Press Conference: UFC Unstoppable

Press Conference: UFC Unstoppable

929 512 views | 4 Mar. 2016

UFC launches its new campaign for 2016: Unstoppable with a press conference featuring some of the biggest stars in the UFC. The press conference starts at 5pm/2pm ETPT live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Friday, March 4.

Faisal Gamal

Who is here to see khabib and tony

nizakat iqbal

Cormier - 'hey I'm not crying, I'm just sober' lmao.

He just merked Jones. game over

Anderson Silva

"Dana, 60G's BABEHH! HAHAA!" - Kenny Florian


I wish that Miocic and Werdum had been asked more questions

Manaji Gaming

Is Luke on crack? Is acting weird


Everytime when these press conferences happen, everything seems so perfect.. But I always ask myself, how many of those fights are actually going to happen?


allahu akbar

Frank N. Stein


"Belarouge". Oh, Dana White, you uneducated fool.


Damn this Ferguson/Khabib fight gotta happen year in the making

Em Dela Cruz

Anybody here knows the title of the song in the first part? Thanks

Kuandyk Sanzhar

who could even guess that after UFC 197 Henry cejudo will become triple C

Jimmy Tweedale

weidman and rockhold were cringeyyyyy as fuuuuuuuccckkkkk


I wish more people had questions for Stipe Miocic

Urooj Islam

42:45 that pop for ariel helwani. Is more than lots of fighter get up there..

Kevin P

Who would've thought that 3 years later Henry Cejudo would have more success and accomplish more than both weidman and jones
The future is truly unpredictable

Ian Moone

Anyone know the song at the start of the video?

MacKenzie McDermott

Dang! Weidman's trash talking is cringe worthy


dc look like birdman

Justin Liu

man things have changed in nearly 4 years


56:48 Christpher Walken, is that you?


53:53 DANNY BOY! :D


Khabib Vs Tony is now best LW fight

Davis Reid

Back in Nom

Jamie Wilson

I hope this time Jon Jones doesn't try the same BS "I'm changed" routine. We all know what the deal is with Jones, after this "comeback", within a few months he had been suspended for his 1st PED incident. After the suspension was served and he won back the belt by KO against DC, mere months (more like weeks) into his "comeback" he somehow ingested another PED, this time an actual steroid. We all know now that this wasn't intentional cheating (for this failed test specifically at least)...I do think he's been a user of PEDs in the past at least, pre-USADA for sure. But it's pretty obvious that he didn't knowingly take a trace amount of Turinabol, the other tests which show no Turinabol in his body make it perfectly clear he wasnt using it to cheat, since Turinabol remains in you for a long time, however Jones gave clean tests a short time before and after.

But like DC said last week, 99% of UFC fighters are able to avoid accidentally consuming any banned substances. John just attracts trouble and controversy, he ain't kidding anyone when he claims that it won't happen again. Hopefully going forward he's gonna be looked after by good people around him, and he manages to stay eligible until he gets caught taking testosterone when he's a 40 year old vet struggling to keep his career at the top level (such as we've seen with Werdum, Silva, Machida, Belfort etc) instead of some screw up like off-label dick pills, cocaine cut with creatine that's contaminated with steroids (That's my theory on this Turinabol test, but we'll never know what actually happened for sure)


"Jon Jones, Chris Weidman. We're getting our belts back"
both end up unable to compete

Daniel Ford

What's that opening song?


Man, Luke talks like he's taking a shit!

TrueRed King

Urijah Faber to Dominick Cruz: some people live through 60 some people live through 110 he´s old im very young. what is Urijah talking about hes 37 years old Dominick is 30 Urijah your old

Tïffäny Shavonə

bro, uriah is hilarious. lmaoooo " umm, not every time Dom, not every time brother."

Mai P.O.V

Song please?

Ydjcj Bdyfu

Why was there a guy standing behind dana

Mike B

I'm still really pissed we never got to see Khabib vs. Tony Ferguson

Mazi Max

Daniel: You know we got fined right?
Dana: You should've been fined.


Cliff Simpson

Did Daniel end up getting that tissue? ??

Krishna Jilka

18 mins Poor Cejudo went to shake Jons hand but it never happened lol

Euryale Music

Some of these people need to attend the McGregor & Diaz´s Saturday morning trash-talking lessons.

Clarence Montgomery

Tony Ferguson talked all that shit about Khabib about injuries... Now look at him.


Jones and DC are funny... Jones is a slimy guy

Ryan Walsh

Sometimes I just watch old Tony Khabib press conferences to get pumped for April

Mark Shaw

43:35 to 44:40 Claudia Gadelha does her best Tony Montana impression.


58:00 as soon as alistar talks someone yells steroids

H 12

so glad the era of drunk irish fans is over


DC seriously call Jones a "fucking bitch" during the stare down? Who was the one bawling during the press conference after their fight?? Hmm..

Riwaz Sangroula

Tony furgerson wearing a suit is literally like trying to put glitter on shit

Findu Foni

17:55 wants to give a nice handshake to Jones but NOOOOO hahahaha

Sau Plays

17:54 cejudo wanted to shake hand with jones very badly XD


is luke trya be mystic mac? second round finish?

lasagna Shiva

Tony furgueson,jon jones,dc,khabib,alistair in one room


Yo, DC Rockhold Cruz vs Jon Weidman and Faber.


And who ever knew the lil dude sitting next to Jon would end up beating the greatest flyweight and bantamweight ever and become champion of both these divisions, what a journey, Triple C.

Ryan Walsh

The old instagram logo


58:35 ''steroids'' got me dying man

joe martinez

why is joanna jedrzejczyk fighting thiago alves LOL.

Prince Al Yaseen

Jesus so many people here who went on to be great.


48:47.. Oh..the irony LOL!!!

Fred Rodrigues

57:35 you could ressurrect Helio Gracie, lol.

However all it took was an one-week camp Michael Bisping to demolish Luke.

Kerekil 1998

47:42 uhhh good ol are we pretending

Cris Elba


Imran Nazeer


Mike B

It seems like everytime Joe says someones the best ever they get rd 1 KOd in there next fight (Werdum, RDA)




Best press conference ever


urijah half the size of stipe

DanielJones Jones

You keep those shades on tony furgurson ,kabib will light you up so many times your going too need welders goggles

Gustavo hernandez

Jon Jones needs a lot of steroids for the DC fight in the future

Julian Hicks

The only thing I hate about Conor McGregor's influence on the UFC is that these people will forever try to be like him.... and fail. Terribly. Worst. Press. Conference. Ever.

sven Andersen

nice to see cruz back guys :)

Hudson Barros

music 1:05:55 ??


Does Rory MacDonald ever smile. Its like he has one emotion.


58:35 steroiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids hahaha that was so funny

Euryale Music

(staredowns) Weidman looked like he was about to implode...
Hilarious :
Joanna "The Auschwitz´s survivor vs Claudia " horse-legs" Gadelha

Tom Perry

dc sid he was willing to die to win then pulls out jones will have the real belt then the belt off off this fight then he will get dc belt when d gets a set of balls

Pablo MP

"Jon Jones, Chris Weidman we're getting our belts back!"
-Chris Weidman
Weidman pulls out. Again. And Jones gets pulled out for doping.


Whos here in 2018 and Ferguson khabib still hasn't happened, 4th time being booked finally at 223



blacc beard

1:03:34 lol poor DJ he grabbed the mic and thought he was finally going to be able to speak.

Lil Raze

Im still saying it, theres something between Joanna and Claudia.


Khabib - Send me location, I smesh!



Still staring at Claudia’s legs in 2019 like


Ashen One

Who else just goes back and watches the old press conference’s? Just me? Okay

Farzin Vousoughian

What's the song in the trailer and when Dana White walked out?


Nobody asked Werdum or Miocic any questions. I would have asked Stipe questions


41:41 lmao

Ydjcj Bdyfu

Why was dc so hated? And why did people actually like joana?


Weidman and Faber made themselves look like complete idiots

Daniel Ford

What's the song?




@17:55 rejected!


42:19, great moment.

Ameer Srhan

Tony is the type of a guy that come out and sit down and then get introduced


53:50 best part "I AINT CRYING IM JUST SOBER!"


Jones would absolutely KILL mcgregor

Neemtallah Attie

New drinking game: Drink everytime Jon Jones says 'you know'

Jimmie Dimmick

Jon Jones.

The most fake person in the history of UFC.

Biggieboss power

Conor the one who implemented good Dressing and Suits now everybody is in a Suit ^^ remember when those Fighters allways had big Tshirts dirty Close ^^

Tyro Cyr

I’ve missed these


Jon jones still da best cuz if Michael jordan missed a championship game with the series tied and his team lost yll would still call him the best


"TJ Dillashaw's grandfather." HAHAHAHAHA! OMG that cracked me up.