hear it

islem tlb

Conor : you're a fan of me shit
Mayweather sr : nah get the fuck out ...hahah that was fucking hilarious

Aaron Roy

I think this is a set up for money only. Connor takes a dive, Floyd protects his record. Think about it.. The made the back room deal, build Connor up for the house, then he takes a dive. It is rigged,.

angela meynell

saddest part of all this, is in a boxing match that old dude whoops his ass aswell!!

Marco mark

04:50 spit that flipflop out you mouth ahhaha


If Conor pulls this off he will literally gain immortality and transcend from mortal to God. No mere mortal will ever be able too match him, God himself will stand up too Conor and bow down showing respect too another god. The throne that God sits on will now be Conors, and insted of the throne being gold it will be irish colored.

Syed Mubashir Ali

Sr is the splitting image of Jr damn

Goku Vegeta

I knew I seen you in that crowd


i recognized you shane from other camera angle lol


he waa right

the man in the suit

I wonder if they have seen Rocky

TT 4

Conor will lose but go back to MMA a better man


That is a very stiff jab the old man threw. Gotta give him that.

Squareballs s


Beats for Less

Floyd gonna beat you ass and u gonna lose 4 .....