What I eat in a day // Weight Loss

What I eat in a day // Weight Loss

75 531 views | 12 May. 2019

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whisk soy sauce, sesame oil and honey

slice 1 avocado

Divide into two bowls and drizzle the sauce ...ENJOY XOXO

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Alyssa Evans

were you as amazing in your teens and how did you ease in to veganism? I want to be vegan but my parents aren't very supportive! P.s ily xxxx


Also love your grey comfy jersey at the end of the video! Where did you get it from?

Heather Hurst

Love your videos, Sam! don't forget to add black pepper to your turmeric lattes and anything with turmeric because it enhances its benefits!

Isabelle King

i've heard so many great things about that right rice i guess i have to try it!!! love seeing a new video from you :)

Amanda am

Which song is on at 7:05?

stayhappylittle mermaid

Best youtube channel ✨✨✨✨✨

Heidi Kunkel

do you have any cheaper recipes for the golden latte? The Organifi is a little pricy, even with the discount..

Sarah Stroud

I love u Sam, I’ve been battling anxiety and some depression and your videos brighten my day!!

Claire Sauzel

Your recipes always inspire me so much !!

Nicole Turnbough

Have you tried steam boiling eggs?? Girl. It’s life changing. It makes it so easy to peel. Especially with fresh eggs! Love you girl x

Shaeleen Reewith

haha, perfect timing. just getting ready for a chill session. Nothing better than Sam's positive vibes.

Lauren O

Can you and Jared adopt me thanks

Maureen Albia

Hi love your videos

Antonella Alicia

I understand not being able to be vegan anymore due to health reasons, I myself have been through the same journey. I’m an OG follower! Love ya


How's your energy levels going low carb? I was so unmotivated

Shauna Carpenter

I thought you were vegan or plant based? :(

Lou-Ann Naidoo

Wyatt in his tepee

Lindsey Walker

Where did you get you're coffee mug from ?

Ashley Miller

Love the realness of the video. You are not restricting yourself and you feed your body what it wants! I also eat a lot of vegan food because of food sensitivities but im not vegan. Love that you have incorporated that back into your diet!

Babli Khanna

I am confused, please help me out here, are all these meals supposed to be low carb?

Adriana Guzman

Hi girlie! Not the typical videos you do but can you PLS do a makeup tutorial?? Live your eye makeup


can you do a whole video on food combining?


Love how cool Jared is in all the videos!!

Eva Antonia

Great What I eat in a day!^^


Omg salmon & rice looks so good! I need to try that rice especially since I’m cutting off those type of things. Yummy! Made me hungry!

Alexis Schall

Loved this video

Brianna Visconi

Omg I love you ! That ice cream looked so good was it dairy free would love to go there lol


How do you keep motivated to stay with the diets ????

Elena Togliatti

When your battery is about to die but ehy Sam just posted a new video soooo


Love your videos Sam but you dont need to spend $70 to make turmeric latte. One can just buy turmeric root to make it. Its much cheaper, definitely organic and tastes delicious and has as much health benefits if not more.

Elaina Gates

Love golden lattes and for sure am going to try gold! I’m also loving the sweater you’re wearing, where is it from??

Sylveun xo

love your what i eat in a days! honestly i am so glad you spoke up about why you stopped being vegan - it's important to have an influencer talk about how diets don't have to be black and white, and it's important that their younger audiences understand that. thanks so much, you've helped me through alot :)

Breanna Bourgeois

Stupid question but, does salmon taste really “fishy”? It looks delicious but I’m scared it’ll taste too fishy and I won’t like it!


What is this song in 7:15 somebody knows?

Mia C

Love you and your videos so much!!

Julia Ebbenhorst

You have really white teeth! Do you use any special products like whitening products? Love you!

Sarah Sapphirine

Wyatt's teepee!!!

Samantha Kwait

I cook my husband fish but I can’t for the life of me bring myself to like and eat it

Imane C

I am also subscribed to Dr. Mona , I didn't know you were friends haha

Sarah Farrell

Hi Sam, I have been trying the intermittent fasting, and I have been losing weight so thank you!!


O my god ur dog in that little teepee is so cute thank u for showing us that! It cheered me up. I want2get a little dog soon!!

Celina Silver

Hi Sam! Maybe I missed the video where you explained but are you tracking calories or macros since you’re on this weight loss journey? Or what is your meal plan to lose the weight

Rebecca Riddle

Perfect timing trying to get the summer body now

Georgiana Haiduc

For how long did you do IF before seeing results?

Kelly Rose

how many eggs in the morning 1 or 2?

Hannah Parks

You've turned me on to so many good things! Bc of you I now receive LOLA monthly and will be with the careof products (I've been using their protein powder since your last video). Thanks!

Nicole Or

Love your “What I Eat in a Day” videos keep making them please I never get tired of them!!


Thank you amazing


Thanks ❤️

Kelsey J

It’s so so so nice seeing a what I eat in a day that doesnt promote such restriction, and instead promotes wholesome and healthy meals (with treats!!) Love this!

God Is Good

That right rice sounds amazing

Ethan Wong

wow, your channel is amazing
that looks nice.
Lve it!

Kiana Marie

The salmon dinner you made looked so bomb. I'm definitely going to try that recipe soon!!! Have a great week Sam!

Sonal P

Trying to lose some lower tummy fat too...such a struggle

katie marston

“Eat for 8 hours”! So funny!! Could you imagine? You’d puke!

Kelly Purifoy

As I’m eating a pop tart. But I’m 4 days from having a baby so

erica dickard

You remind me of Jesse James Decker. You are too cute

Lindsay H.

Oh my gosh that dinner with the fish and rice looks amazing! So trying it out!

jack harrington

These videos are wonderful and I love being a part of your channel Sam thank you for being a great person

Alicia Kristina

You and your content inspires me so much! I hope that one day I will be able to make my channel and videos as motivating to others as yours ❤️

Hannah MacLean

Love your outfit this video!!


Ahh to be honest sometimes i dont watch your videos but I subscribed to you when you had like 30k and now i come here and I realize you have already 509k so happy for you!

anabell castellanos

Loving your what I eat in a day videos your meals are so healthy ... please keep it up !!!

Kaity Nickell

"Stop what is that"

Rebecca Gulliford

Love these videos!! Thank you for being so inspiring! ❤

Claire Nicholls

I love watching your videos. It makes me feel comfortable and I'm right there in the room with you. Your house is beautiful.

Alli As Always

You’re so cheerful, Sam! I’m so sad I didn’t bump into you when I was in L.A. last week. Maybe we’ll meet some day!! You inspire me so much. :)

Ashton Koontz

HAPPY SUNDAY LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ilaria Sangiorgio

Wish you could come to switzerland and be my mentor, fitness coach and cook my food


Where did you get your coffee cups? What do you use to brew your coffee? We had a Keurig but its on its last leg plus I do not like all those plastic k-cups and I am trying to move in a more environmentally conscious direction and do not want to buy another Keurig. Any suggestions?

Brittany Kupferer

Yay! Love these kind of videos!

sofia kaplanidou

Love all those videos!waiting to watch them everytime!also how awsome is that u keep a balanced life?staying healthy but also eat something sweet.do more videos youre an isnpo!lots of love!!!!

melisa marie

Hey Sam, for someone who is trying to loose fat and still gain muscle do you suggest maintaining your weight or being in a caloric deficit?

Yoga And Doritos

I'm just curious... you're doing high fat and high carb? I thought that was a no no...like that is the standard american diet. (no hate! I adore you! ) Just wondering how this is working?

Madeline Waters

Pro tip- wash your eggs! Salmonella is more likely to exist on the exterior of he shell, plus who knows where it’s been on its journey to get to you! I always wash all of mine before putting them into my fridge egg container

brie oliver


Asees Hera

What intermittent fasting app you use?

nicole mason

i love watching your videos! it makes my day so much better

Gina Marie

You take way too long to introduce the food. You don’t need to talk so much. We have all seen eggs before.

God Is Good

I use the same intermittent fasting app and I LOVE it ❤️❤️❤️

Kelsey McDonough

Yaaaaas love these types of videos


no offense, but it probably doesn’t work.


Where did you get your pot and measuring cups/spoons?? Haha sorry, I ask about where you get so many things but you have the cutest stuff and its the same style I like!

Tatyana Edgeworth

I definitely want to try that salmon recipe! Looks amazing

j4 c4

How do you always upload stuff that I need at the moment?