The Longest Stream - Among Us with Etho, Impulse and Friends + Rocket League

The Longest Stream - Among Us with Etho, Impulse and Friends + Rocket League

53 232 views | 6 Dec. 2020

Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

Pawn Riot

Tango it's not a good strategy when you're an imposter to go hide and wait for your cool down to end. You should utilise the cool down to hang with people and build trust instead!

Aaron Shaw

Just wondering, what is the gray censor bar for?

Holphana Scott

this could not have come at a better time and is exactly the length i need. Thanks.

starts around 5:50

LimitFinity Infinity

9:05 it looks like there is a name that says “Mr Ethor”

Chris Wooller

i love the way mr beats and hte big youtubers get loads of dislikes and now tangos got 1

Beautiluf Music

MrsTangos laugh is just the greatest thing ever.


I’d like to see a game where the voting time is, like, 10 seconds. It would devolve into people screaming names over and over and that would be pretty funny.


You can move your character during the announcements of crewmate or imposter.

Infamous Dub

Nooo!!! Where did the rocket league go?!?

Chace Hawkins

Round 2, skizz employs an amazing tactic of speaking before the reporter(Etho). The first one to speak and accuse will almost always win the vote. Pure gold.

Andrew Richardson

This a great community with tango and his friends playing among us together without swearing and bad content. And it's funny how he reacts to getting killed by other players.

Pan Dad

i love watching you but when it get to the point that its constant names directly in the middle of the screen with scifi noises with every name.... yeah sorry im not able to watch these kinda streams


I need evils voice to read me bed time stories.... please?


They get away from spawn fast because you can move before the crew mate/imposter screen fades away fully.

Custom Vegan

Props to anyone who actually was able to sit down and watch this all without stopping


Tango just an fyi this is your second longest on the channel i know of green hell episode 2 was 6h 6m

Ethan O'Keefe

Tango you can move during the shhhhh screen

Anon Nymous

I'm begging you guys to allow more time for discussion/voting
Its so frustrating to see you all running out of time during voting bc people are still trying to figure things out
Do i have time to watch all six hours? no. am i going to anyway? absolutely


4:06:30 ish start of rocket league


Darn it! I missed the stream and the Vernors conversation. Michigan born, here. No one in Southern Illinois knows what I am talking about. So I buy Vernors when I go home for a visit so I can pass it out and spread the goodness.

Jared M

I feel like there haven’t been enough questions of where everybody was when a body is reported


All I want for Christmaaaaas is another-5hours-stream-of-AmongUs-with-Tango-and-these-friends!!!!!

Tim Hoppen

Skizz faked a common task and got voted off by every crew member. Meanwhile, Astro, the other imposter, voted for himself.

Kitten Fox42

Omg Mrs tango!! At least her arm! Yay!!!

Matt S

3:05:43 You might be rocking out the tasks but your no Greg Davies.

Jokes aside, I love that you upload these streams. I love watching these among us streams.


This isnt the longest stream

jake ganey

Why were two hours of content cut from this video?


I really enjoyed this stream. I feel like everybody was more into it this time than last. Thanks for the upload.

Edmund Resor

i'm surprised that tango does not delcare love for his wife when ever she gets killed first.

Wesley Eash

No one:
Literally no one:
Tango: Cookies 'n Cream, Cookies 'n Cream
Brody: Good on you. Yeah. I like brown sugar

J Kang

I've watched a lot of other among us streamers (Pewds, Dream, Capt Sparkles, Punz, Corpse etc.) and Tango's streams are just the best, especially when it's the hermitcraft crew. Always enjoy it!


Why did you remove rocket league!? I didn’t get to finish it :(

Isabel Sunrise

Yesterday this vod was 5:55:00 and now it's 4:01:00 um wut..

Thank You

Ugh that Tango Etho double kill at the end was glorious!

Teri Em

Can you please upload the whole stream, rocket league included? Or rocket league separately like Impulse. But I would love to watch the Rocket League stream from your perspective!


Tangos wife's laugh xD


Honestly if you just stop complaining about the map for long enough to learn it, you’ll probably like it a lot more. Love watching though. More silly hats plz lol


It makes me so mad that ergo doesn’t stream this

Jared M

Have you all considered a chat for dead people?


Everyone is so much more aggressive this time around


tangos improving, not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing ;P

Kalluk Manik

At 6:02 look at evilnotion it looks like he has a tail and its wiggling i find cute

Taboo Insights

Watched this stream live but had to rewatch it because it was so good. Just noticed the pom-pom on br0dymans hat looks like a bone also does anyone know jokers twitch channel name would love to see his perspective!

Alyssa Fundal

Am I missing something, when I clicked originally there were 5 hours and now there's 4?

Coleman Mulkerin

Polus is a great map but the group needs to be great at establishing where they are and who they were with. I recommend increasing discussion time if you can.

Nutty Nuts

What happened? Yesterday it was 5 hours and 55 minutes now it's just 4 hours

Total Citron

why does this video now stop at 4:01 (p sure when i was first watching it went up to 5 hours + and included RL)


etho is way too good at this.

Ian Alexander

How is Etho a God at everything?

Cam Heintz

Who would dislike this video

Jason Last

I wouldn't wanna play poker against Etho.

Nathan Meekhof

You can tell evil is a dad by the way he shushes 3:16:12.


Tango: gaymdhdjsninafadora
Lollllll I assume he meant gaymaninafafora but that’s so funny lol love u tango


SUUUUUUUper long stream....

Sergey Zalubovskiy

Actually tried watching etho's video on among us. He is for fenomenal at this game... but so boring to watch sadly. Tango is total opposite.

Also, no Scar today? Sad

roxot line


Jeremiah Witten

The Among Us was very fun, but I genuinely enjoyed you, Impulse, and Skizz telling stories from college during rocket league


You can start walking when you're still on the screen that shows if you're crewmate or imposter. That's why it looks like you start at different times to you.

Edit: 2:52:03 that's a useful bit of knowledge. Even with visual tasks turned off, if you come to the body scanner and try to use it while someone else is on it and it's one of your tasks, it won't let you until they're done therefore confirming a crewmate.

Paul Petzar

This video is missing the rocket league portion, used to be almost 6 hours. Maybe cutting into two posts is in progress?


Watched Mrs. T's streams now for Among Us. She doesn't get near enough views and is quite chill. But I laughed when she called Tango (now known as Mr.) because she was hoping that the ring tone would sound to which she changed to the sound of a creeper.


When are you gonna get Keralis in on the fun?


It took me a couple days to watch it entirely, but this was really fun to watch!! I do have one request though - it'd be great if you could move the follow requests somewhere else. I feel like they weren't so prominent in the last couple VODs, but maybe I'm mistaken. Especially in the beginning, there was sooo many and they were right in the way. Also with the bar at the top obscures the task bar :( But overall super fun to watch, thanks for uploading it!!

Kevan Beckstead

So idk if you've already heard this Tango, but the reason people start at different times is because you can click the SHHHH screen to skip it and save time


What was “cookies and cream”?

Primrose Everdeen RIP

Loved the stream but when you said "I love the game even whenever I am crewmate" I thought you said " I love the game even whenever I am 'Pooping'"....... I burst out laughing when that's what I thought I heard!


I've recently been writing a Hermitcraft mystery fan fiction. I was worried that I made Tango's complete trust in Etho and Etho's judgement a bit too extreme. Then I watched this and felt very vindicated

Marci Peacock

more rocket league


how did this go from 6 hours to four hours long

Ethan Hoover

What I learned is that Tango finds Impulse sus in general.

Thomas Becker

New drinking game. Every time Tango gets killed doing a task and immediately floats away instead of completing the task, do a shot.

LEGO Creator

1:31:44 (don’t mind, this is my bookmark)

Alyssa Fundal

1:22:23 That scream


I'm gonna catch a stream one day and ask tango a bunch of questions i should know the answer to. He loves that.

MG Réalta

Ouuuuh more staby staby and random screaming. Perfect thing as a morning video


The rocket league part got deleted

Matthew Parker

Next week you should play polos for a full 3 hours, right from the start of the stream. That should familiarise you with the map much quicker than a couple of games each week.

Hans Christopherson

That hat thou

Alice KFranklin

Tango you deserve SO MANY MORE subs and likes! You are an amazing youtuber and have an amazing group of friends and thank you so much for not editing streams and not mentioning Covid at all! Your amazing!!!

t3ddyM9 c

The people who disliked this video are the imposters

Isabel Sunrise

Can we jus appreciate how good Etho is wtf

Ma Si

Build on HermitCraft a "among us" minigame.


What happened to Rocket League? I was about halfway through watching you guys play RL, went to bed, and now the video is edited to remove it


These streams are epic!

Marcus Sagen

Try making a discord channel for the dead guys (if you can be in more than one discord channel), then you can here who the living says(on mute), and talk with the other dead

Daniel W.

Tango without xmas sweater... that's unexpected o0

The TNT Arrow

Tango at the begining: This is exactly what I need today.

Me: To look like and idiot bc you are the most unobservant human in the world? (Still love you tho 3>)




"When we do things on other maps it's a completely different game."

We know. That's the point.


'Impulstor' nice

Smilee Smiles

I have 1:15 minutes left

Martin Smětal

Where is rocket league part? I was watching it and now video is shorter and only showing among us?


I know I should probably comment on the game, but I just gotta say
usually I hate the hats you're wearing and they make you look quite ridiculous
but this hat looks really (!) good on you (and the lighting and everything is on point!) :)


Tango! You are awesome at flying in rocket league

Jess Bland

I'm living for these full length among us streams the best group of people that play!

Jezreel Hasman

Wait, why was the video edited. I was looking forward to the 6 hour video.

Kevin Vermeer

What happened to the last 2 hours of this video? I paused at 4:30:00 with more than an hour of rocket league left and came back but the video now shows it ending at 4:01:00

Neal Stangis

You can run during the "Shhhh!" screen. That's why the separation at the start.

Vigilante Angel

pro tip never vote on 7 or 4 on the off chance you vote off the wrong person


Thanks for putting out these vids! It helps keep me up while in on call on the weekends! ;)

Sarah Ruff

You know, people don't give Astro enough credit. Obviously Etho is brilliant, but Astro is more subtly smart.