Gym Workout Fails 2020

Gym Workout Fails 2020

985 020 views | 14 Dec. 2020

Funny Gym Workout Fails 2020

Cole Brown

I got click-baited 3:58 isn’t a gym fail


Shout outs to doz that played super Mario 6:36

Daniel Ives

Why do people bench press with such horse shit form.. It's a chest excersize , not a back/leg/glute/calf excersize.

Robert Fritz

Lol amateurs that's what a log is for


6:53 thats what you get for doing kip ups!

Glenn Juarez

I can't stand when I'm benching heavy and the spotters pull the weights off first sign of trouble. Those guys that were benching heavy could handle the weight. I always have to tell the spotter don't touch the bar unless I say I need help. No help until total fail.

Donderion Simpson


Ivan Olvera

Good position 1:42 great workout 3:59

Dick Daly


Yj Paperboy1

Woulda just swam straight home if I was the first dude

alexs aquariums

Beginning clip . Worst friends ever.

Yotadee Yeet

All these pointless “workouts” idiots deserved it

Marlon Campbell

Everyone wants to be gym cool, not knowing this ... is no Joke

isa ali

This is the reason I have my own home gym, to many show offs, idiots and females that are there only to show their bodies and to me as a male, that's sexual harassment.

Grind Sultan

all wack


Thumbnail got me!

Mark Vargas

2:36 come on, someone can’t be that weak lol.

Maximo Stranieri

Qué gente estupida por dios


3:58 is what we all came here for


When worms do pullups 6:56

John Clark

I like the one where the guy is fast pressing the empty bar. I’m gonna try that. Well, after I get strong enough to press the empty bar...

Holly Poon

These are quality fail vids

Don Valdez

I wish they would show a slow-motion replay after some of these vids so we can really enjoy the carnage

Gurmeet Singh

Death man's world blackmale faith man in time and previous time 1 time and two time ask death man,s world and birth man to man see video and this is reality

Aleks Lombardi

03:58 De pvtas no las bajan por eso y todavía piden respeto

Jason Riley

Rick flair yell at :56 is classic

Joel B


Fatal Crack

Practice makes perfect

matt franklin

One word pretty well sums it all up. "Dipshits". How stupid do you have to be to operate a treadmill?

Re Mo


Tyler Tomaino


Master Orion

0:05 this boy could die by falling like that but the rooster behind continued clucking...

MR. bean 77 trol 777 trol

4:06 ?

Lossii Burns

When you do stupid stuff stupid things happen to you lol


Don't touch it... I wanna break my back with my horrible form.


Instead why dont some of these idiot ego lifters doing 5 plates a side on the squat for 1 rep, lose some belly fat instead and do sets of 15 with 2 plates. That will do much more for your ego. All you are doing at the moment is endangering everyone else in the gym. Absolute douche bags

Carlos Rogers


Middle finger girl shaking that ass....GADDAMN!!!

zeke c

Wow some friends


5:57 I kept rewinding and I laughed at this for 5 minutes.

Bartosz Jagielski

7:00-7:02 fake crosfeet pull ups


What are all those girls dancing in their thongs for anyways? Stripper training?


04:00 more fast bitch

Erdélyi Miklós


Paul Rogers

A generation of morons who lose their minds as soon as they start posing for the camera.

Germen LM

Last one deserves it. First learn how to pull up. Then, pull up

RNCR Regency

5:15 gave himself a WWE Rock bottom

Stephen Whitney


Benjamin Deckard

Its funny to see people do overcomplicated exercises using too heavy weights, when they could achieve the same results or better with lighter less complicated workouts

joker siwel

Her body was built to be destroyed at the gym

Tara Flint

That’s true friendship right there at the beginning

Tara Flint

That one chick was literally one doing 20 pounds like all combined

T b


Can't believe they didn't grab their buddy going off that ledge.

Cole Brown

Sliding in to her dm’s like 1:36

Давид Малых

Русские есть?


4:00 your welcome

deepak kalal

thumbnail content at 3:58

James Mullender

5.05 i was still ompressed by the height of that jump fail or not. 7.07 though those pull ups were bad form.

Tim G


songs universe



GatitOscuro 69

1:44 lo mas rico que eh visto

Jorge Arturo Espinoza Ramírez

lot of muscles but brainless!



Fat Ass

Why don't people just use the damn clips so the weights don't fall off the barbell?


5:30 I don't use this silly grip but also this is why I stopped doing barbell presses at home now only dumbbell presses.


Something about seeing big buff guys fail in stupid ways is just gold.

White Lion

Play 2:41-2:47 @ x.25 speed


With years of doing sports I've never bench press without locks on the ends. What makes these idiotic steroid-abusers think is going to happen? I guess they don't think.

Fffjjd Ccbntf


Skills of Aesthetics

sign me up in this gym 4:00 where girls work out in their bikinis

Dani Kolingba

1:00 name of the song?

created 4 passion


J Hix

Fuck I can't watch these


The chicken in the bikini was a tool but whatever

Bo Goss

That girl has some flexible arms.

Nugget Bunny

Aways funny to see people with 4x5kg plates, 2x10kg plates and the bar looking loaded!!!! Wait..... why not just put a 20kg on each side, ohhh coz it wont look good on social media??? Well it will look worse when u drop it coz u dnt have a clue what ur doing. Should ban all selfies and social media from gyms, we dont all go because we are desperate for approval from people we dont know. Some of us just want to enjoy the sport.

rogerio fernandes


About the last video: if you do Chin ups like that, you deserve it.

Kelvin Yap

0:56 ohhhhhh


1:34 Slidelifting

peeyoudee peeyoudee

1:45 Karma Sutra position.

Tyler Bryan

I can't even.. the guy at 6:00 is at my gym. I'm so glad that others get to laugh too.


1:42 Ya know, there really are worse things that could happen.

Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet

Your welcome

Sab Nab

Sooo Stupid Poeple

Dale Williams

When you wear Yoga pants, and fail...especially guys

Micke Eriksson

"Look,I've got new gymclothes,and I know how to work my butt"

talk more tamil

2:30 squad like me

Rinaldo Montana

Everything I see here is avoidable.. I don't understand why these things are happening....these people obviously DON'T belong in a gym....

Kenny Agne

there was a guy doing crossfit pullups in my gym today i kindly asked him if he was ok cause i thought he was having a seizure

Arturo Kampoz

1:42 I want to be ger spotter


What begins at 3:58... Someone tell me how is a fail. I see nothing but absolute win.

Won Joo

People go and lift some damn weights, how the fuck can a grown ass adult be as weak as 2:43 go do something, god damnit gain some strength lift some weights, people like this piss me off

Derf Love

Fuqing they self up

Mario Turkalj


1:05, gym’s Ronaldinho

pawan kumar gupta

The thing u are looking for is at 4:00


1:42 us fellas don't see this a fail AT ALL

Felicia Renteria

1:14 is in the back of everyone’s mind while using this