we added 50 MORE New Crafting Recipes in Minecraft

we added 50 MORE New Crafting Recipes in Minecraft

6 717 926 views | 17 Jan. 2020

These 50 new crafting recipes are awesome check out this NEW Minecraft update!

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we added 50 new crafting recipes in a NEW Minecraft update, that's right 50 more items to mine with, to buff your pets with, to battle with, even items to eat. One of my favorites is the food vending machine where you can spend gold nuggets to buy food items!

we added 50 MORE New Crafting Recipes in Minecraft

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Zombie Boi

9:15 OMG XD

Anaya Kumar

because there no bat

Rignchen De Mort

what's the link to download the datapack?

Marden Brakus

the chisel acts like a normal wooden picaxe but give you xp when mining stone

Anthony Cheung

Wait but some of these things are already here.


How can i download this?

Kristie Demeter


play this at my funeral or i aint coming

Snek Gaming

1.16+: I’m about to end this mans whole career

kisara kularatne

It is good


How to download this

Magic Minecraft

10:12 cool

dragon killa 101

11:33 were getting them next update

Aizen The lightning

Its effect

Random animator 2006


Ultimate Gamer

“You have no control of where the ghast goes... sorry.”
What is it attracted to and put it on a stick and boom ez control


The nether trident should be called frident

chris lok

Ender helmet : Dyed

M. Yusuf Suleman

Unbalanced. Bad Game Design.

chris lok

Amber boots: Dyed also


A No Block in the Very center of the table, Surrounded by Iron blocks, BUT in the right square of the the middle row put a red stained glass lane and in the left square, blue glass block, and to wrap this recipe up in a nice, little bow, take the No Block out of the center, and leave the center be!


What it does: Nothing

Pankaj Sengar

I like No.50
Make more videos! C:

Jessica Foran

No nether sroom!

Lety Salazar

Sorry I’m late but can I still make them

kamal kishore sidhwani

That nether sword is replace version of nethrite sword


Not real

Kal Welmer Almario

sorry we have soul fire now

Qaysar Faizal

"Now we add nether sword"

People that use fire aspect:

Dane Devilleres

The enchanted flint and steel is a throwback of minecraft story mode episodes 6-8


You lie men lending machine hahha
What a lie


Whether breath is not wort

Among Us

I ove netherite it’s lava proof


We have 1.16 bro

Sanju Dhewa

These crafting recipes not working .
No one crafting recipes is you using any mod for use them .TELL


Oof the first one will destroy minecraft

angie cosco

Do you got to be in survival to make this stuff? I got pc bedrock so does it all work in that edition?

Joshua Simone Alpas

I’m watching this and have a 1.16 New version nether update and theres no ......................Piglin tusk


is it me or did htis man just predict the stalactites and stalagmites from 1.17.

Ultimate Gamer

Now add a netherite pickaxe to omega pickaxe and its even stronger

Augustine Lalhmangaihsanga

Dis is a mod

Elena Portillo

You’re not cool for me is because when I try when you do it does not work


When You Die At The Dynamite Why Does It Said You Are Blown Up By Creeper

Munkh Orgil Jargalsaikhan



Stupid how fish live in lava

Ks Ahmed

you noob

Elite Gaming

is this a mod or real

Vrycie K

Enchanted flint and steel
Where have i heard of that before
(Minecraft Story Mode)

Mathis Chu

he predicted half of the items that minecraft actually added

Villager from MC

You should've made it that if you reverse the ghast it turns into a cat because the audio for the ghast is notch's cat snoring and reversed

Anum Ali

Ended picaxe,axe,shovel, sword, and armor. Immune to everything

Dream NotFound

-_- fullly waste of time

Uriah Monfero

Yes the enchanted flint and steel is like the blue flames in the nether update. But is anyone going to talk about dripstone and stalactite?

Pius The Pro

Him: blue fire
Me:That already exist in Minecraft

Léonard 59

i want the link to this mod !!

an epic girl

(idk what time but he says "doom and destiny")
I want a part 2 for both games!


Diamond potatoes are good

WhiteFang Furry

For coloured torches just enable education 'edition' when creating a world




M. Yusuf Suleman

Berries killed all the villagers then I imported villagers.

Jessica Foran

Get rid of another bed there’s a new thing called the respawn acre!

Fayiz Rivai


Beata Luczaj

It's SO cute that logdotzip calls every cow he sees Betsy. If u agree like this comment

Plankton Plonkster

Logdotzip: You can make blue fire with the nether flint and steel!
Soul fire:

dragon killa 101

this is how many times he went in first person |

btw idk how to do the down arrow lol

Marvel Pintar

Number 9 its so usefull

Syrop Cheek

Dragon Katana...
Where are you, Katana ZERO fans?

Lebron james Ortiz



He has mentioned piglin tusks in this video many times and it’s not even in 1.16

Debbie Waghorn

can you play this

Troy’s Epic Channel

17:21 Logdotzip was blown up by Creeper. Wait what, it should say Logdotzip was blown up

kitty jess xD

Yeh ok

Jerome M

Logdotzip: blue fire

Minecraft: write that down! write that down!

Deanna O'Connor

theres already a blue torch and a green torch

Aiden Casey

Every update ever: am I a joke to you?


Haha he just recrated nether uptade


is that secrety secret recipes?


19:23 we already had one in minecraft, which is called C R E E P E R S

Mathias Andres Vallejo Aguilera

19:20 pooky? NAH

Zana Azez

Does the start beam shooter breaks bedrock it’s not suppose to be in the game


İ think blaze trident should need a trident when making


Logdotzip: nether bed, you will respawn in the nether with it!
Me: laughs in 1.16

Maria Catherine Mendoza

i like nether fishing rod

Aungchit Moe

What is mod name

Aja Freyre

ok I was seriously impressed

Pasu San Jose


The elder scrolls V: Skyrim Dohvahkiin sword
Ingredients: 1 blaze rod 3 creeper stuff ( gunpowder ) 1 DVD & 1 World-Destroying TNT

How to make:
Put World -Destroying TNT in middle square of top row, then put 3 creeper stuff inside right, middle, & left square of middle row, put the blaze rod in the place you usually put the stick when making a sword, & finally, put the DVD in the top right corner

The elder scrolls V: Skyrim Dovahkiin sword

What it does:

Blows up the enemy's body when they die, & deals wither damage to enemy, while YOU however, get jump boost and a 45% chance of, for some reason, sugar rush, for jump boost, 4 mins, for sug'r rush, 6 mins

Cool idea, huh?!?!?

The elder scrolls V: Skyrim Dovahkiin sword

Anaya Kumar

this is mod of minecraft when I try this not happening

Keir Romer Sales


Gautham Krishna

It's not ender helmet it was purple dyed leather armor



Mister Otakumaru

how do i download this mod idk see anything?


Its Nether Sword but not looks like this

Swati Bhardwaj

slain by creeper f*ck

Calcher Berioso



Bat bomb ??? LoL YOU SUCK

Cat Boy Cal

11:32 it’s in minecraft

Nabeel Ali

Hey logdotzip i am your fan i am watching you from 3 years

Marcus Thant

it does'nt work

Steven Turchin

the cupcake would be great for the ender dragon fight

Brayden Vibbart

I am a demon God werewolf half fire half ice avatar satan


3:03 exists
Respawn anchor: Am I a joke to you?