Jake Paul Beats Ben Askren?

Jake Paul Beats Ben Askren?

196 390 views | 24 Dec. 2020

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Chael Sonnen talks Jake Paul vs Ben Askren on this episode of Beyond the Fight.

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Matt Rize

The media turned on Dana for trying to skirt all regulations at Tachi. Damn Chael you are still fooled.

Drixxpy Elite

Jake Paul is 3 and 0 he has not lost yet he beat deji, gib, and nate robinson


“He beat the holy hell out of a guy that won a slam dunk contest when I was in junior high” That killed me

Mateo Anavi

Chael is forgetting askren fought Maia

Tommy Fryman

Jake Paul has been training boxing for 3years now

Jerry Vandevort

Quick reminder Tito did tap

Matt Cote

I think hes 2-0

Beast Cars NJ

best Sonnen video ever. lol

Trxp Legend178

0:31 Jake has one win in his amateur career by round 5 tko, and 2 wins in his pro career, one by round 1 tko and The other by round 2 KO


Ben and jon snow who like to take a knee

Mike Gagliardi

He won all 3 feet’s, Logan his brother lost to ksi

Josh Symons

Big Chael is a YouTuber that know nothing about YouTubers


Yes Jake did lose one fight against KSI in the staples center. He was cornered by Shannon Briggs

Nestor Delgado

Ben askren stricking makes cm punk look like stylebender stricking ben


I still think chael thinks the Paul Brothers are one person

K DreZZy

Dude before making a video do your research.... Jake Paul is 3-0 all by TKO/KO... 1Amateur 2 pro fight!!!!!!

Jake Paul will fuck askren mark my word loser

Brandon Lockhart

Hope he don’t end up like askren with With a knee to the head N done with but that’s kinda what he’s asking 4

Mario A. Esquivel

The evidence we have is Brendan Shaub’s stand up is better than Ben Askren’s.

Ryan Foley

Sounds like a 3 --- Good omen 2:1 ? I see a 3: 0 in the cards

Fay the rogue

"And a youtuber's gonna? And what do we have as evidence? That he beat the holy hell out of a guy who won a slam dunk contest when I was in junior high." Chael is honestly so fucking hilarious. I love listening to him ramble all over the place to make his points and bring it all back together at the end after visiting all these anecdotes and comparisons from left field. I think he makes great points, but it's endearing the way he meanders about to make them. I'm finding myself more and more of a fan, and not because I knew anything about MMA or followed his career, but because he's just awesome to listen to.


That fight (Paul vs. NBA guy), was horrible, neither could fight, one was just much, much worse. I haven't fought in 15 years, am fat and old(ish) and would destroy Paul. Utterly destroy him. Askren will need to get hit with an anvil by Wyle Coyote on the walk to the ring for Paul to win.

Robert Lockey

This is gonna be a damn Circus!!!! Paul actually trains boxing ( SOMEWHAT ).... this is stupid. But..... entertaining.


Askren is world class wrestler, not world class striker lol. If you watch Ben's old fights, his striking is so bad. Jesus christ man

M Den

When did Kimbo ko someone on cbs?

gianni dibenedetto

So apparently askren never fought Maia....


Boxing is a different animal then wrestling. Its that simple

Mackenzie Gault

Ben paul should win


Jake would ko askren

Hunter Covey

Jake Paul is 3–0, his older brother Logan Paul who fights Floyd in February is 1 loss and 1 draw!!!

noah bleckner

My big question is “Who are these kids on the underground forum?”

Burhan Furqan

Logan is 0-1 as a pro and he has one draw in amateur, Jake is 1-0 in amateur and 2-0 in pro

Tbone67 Shane

Ben Askren has zero hand eye coordination. Have you seen his stand up skills?? Word class wrestler..yes. Word class athlete...not so much.


giving jake paul any spotlight is disgusting to me .. and about makes me want to unsub to everyone giving him a platform .. HE LOST A BOXING MATCH to KSI some joe blow youtuber from the UK .. like hello!!!

jaz morales

Nice music

ebi zoina

I wish you were right and I want Ben to win but I think he's going to lose

Otis Royer

I hate Jake but you’re just wrong

T Tuathal

Uncle Chael, Undefeated, Undisputed. Never lost a single round, Never even had 1 bad second . Askren Had 5,, Leg cross,,, "OK Great ! "Whos the Bad Guy,? if you need to ask you were not paying attention!""


When you realize uncle Chael STILL doesn't know there's 2 Paul's

Tyler Kreutzer

What about demian Maia piecing him up tho

Charles Williams Jr

that outro song

Vu Tran

Ben has to get his money fight sometime in his career I suppose. I can't believe I'll say this, I'll bet 5 btc on Jake.


Take the question mark away in title.....

The greatest Ever

Jake haven’t lost a fight

Jose Bermudez

"A guy who won a slam dunk contest when I was in junior high"

I did not know Chael went to junior high back in 2010 when he was 33 years old

The Gold Sentinel

jake hasn’t lost technically


The music at the end is captivating...never lost a round, undefeated, undisputed..uncle Chael..love from India.. bro!!


No Chael actually the last time we saw Askren he got beat by an aged Damien Maia

Steven Barnes

Jake Paul is 2-0
Logan Paul 1-1

Gavin Finch

In what world did anyone ever think Kimbo was the best fighter?


he won all the fights????

Luke Bohn

Jake Paul has never lost a boxing match , Logan has lost. You have mixed them up on multiple occasions uncle Chael!!!


Problem is Ben Askren has had his entire career to fix his standup, he's got to unlearn bad habits. Jake paul is a blank slate right now.

xxxllloor poopypants

He forgot about when askren fought maia lol

Alfredo Sanchez

I agree with chael he makes a valid argument


According to this logic, sport specific skills are useless against an athlete. I guess Usain Bolt can swim better than the general public

jonathan rodriguez

Chael “the kids on the underground forum” sonnen


Look if brock lesnar a world class wrestler box he would get destroyed by any ameuter boxer


Jake Paul will knockout Ben Askren in a boxing match. If it was an actual fight, then Jake Paul would be put in a coma.


Jake has never lost but i love how uncle Chael always says hes 2 in 1 LMFAO its so great lol

Mackenzie Gault

My moneys on jake askren

Charles Robinette

I'm not gunna win you over and you're not going to win me over. literally LOL'ed.


Hasn’t Jake been training for three years. Trained with Sugar Shane Mosley for years and some Tyson training. Three years is different than a few months. I agree that if Jake had been fighting for a few months vs Ben at a few months he would lose. But three years is a world of difference in boxing. Honestly he is probably waiting for Dillion or KSI. Ben is not a draw vs Jake. Dillion and KSI know how to work the fight build up.

-Nyantic- son

I've been waiting for Jake to box an actual boxer his size. not a youtuber, not an athlete, not an amateur, not a lightweight striker, grappler or wrestler. A BOXER his size to BOX

what ever

Guys! Ben Akren is the worst striker in UFC, but Jake Paul fought nobody! Ben Askren fought many real professional fighters, he was punched by focking Robbie Lawler and survied. Do we really think Jake Paul will knock him out? Jake Paul is not professional fighter, he got boxing license because of his fame and money.

Tommy Goodwin


Adam Corraliza

Chael is Thanos

God Artem

Chael, Ben has had a 20 year career to train hands. He has shown no improvement and no skill. He has his record because of two reasons. 1. He has fought lesser opposition. 2. He has very good wrestling that has got him through all of his fights. Its no coincidence that he joins the UFC and wins a hugely debated stoppage and then gets finished twice in a row?

In straight boxing, I have seen more improvement from Jake in his 2 years than from Ben ever. I don't know if he can KO him but I'd be willing to bet money that Jake would win a boxing match against Ben.. pretty comfortably too.


I think chael forgot about maia also choking ben the fuck out

Akas Ahmed

I think the only reason people are saying askren will lose is to push Jake Paul to go and fight just to see him get his ass kicked

Kaydem Bennett

Chael with high school kids, bj Penn best fighter in the world... pound for pound all time great but let's be realistic Floyd's a great boxer but would never stand a chance in hell vs klitchko, Rhonda never in her life was the best female fighter in the world, just within set lanes

rosseau prinsloo

3:30 took a knee for the BML??? Talk about people who don't know shit hahaha


Dude tbh Ben is probably gonna lose lmao

Radu Japalau

You guys sound like Ben Askren didn’t spar boxing all his fighting career , or that he can’t take a punch cuz he got ko by a top athlete 1 time , he took like 80 from Robbie Lawler and kinda won, i think it’s gonna be a good fight!

Kevin Chang

Jake Paul smokes Ben askren. Askrens trash MMA boxing would be even worst in pure classic boxing. I dunno why Chael is spouting off his wrestling credentials which will be as useful as Nate Robinson’s jumping skills.

Henry Ezeh

Ben Askren has been working on his "hands" for years and they are still shit. LOL

Dean Samchester

ol Chael always taking the side approach.

Craig Bever

Tbh I Fukin hate jake Paul but I hope he knocks out Ben askren sorry not sorry

Andy G

Show me one fight where Ben Askren won using his standup boxing skills.. Chael you are dead wrong on this one. You and others who are saying askren will win this are setting him up for an embarrassing failure! He’s not a boxer! Askren will destroy both Paul brothers in MMA, he get hurt in boxing! Stop it!

Frankie Jones

It’s a boxing match Ben’s striking looks like garbage my money is on Paul


The "Askren's an Olympian!" argument Chael makes is ridiculous, and he of all people should know better than to make it. Ishii was at the same 2008 Olympics as Askren, unlike Askren (who didn't medal) Ishii won gold, and at SUG 19 Ishii was competing in a sport (EBI-rules nogi bjj) that was less different from his Olympic sport of Judo than boxing is from Askren's Olympic sport of freestyle wrestling. Did that make Ishii win at SUG 19? No, of course not, and it won't make Askren win here. Askren was a terrible MMA striker, and has never competed in a boxing match. Jake Paul isn't a great boxer, but he has competed and won in sanctioned pro boxing matches, and he's 13 years younger than Askren, and frankly his boxing looks less like an amalgamation of unnatural movements than Askren's does. My guess is that Chael, who specializes in getting fight predictions wrong (while complaining that everyone else doesn't know a thing about fights), chalks up another L here.


i hate to say it but i could easily see jake paul knocking askren out lmao

Daithí Cosgrove

He’s young has talent and believes in himself That’s dangerous

Joseph Basile

Jake Paul is 2-0 in pro boxing, 1-0 as an amateur. Logan Paul is 0-1 in pro boxing and 0-0-1 as an amateur. Neither guy should be getting the fights they are getting, this sport of boxing is dead

Brian Mokgosi

If Ben Askren can't grapple...he stands no chance

Chris Gilbert

Nate Robinson is a life-long world class athlete, far more athletic than Askren. I get the argument Chael is trying to make, but he should have just said combat athlete instead of athlete because it defeats his argument since Jake KO’d Nate in horrific fashion.

Paymybond DV4L

Jake hasn’t lost he’s 2-0 and his brother Logan is 1-1 Ben can’t box as all sadly


Chael, you're biased because asjren has a wrestling base. We literally just had this argument Jake's last fight. Nate Robinson is a legit world class athlete, and to train for only 3 months in boxing and think he would beat Jake....it's FOOLISHNESS. It's the same thing with Askren. Askren is a world class athlete but he will lose to Jake Paul in a BOXING match. Yes, Askren has fought mma but he was strictly one dimensional and that was in ground game. I still think Jake will destroy him

Rough Spaghetti


Michael Cresswell

Uncle chael has a point

Christopher Thurman

Do you remember when he put 50 million dollars on the line?

I believe behind the scenes he paid those two other guys that he'd beat money just to beat them. Now, before that fight you can see both Fighters individually swinging and hitting Harder Than Jake Paul ever has.

Fuckles !

No, Chael, Jake wins because he can throw a punch. Have you ever seen Ben throw a punch correctly? I haven't.

Meanwhile in China

Askren is a Lion. Other lions are much better boxers than him but he is still a lion. The thing is that Jake is a cat. It does not matter how many other cats he beat because the weakest lion will still rip the strongest cat to pieces.

Austin Oldfield

Chael i agree with you askren is going to win... BUT this kid has been training legitimately 5 days a week for the past 3.5 almost 4 years with some of the better coaches in los angles... and was a state champion wrestler himself in Ohio. He is not a slouch a lot of people people like to think. He is no world champion by any means.. I think this will go the distance

Phillip Moss

Are we going to pretend that Ben Askren didn't retire because of hip issues? The man got a hip replacement. He could easily lose since he's not a striker anyway.

Wavy Kidd92

Love Chael but he’s so off here it’s hilarious lol

Brad Brown

I want one of “our” guys (UFC fighter) to beat the brakes off Jake Paul. Everyone knows what Jake Paul is after.... it’s the big pay day. Chael, try to use ALL of your influence to persuade Dana to get Nate Diaz v Jake Paul ! I know, I know... Nate doesn’t need this circus show, but we’d just enjoy the hell outta seeing Nate box this joker down 1 slow round at a time until he finally wraps his ass up and slowly chokes Paul’s ass out Very slowly.... Even if it’s boxing only, Nate just peppers this guys eyes shut lol. Or Connor? He’d just lite him up in a couple of minutes. Paul is doing his best to make a mockery of the best fighters in the world. Somebody should shut him up. I’m sure the viewers are there


Lol. Bad reporting


Everyone Watch The Outro

Austin lowery

You think chael purposely says things that are incorrect just to get people like me to comment about it?


Correction btw
Jake Paul and Logan Paul are 2 separate people
Jake Paul beat Deji in a amateur bout
He turned pro and beat AnesonGIB
Then beat Nate Robinson
He’s 2-0 pro 1-0 amateur

Logan Paul had 1 amateur bout with KSI
It was a draw
They turned pro rematched and Logan Paul loss split decision
Logan Paul 1 draw amateur 1 loss pro
Jake Paul is undefeated