Strong Winds(Near-Tragedy)HAULOVER INLET

Strong Winds(Near-Tragedy)HAULOVER INLET

778 679 views | 18 Aug. 2019

Haulover Inlet’s winds and tide make the paddlers and kayakers get tired very fast. We see them struggling every time. In this video, they called fire rescue and police for assistance, and they were rescued with no issues. Check it out!!

Here you will find a variety of videos showing the coolest boats hitting rough waves through the infamous Haulover Inlet, one of the most dangerous inlets in the US.

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T Brown Records

It's a lot of pretty name brand boats come through there we sea

Nick Weiss

I love taking my kayak out to the big water, but it’s no joke out there. Just dumped my hobie with sail in the San Diego bay inlet today. The sail made it point straight upside down. Had to remove the sail, flip the kayak, get myself back on, pick up the rest of my gear floating around, and bail out the water that got inside before I could continue. Luckily I had both my rods and the sail tethered to the boat, or it would have been a very expensive swim. More luckily than that, I had my pfd on. Can’t imagine trying to do all that without it, I would have likely died of exhaustion/drowned if i tried to right everything, or have had to abandon tons of gear, if not everything, without it. It was extremely strenuous even with the pfd on. 2 important takeaways- 1: know how to get back on a kayak- don’t try to pull yourself straight up out of the water , you’ll just capsize again, you need to get horizontal and “swim onto” it. 2: wear your pfd, especially if you’re dumb enough to sail a kayak in 20mph winds out to the ocean.

Doug Hathaway

If I owned one of those DGS Monster plastic boats I wouldnt let anyone on board who was not wearing black or cammo clothing. Seriously, you look like an idiot when you have some goofball in neon running around on your blacked out tactical assualt fast attack boat.


Was that cop wearing a duty uniform and no life jacket? And by himself in the boat? He’d be gone in seconds if he got knocked over.

uno efx

White single OB boat @1:44 look to be a Velocity22, first v hull to break 3 digits!

Alexander Supertramp

DGS slamming those waves! Might need a different naval architect next time.

James P

The big white boat that blew by the other smaller boat around the middle of the video should get punched in the throat!

Mihai Marinescu

What type of boat at 02:30?


The near tragedy was the video footage. You really got some great shots of whatever happened after the fact.


Wish I could have seen more of that big yacht.. gorgeous

Brian Maddox

Always looks like gonna see some cool but then it never happens

stu S

Doing the titanic pose on the front of a boat is the gayest thing a man can do add sea. Just sayin...

Jason Randall

Just saw Alfred montanier on that monster boat. Lmao i love his haulover videos also.

Gareth Bell

I see a business opportunity here!
In the UK we have a thing called a life jacket, or a life preserve, or even a PFD if you like!
It would appear that this awesome invention hasn't made it as far as the good ol' USA....
I'm gonna be a billionaire!!!!

Robert Woodward

Been through there a time or 2

Larry Keene

The guy in the bow of the DGSMonster always wanted to do his Kate Winslet impression. LOL

George A.

You can always tell who the Darwin Award contenders are by the stupid hand gestures, posturing, and general attention whoring they do just prior to calamity. . .

Robert Matthews

Pretty sure that was Afred Montaire shooting his video about the DSG.

Augusto G. Martin R.

Primo Rescue. Maybe I'll use it tomorrow and if they ask me maybe or I'll wait until I learn to put music on my phone listening to Free Ride and especially Frankenstein down the Cut by Edgar and Johnny. Tomorrow the music will be on my Head or it dies. I hope I don't need rescue or even a tow 10/12 knot wind dir. west. ese winds), Let us say around 1030 h. to 1130h around the north jetty. It takes me a while to get going. Why am I doing this? because It is there (wife is really pissed and so am I) and I have to go not like a hunter and kill something, Like the Gorton's Fisherman! I just got to go.


Im sorry but if you go out paddle boarding or kayaking in conditions like that you are a deserving winner of the darwin award you are about to be handed.

Crispr Talk

Note to Police.. get a really long pole to fetch stuff out of water!

joe cool

Great videos.How about a clock up in the corner. wind speed , temp. Date.


Seminole indians passed through in canoes 300 years ago.

Nick Hazelton

Gotta go watch some paint dry now.

Guido Paulusma

0:14 thats alfred


realized that you can tell who wont have much trouble traversing the inlet within the first second... is their vhf antenna up?

John Coriale

Amazing how many idiot boaters there are out there that have no regard for anyone

Tiggers DAD

I've noticed that "right-of-way" rules seem to be merely a suggestion there.

Ed Cottler



No PFD on the Police skiff I wonder maybe just a good swimmer....

richard venn

Dramatic title.

Mike Hoefer

Even the knuckle head cop BY HIMSELF has no pfd. He can help nobody. Waste of time. Not smart


Lucky cop gets to use a sea hunter!

Mike Sokolow

Wish our inlet was that easy, it has shoaled up so bad, the channel seems only a few feet wide compared to 10 yrs ago.


Little to no regard for the safety of others by cutting in front of or themselves ( lack of pfd's )

Danno mano

I'm amazed at all these people with no life jackets on.

Robert Olsen

Is this one day? I noticed that it looks like different weather patterns with the clouds.

Fl Bizowner

That monster one is an ugly design.


Why only one policeman in each police boat. they need a second to be any use in an emergency.

Jhov Nissi

What kind of camera/mic set up are you using?


One old guy in a police boat by himself without a PFD. Great use of taxpayers dollars.

Allan Cornelius

What ocean is haul over on cheers

The Architect

Is that special force looking blacked out bot Navy or just S percent live boat? Looks awesome!!!

John Moreton



C'mon! Abunch of boats going up stream???

luca capozzi

in Italy it is not allowed to enter and exit ports or canals at this speed

Steve Williams

What brand/boat at 30 seconds?


vev mistook le cooler foar a pearson

Terry Ogletree

What's up with all the bow riding

David Lewis

Nice boats , rough water amazes people how little their big boat can get ....police doing a great job

Alex Mikhael

1:43 is that the POPO there saying ''WE SEE YOU THERE FILMING'' lol hahahahhahaahaha like TAG you're it! :)


If I understand the safety system, ordinary taxpayers pay for police and coast guard to make sure rich people don’t crash thier 100k boat. Then, once the cop is there to make sure nobody is hurt, they turn it over to civilian rescue to actually help, then charge the rich people for saving them.
I guess taxpayers just get peace of mind that twice as much help as is needed is available for wealthy playgrounds.

Spider Davis

Water pours out of that inlet.Extremely strong current.Kayaks don't stand a chance against it.Thanks for the video.

Xnay Lo

6:12- too many captains on the boat

Johnston Crawford

At the very begining of this video ther is a boat w a guy standing in front (on the bow) and he holds his arms up in the "pretend I'm flying" pose like that chic from the Titanic...?????are you serious???if he knew how bitch-maid he looked doing that I doubt he would ever do it again.

2Bears Outdoors

Been wanting to sub to this channel for while.. Wife and I are big fans of Alfred, we are showing our support.. Will be watching.. New subscribers. Thanks

iamin youout

10 sec Alferd!!!

earl Wright

A black boat ,in open water the sun? That thing will be hot I would think

Connor Perez

One cop in the boat doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially in a boat that big. It would be pretty hard to pull someone from the water and simultaneously control the craft.

Michael H

I bet you are known all over town as that creepy guy who just sits there filming everyone.



Crispr Talk

Those police were fast.. perhaps they should all be defunded.

pee man

After watching a lot of these vids, the question is, anyone operating a boat there know the “ rules of the road “?

Michael Dickerson

The first boat lost a motor that day!! It was so rough it fell off while they were running near wide-open!!! The entire center console is on a suspension system however the motors are not LOL


woops what happind there

Mike Majewicz

Your titles are clickbait.

b z

How deep is the inlet?


DGS Monster

Strieter Marine Survey

Black vessels have to be miserable in Fl in the summer!

Casey Hogan

More money than brains on these boaters lol

Jane O’Brien

The police setting a great example! NOT WEARING A LIFE JACKET!

Capt. Craig Lehrke

Apparently there isn't a legal requirement for children to wear a PDF in Florida.

Kevin Block

Lol i kayak out of oleta right there all the time and have boated thru that inlet.. who in their right minds gets that idea of ohh im gonna paddle into the ocean thru this busy and chaotic inlet


why only one officer in the boat ?????

S Lit

If the COPS Would STOP CRUISING Back and Forth it Wouldn't be so Rough.....


What is DGS Monster One? That thing looks bad ass!


How you havent filmed a horrific crash yet amazes me. You have idiots on every possible mode of marine transportation. I saw a paddleboarder out in the middle there last sunday!


I like how much the single outboard redline speedboat handled the chop

Manny T

I love your videos


Amazing how nobody has heard of a lifejacket.

José António Nobre

"Robalo", at 04:20, it's gotta be owned by a portuguese dude! "Robalo" means Seabass!

Hugh Morris

shes howlin out there

Maureen Mendoza

You can pick a boat, but it's best to pick your days to boat.

James P

No boats going out only coming in....definitely some weather coming!


Is the second boat made from HDPE?


Seems inlet waves are smaller during strong wind.


Not knowing a lot about boats, but it seems the Sea Vee style boats really handle choppy water well.

The Architect

To the complete dumb ads that went paddle boarding wth through those huge waves and lost ur dog that's in you . Really stupid!

Mike Beaumont

Must be one helluva tide.

Matt Red

I am in the UK we have horrendous waters off Isle of Wight with wind over tide. No one seems to trim engines on here for following or head sea, nor is there any throttle modulation to control the boat. Always said boats need a driving test. Bloody stupid people can just get in big boat and go!


Why is the police officer by himself without flotation?

Tim Guillory

After the police boat turns around in the next clip who had right of way? Because to me it looked like the bigger boat cutoff the smaller one but I don’t know the specifics with boats and who has right of way

Phan Minh Hải RECONE


Am I missing something here? A boat passing every minute, jet skis zipping around and the rocks of the jetty 20 feet away and it takes cop boats to come out to pick up the paddlers?

BeeJay addleman

At 7:11 what was that big green circle that came from the green fire boat ?? That was weird


I appreciate what these crews do to help and save people, but isn’t it almost impossible to do anything in these conditions with only one person in the police boat?

Kevin Smith Mith

Nice for the Police boat , all by his self and no life jacket big no no

claudia fahey

I'm sorry...knowing how iffy that inlet can be why is hardly anybody wearing a life vest I mean at least wear it while you're going in and out of the inlet

Allan Cornelius

What ocean is this