The Conor McGregor Show (UFC 178 Post Press)

The Conor McGregor Show (UFC 178 Post Press)

1 119 457 views | 28 Sep. 2014 -- At a time when MMA needed a hero, in came a brash witty young man from Ireland. The Conor McGregor phenomena is "bigger than anything I've ever seen before," said UFC president Dana White at the UFC 178 post-fight press conference.

After the event, where 10-percent of the tickets sold in Las Vegas were to fans from Ireland, McGregor held court fielding questions from the punch – was it legit or not – to his injured hand going into the fight to holding the championship belt.

You would think that McGregor was already the champ and the main eventer as even the champion, Demetrious Johnson – arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world – was only asked one question at a press conference for an event he headlined, only to sit in Conor McGregor's shadow.

Yung Mophead

My right ear enjoyed this video

Temwani Chirwa

Writing this in November 2019. Conor's now the biggest star in the fight game, the guy's now a multi millionaire. Many people talk shit about the guy since he lost to Khabib. I want to see this Conor back, the focused and hungry one, I feel he lost motivation after he made all that money and reached the top. He said he'll be back in January 2020 and I really want him to win. Love him or hate him, Conor will always be one of the greatest fighters in UFC history and mma in general. What he brings to the table is like nobody else, his fighting style, his fashion sense and his personality. Fighters even try to imitate him now

Rock God

Look at Dana Being the McGregor Faboy That He Is


Just noticed in the Q & A he makes fun of a dude wearing a green & gray suit. Said those colors were a weird combo. He’s wearing Ivory suit with green/gray under lol. Could be considered blue tho

Bees Nees

My tum was a balloon.

Elias Mercedes

Dammmm........dana looks so young.

Rugved Pawar

3:58 thats the same guy who mistook a fighter for Robbie Lawler XDD


The sparkle in Dana’s eyes when he looks at Mcgregor

Copy Right

The guy next to conor:

Kev Shearer

"either be me or fight me.....anything else is just peanuts"

GradeY underY

1:00 asking dana white if conors hits were legal. is that a joke? even if it was a knee to the back of the head on a guy that was flat on the ground, dana would have said it was legal.

Dave keeps on bullying me

0:08 why did I think that "hello" was adorable...

Aidan Harper

“it was like a little football coming out of my tumb”


Conor should watch this interview now

Pedro Strom

Dana is so proud look at him .. eh eh

Gary M

Conor " its just a tumb" mcgregor


He tucked by khabibbbbbbb the eagle


I miss THIS connor, kinda hate the way he changed over the years

God of Destruction Vegeta

"Uncle Frank the fart"

Kyle Nicholson

Conor vs Dustin 2


"i'll dismantle them both"...he did dismantle them both

angelo crisostomo

Nate Diaz

who s here after his downfall ??

Kezha Nakhro

Back days how cute Dana white was

The INF Way

You can tell this guy did no research on the topic...and did a random search. Not impressed.

Think japanese

Love this Conor


I am greatfull for the opportunity that the ufc, Dana & Lorenzo, uncle frank the 4th... have given me, I am greatfull.


Dana-“the pimp is here.” (What Connor should have said) damn right Dana! and you’ve got twice the money, and half the class. (What Dana should have said) “Yes, well I don’t strike the elderly for not liking my booze.” Connor.......”im very sorry, Proper 12 whiskey! Get some today! Everyone laughs

Mr Knebin

Legendary legend is epic! Conor bless


he was only like 25-26 during this interview. He looks and speaks like he's older.


Little small bodybuilder lmfao one of the most underrated insults

Uncle Don King23

This guy speaks really well..he will become a star in the future i think


Back before he turned into a complete moron.


That suit is amazing


"it's just a tumb, improvise adapt and overcome....and thats what i done" BARS

Town Royals

Watching this back now is amazing. When McGregor finally retires people will look back and see the level of greatness he has. He is this generations Muhamhed Ali for sure.

Aldriques Jacobs



it’s hard to believe that this conor would ever say to khabib “it’s only business” ...

Julian Hicks

This is amazing.


It's so strange to see that this kid would be the one to topple everyone off. Bring in most PPvs and become the biggest MMA star ever.
Yet he was so much more humble, eloquent in his speech and down to earth. Then fame hit him (i'm not saying he's a totally different person) But in this particular case you'll notice how much has faded and new persona arrived. This is what fame and money does to people. I'm not a mcgregor till i die fan but it's iconic.
Something that struck me was his line:
I am cocky in prediction.
I am confident in preparation.
But i am always humble in victory or defeat. This used to be the case, but not anymore i feel.
I really hope he comes back humble and more real to what he used to be.

Enyo Pinto

So many quotes came from this interview



Joseph H.lalruatkima


Gilbert Castro


J. C


Mike Morris

The world needs Mcgregor!

Kem-Grevy Henry

The face of UFC

Linus Bakoi

dana looks 10 years younger


5:04, 6:40


Fucked by khabibbbbbb eagle

Ибрагим Карлеоне

Раньше конор был круче

★彡 1ns0mn1ak 彡★

Old Conor is better than the new one.

Chuck Jones

Who’s that broke boy to the left of Connor lol. He looks ridiculously sad and broke next to him ahahah

Jacob Hughes

Cowboy couldve learned alot in his growth speech


Random question: does anyone know what sunglasses Connor has?

Aidan Thorp

Conor’s tissue likes like a piece of lettuce


Back when he was 200k a fight wow

Dead Farang

Elephant Trunk Ivory suit, haha

Wot NoobClown

What’s Agassi doing up there?

Laura Walker

If you look at Dana now you'd think this was 15 years ago not 5.


This is the real Conor Mcgregor. Before he got lost in the persona. Before the wealth and the hysteria. Maybe he will never be this hungry again. Still I find myself very excited to watch his long awaited return.

Screen Recorder

He is the best brown belt on earth.


Dana looks thinner here!

Car Car

this was the peak of conors speeches. he lost the humbleness after.. and became a liar. lol


Dustin overrated pussy

100% Natural

The Exact (2.35) conor..but they all see as a not humbled guy..but that is exactly opposite..conor always respect fighters


Conor making his show for what He is a man without dignity He just want to show off his stupid dumb shit cheap publicity? He knows his time is over ufc 229 He got expose as a truly cowards a fake champ cheating and begging his life in that cage (Please don't kill me Khabib) he is disgrace to mma history Nobody want to see him again and why he never gets any part in Abu Dhabi ufc 242 the biggest event in mma history and conor got no any part of it and he don't want to go there either to see the biggest fights and why is that? He knows he's gonna get sloughterd like a piglet if he step his leg in Arab Saudi that why he is so afraid to show up his stupid dumb shit face conor needs to redeem him self to the world if he wants back his dignity..

Brian Gustavson

Wow look at these comments compared to comments on a video of him in 2019


Two different green colors, haha. He looks ridiculous.

Rajin Dahal

His thumb was baleeeun.

Lebron James

“I must be the best brown belt on eart”

Andre Pelaez

the good ole days...

Dilan Brissey

Broke mcgregor is a top 5 unstoppable force in mma right up there with coke jones, trt vitor, not imprezzed gsp and height disadvantaged fedor


Who's watching this in 2020


Iam sure most views came from Dana missing this times xd


Jesus Christ Dana has aged these last five years... Woah

Justin Lee


cheddar bob

Now a days hes just a shell of himself, of what he used to be right here

Andy HYQ

“It's only business"- Conor Mcgregor

Archer 34 Myway

Love him or hate him this guy was a genius for a brief moment


If he was only humble in defeat after Khabib

Rambo Rambo

"I have a Bullet Proof mind, there's not a lot that can break me" : Mindset right there

Rob Santos

I am a big fan Conor but I think he will regret this suit in the future. The yellow is hideous.

Real Eyes

Who’s here after khabib ruined this guys career?

Superfly Guy

I am cocky in prediction.
I am confident in preparation.
But i am always humble in victory or defeat.
- Love that.

Danny J

“It’s just a tum.. it’s just a tum”



Conor Condon

dana so slim back then


I am cocky in prediction, I am confident in preparation but I am always humble in victory or defeat - Conor McGregor

Khoshnaw M.

Conner should not fight any more, he should only do what he's good at which is press conference

Joel Thomas


Steve Rogers

It's now 5/23/2019 and I enjoy looking back at this and then thinking about everything that has happened since. Conor's rise was such an epic time and so fun to watch!

Pirate King

Who here is watching throwback videos of Conor and feeling sad coz he is on a losing end in his career. :(



Chainy Rabbit

Weird how Conor said his fights aren't personal, though the two times he lost, they seemed pretty personal going in


Hahahah.... they only ask him questions nobody else ahahahaha

Egg Master

Little small body builder

All Day Boxing

miss this conor

Mike Ivey

Why does the guy do the left of connor look like his acid just kicked in

Tenzin Tsega

Who is here after cowboy cerrone fight