I Accidentally Found a Woodland Mansion in Hardcore Minecraft (#13)

I Accidentally Found a Woodland Mansion in Hardcore Minecraft (#13)

2 535 461 views | 17 Apr. 2020

In Today's Episode of Hardcore Minecraft, I intended to just go and take on an ocean monument, however what happened next was completely ridiculous! I Accidentally Found a Woodland Mansion in Hardcore Minecraft! that's right, watch me Finding a Woodland Mansion without a map... it's so coincidental it seems fake! I also managed to find a trident!

Hardcore Minecraft has never been easier!

*watch the whole series here!

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barall the dev

Me : see Jaystation in the intro
Also me : CRINGE

Hamilton Fan

2:32 scared me so badly because I had earbuds on and I thought someone was banging on my window

saman sabetjo

explore wood land mansion and oushen maniooment in 1 episode? wow

1228-Karthik Ks

thank god you didn't die like mythical sausage in woodland mansion

Siddhant Singh


Brock Bowen

that knocking SCARED me

The Guy

That 99 wc took me back ten tears

Ramakumara Yash

You are very stupid

Menuka Mukhiya

Your world seed please

Forest Hayden

You are the melon king

Char_ 208

I always spawned by a woodland mansion for s9em reason got fookin annoying

Callum Ryan

‘’Oooo hello’’

tyler burgess

me during puberty

mc endagamer

why is there jaystation he is sooo clickbait


I once spent HOURS trying to make a trident farm and even then it didn't work properly so as I was trying to fix it, a drowned with a trident spawns. I kill it.... And it drops a trident


14.02 he looked pretty much directly at a vein of diamonds and swam back up

Solar 496

When the door knocking sound effect came in at 2:30 I literally thought someone was knocking on my eighteenth-story apartment's window!

Ramjan Mohamad

1 in lava like structure of glass 2 in an obsidian egg

Matthieu Munari

The knowledgeable fish naturally extend because hook worryingly rain despite a thoughtful copyright. amused, trashy suggestion

Peerino YT

You killed the Vindicator or what but he dropped the totem, soooo...::

Will S.

theres chests in the ceiling with rly good loot

jx sjzj

I traveled over 8000 blocks to find my woodland mansion and he wasn't even looking for it and founded it


i thought someone was knocking at the door and i was nowhere near one

Parvin Akther


Esa Sufian

Join bruhify

Marvel Geek

I think there’s a diamond block in each mansion but idk where

JY - 06PS 782412 Thomas Street MS

the most dissatisfying thing ever: a sponge that was not picked up : 7:52

TJ Goff

Lol the door actually got me

Anders Hansen

you are just copying lazarbeam

Surender Sharma

This episode should be named "Wadzee playing peekaboo with elder guardian".

Kevin Sagastume

make a Totem of Undying Farm

Latha Ramanathan


Isa Diallo

Such yo 06 micra

Sonu Arora

not 40 dimonds it is 39 dimonds

U' Cubing

What did he mean "Grindstone the trident"? He didn't have 2 of them.


i m subbed to wadzee i liked

hannah fairfull

2:30 im home alone and my computer is next to my parents room and i thought someone was in there and you scared the shit out of me


he did so much for a hoe

Yosebi Ko

2:30 but why


there is a hidden room with a diamond block encased in obsidian, and another room with a diamond block surrounded by lava

Dietrich Vogel

My sister spawned right next to one then she made a new world and spawned right next to a Messiah then she made a world spawned in a village with a desert temple In her render and 6 ravines connected. I swear in my mom I'm not lying

Adventure Crew

Why did he get a potion of water breathing when he has Aqua infinity?

Yeet Boiii

Abu Bakar Gamer


Christopher Masten


Herre de Reuver





finding an ocean monument is difficult, you say.
my recent new world I started and after building a base I searched the ocean and found two fairly close to one another.

Wholesome Bat

7:51 you dumbass there were sponges kissing the roof

Daniel Reilly

I dont know if im like really lucky or something, but very early into one on my survival worlds i killed a drowned with no trident with an unenchanted iron sword and it dropped 2 tridents


WadZee you almost made me have a heart attack with that door knocking sound at midnight. I only realized that was fake when I looked at my cat and he was still sleeping

Esran Warris

4: 31 I hate it that he used a Fortnite sound

Ryan Liu

I thought that you already found an ocean monument in that video that you found the mesa and the mooshroom biome

umadbro? umadladbro?

When he showed the door and the knock sounded i was creeped the hell out lol. EDIT: Sorry for the man i copied his comment without noticing


Lol i literally spawned right next to mansion 3 times in random seed

James Kazwery

he hade the codes save from earlier on 7

ROM Films

I love youuuu!!!!!

Remy Ratatouille

Soon enough his melon farm is going to be around the entirety of the Minecraft map.


Your just copying lazarbeam cringeee

Careless Potato

7:32 I really thought his pick broke

Claudia Shah

you are just copying lazarbeam

The Fortified Gamer

When I first found a woodland mansion on Xbox 360 about 5 years ago, I had no clue how rare it was, pulled a flint and steel out of the creative inventory and burnt it to the middle of the earth

Linzers Syke

1:50 what a nostalgia

Mayur Deepak

You can find enchanted golden apple under woodland mansion

Rema Sailesh

Wadzee:Accidentally finds a woodland mansion
Me:Spawns in a village in front of a woodland mansion on a random seed world

Karl Ebio

Did you see the big chicken their in the woodland mansion

Fionn O Brien

why was the intro actually funny. buddy features jaystation or sumthing haha

Tokyo Addictions

2:30 you son of a I thought that was a person at my door

roblox MuizzKarimi


Jayden Chen

there were two of them right in front of each other when I spawned

Mitchell Oreskovich

U can get tridents after when the drown throws it

Nicklas Ørbog


Azim Comel

He all look at time 2:54 there í a flying thing Hey wadzee what is it

Void Axle Box

7:33 I though WadZee's pickaxe broke and shrrek so hard huehe

Nate Squires

Once I spawned next to one


Fun fact: I got no fun facts for you

Jaeden n09


Ali Alasady

More like our mom

Yvng indi Antwerp

Build a mansion or take that mansion doen

Farhad Akhtar

live insaan fans like.:)

Thomas BurdThe3rd

The RuneScape 99 woodcutting clip really hit me in my feels :(

W.D Gaster

Fck Lazar beam you're WAY better than him!!!!


14:02 Another Diamonds!!

Venom XX

1:49 what the name of this game
i just noticed that is a line for rap

Aditya Jain CHESS

trident is common in bedrock

Isaac Dulaney

hes like no tridents aready he looks in his invitory wtf is that

izzyjust playin

that door knock scared me for life bc it was 200am and I'm not supposed to be awake

Grass Adams

Well I didn’t know there were hidden rooms in the mansions


Ehguh 5:10 lol

Hermann Fegelein

lol ı got my trident first try

Random Writer

Thank you for shouting out my other account

Ramjan Mohamad

You can find two diamond blocks in wood land mansion


collects dark oak wood

shows a spruce door


Jshi games

The door ) : , why tho

Maks Umek

you should be able to make a totem of undying farm out of a woodland mansion


dude, most woodland mansions have a secret room on the roof with a block of diamond covered in at least 8 obsidian

Its_Birdclaw p

He didn't have mining fatigue on he waited till it was off

DN - 06BB 909616 Tomken Road MS

If you get lucky you can find a spider spawner in the mansion and at the top if you break in you can find a chest with GOD loot. Once the chest there had a Diamond chestplate with Thorns 3

recordings 4u!

I got 8 tridents in a row

zainab atwi