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Hi friends! Welcome back! Today I'm sharing a fun farmhouse decor haul with ya'll! And you can come decorate with me! I hope it gives you lots of decorating ideas and inspiration! Love ya'll! xo Amy

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Grace Smith

Love your new sideboard and how you decorated it!

Julia Bernuy

I like the haul

Mrs Osorio

I love the soap dispensers! I clicked on the link but it said it couldn't be found

Janice Parker

What do you do with the decor items that you accumulate?

Wanda Conklin

I have to say that your home is the most peaceful and beautifully decorated home of all the YouTube channels I watch (and that's alot). I look forward to each and every one of your videos!

Shelbi Callahan

Love it!!!

Lauren Sawyer

I recently bought some Fall decor too :-) You are right that if you don't get certain items now, they will sell out. I'm also a fan of the Red Leaf Home candles. I got the Orange Blossom one from Homegoods. Such a fresh, citrus smell! The one you got sounds really good too!

At Home I'm Mum

Loved this! I often diffuse orange neroli. It' so so calming. If I add vanilla it's absolutely my idea of transitioning to Fall.


I love the black sideboard!!

Kathy Binkley

Hi Amy, I love the new things that you bought. I really love that black cabinet. My house is farmhouse but we actually do live on a farm, however, I'm adding more black to my home and I'm loving it. I really like that piece, I think I'm going to check it out on Wayfair. Oh I can't wait to see the new bathroom.

Amy Fritz

Hey friends! Hope you enjoy today’s decorating video! Make sure you check out Skye’s channel!

malvia harris mcpherson

Great items love them.

Bonnie Trott

Love all you got. The sideboard is lovely. Loving the asparagus cute! Have a great day.

Ivy 1908

No judgement at all! I love fall decor!!!

Mary Kay Cole

Hi Amy! I have already bought a few things to decorare for the Fall!!! @Crystaltara made me do it with the Rae Dunn pillow I love that print

Melissa Piscitella


Kelley Beecher

I love Ann of green gables and that is the perfect saying for fall! Your new side board is beautiful. Love your decor.

Gail Freese

I had to laugh when you were talking about your candles. Who cares if it's not socially acceptable to burn fall candles in the summer. Girl, it's your house, do what you want. Sometimes I like to smell a spicy candle so I go for it. Who's gonna know lol.

Sharron Wolfe

Really enjoyed this video, and would LOVE to know where you got the framed print of Colossians 1:10! Years ago following a house fire a friend gave me a new Bible with Colossians 1:9-10 written in front with her signature. Those verses have such special meaning to me, and I would love a copy! It’s beautiful!

tracy hopper

Hi Amy! I was just wondering where you all got your shutters that are on your windows. I love all your videos. You have great style. Thanks for sharing all you do.

J. Christian

Great haul!

Bianca Condurache

Great video Amy,so nice to see you and all that beautiful stuff

Julie Castor

Not even going to lie, I have already been rewatching old fall videos and buying some fall decor to get some inspo ready for fall. It’s my favorite and makes me happy!

Jessica Smoker

I love the Anne quote sign! ❤️ I’m tempted to buy one!

Kimmie M

Oh I love the Fall sign! I have the Velveteen Rabbit book page in my bedroom from the same shop.

Tammie Currie

Oooh I gotta have the Anne Of Green Gables sign, thanks for sharing!

Tammy Motteshard

We need to stop apologizing for buying or decorating with stuff that makes us happy. If you want to burn a Fall candle in July burn it. If you want to decorate for Fall in August go for it. If you want to listen to Christmas music listen. Do what brings you joy. ♥️

Joyce Taggart

So cute! you have good taste. It is fun just to pick up some little thing when you are not looking for something major. I do that to. it makes you feel good. Thanks for sharing and I will be watching for the next things. Joyce

Corliss Lopes

Loved everything you got

Magallon plus 8

Amy,I’m in love

polina mavrogeni

Joanne Prince

Ashley Patterson

I’m obsessed with that sign! I’m so ready for fall

Darlene Prosser

Hey Amy, your such a joy to watch. Thank you for sharing your finds and decorating. Have a great week

Frances Castruita

Hi, love your decor, where did you get your blue green jar on your mantel?

Jennifer A

I discovered House & Holme a few months ago I love her channel and her decor ! I also love your decor we shop and the same places so I love it ! As a matter a fact I went to Hobby Lobby today because of you I just think the black arch with the wreath in your house is so pretty I bought a similar one today! So I’m going to copy you I hope you don’t mind :) P.s. also bought some fall decor it’s my favorite I just adore pumpkins !

Devi Strom

You find the cutest decor! Can you just be my personal shopper?


Thank you for sharing. This my new favorite YouTube channel for decorating. You are so talented!

Dawn Gamez

Love it!❤

Rita Layman

Can you please post the link to Kirkland’s basket. I cannot find it. Love your ideas. Beautiful house.

Green Cottage Goods

Great finds! Thanks for sharing!

pam moylan

I love the giant picture.

Leah’s Family Diaries

Please tell me where you got the pedestal that your soap sits on?

Diana Hernandez

Do you mind telling me the name of your granite if you know it?

Janet Smith

Loved this video and EVERYTHING in your haul‼️❣️‼️

jennifer kwak

I have always loved Anne too!! Such a nice haul girl♡

Sarah Burks

I absolutely love your style!

Robin Lane Lowe've done it again Amy....inspired us to get on amazon for some new decor ha
I tell ya, all of us who strive to design our home's like "Amy Fritz" could probably start a channel just about that hehehe
Love love everything as always.

Alexandra Perez

Love it

Susan Matthews

I am sure it is not the same one but we have a Farmer's Table in D'ville with a sweet shop next door. Love that place.

doris leary

Great finds ❤ your decor.

Irma Pereira-Rivera

Can't wait for Fall my favorite season , looking forward to Fall

Cleaning Therapy

Great haul, Amy!

Robin Johnson

Great finds. Love those towels and the cute little herbs

Charisa Martin

Gurrrllll.... I absolutely LOVE FALL! I can't get too excited about it around here because you know not everyone is as excited as we are about it

Heidi Sonboul DIY

I love all your new finds. SO FUN and pretty.
Happy Monday Amy girl :)

Sondra Six

I don’t know how I missed this video. So glad It popped up. I always love your videos.

Audrey Place

Hi Amy, I l noticed the green glass vase on your mantle. Did you put the rope/twine around it, or did you purchase it that way. It looks very nice. I have a green glass vase in my bedroom and now am thinking to add some rope/twine to it after seeing yours. Thank you, love your videos.

JoAnn Conway

Fresh baked pies sign was recently at World Market.

Paula Lang

I bought the same exact candle this weekend!!! I have learned during this time of being home due to COVID is that I am going to surround myself with what makes me happy and it's my home/house and so it doesn't matter what "season" it may be from! I LOVE that side board!

deb anderson

I just love your videos, can't wait to see your bathroom.

Cheryl Miller

Hey Amy! Love the new decor! In fact, I bought the same vase from Hearth & Hand! You are very inspiring and adorable! You have amazing taste. Also...I already saw Skye's vlog & placed an order! LOL! Can't wait to see the new bathroom makeover! Take care and see ya soon!

Shan Allen

Farmers Table

Jennifer Cox

I absolutely LOVE The Farmers Table! They have so much cute home items and teacher gifts.....the food is always fresh

Miss K

I always want to know where you got your pillows on the chairs in your sitting area (where you drink coffee ☕️

Shamall Graham

Great finds and I do love your new table, its very nicely decorated. I like your style girl.

Patty Archer-Wahl

Your decor is beautiful! Love your channel and inspiration ❤️

Lisa Marie

Good morning Amy! Beautiful sideboard! Love that circular basket as well ❤️ You have such great taste in decor!

Laura Ashley

It's beautiful! I love all of it. ❤️


What happened to your aqua colored cabinet/ bookcase that was previously in the spot where you put the new black sideboard? I hope you moved it elsewhere in your home! It was so pretty!

Deanna Berglund

I am a new subscriber! I like decorating videos !

Lauren Howarth

Absolutely love farmhouse decor. Currently posting videos about my upcycling projects and vintage theme in my house. This is great inspiration xx

R. House

I’m not even a YouTuber and you should see my Etsy cart right now, it’s all Halloween and fall decor! I mean it’s next on the list holiday wise of things that I “need” (

Ruth Adelbai

Gina Maria

Hi Amy, love everything looks great, also LOVE the black sideboard I have black and white all over my farmhouse ... Where did you get your lantern oil defuser ? It’s so cute

Natalie Pittman

Hey Amy weird question who was the Amazon giveaway winner?I know weird question but love the soap dispensers I will definitely be ordering those!

Audrey Place

I bought one fall item in July, most recently... your are not alone. :)

Allison Jones

Love! Fall is my Favorite Season! Cannot wait to start decorating! And I love your black dress! Please share!

Maureen Davidson

Farmhouse glam? Upscale Farmhouse? Sophisticated Farmhouse?

Michelle Kahler

I can’t wait to see your bathroom makeover x

Lakyn Buskell

Will you consider doing a video on your favorite artsy Shops? I’d love to buy more decor pieces from small businesses!

Lo bello de ser mama

I'm in love with your decorations

Heather L

Love all of your new decor! I’m in the Atlanta area (Marietta) - is the place you’re talking about in Douglasville? I would love to check it out!

Erica: Simply Light Candle Company

Yayy I was wondering where you got that sideboard table! It is soooo gorgeous!

Diane Johnson

I just love your new side board. I love the black!

Andrea Jones

Hi Amy. I also subscribe to Skye’s channel. Been loving it too. Great haul today. Your new table is so nice and love it in black too. Is that a new lamp on your table? It’s so pretty.

Kristina Rosina Taylor

Love your decor!!!

Elizabeth Orellana

Girl you make me want to go shopping and get everything I still need to finish furnishing/decorating my new home but then there covid-19 & I get sad


Beautiful piece!


I love summer, but I'm always ready for fall lol. Great haul Amy

Janina Valdemar

Where did you find those cute plant holders that are hanging near the sink??

Tina Busby

Great finds! Where did you find the vase on your mantle?

Elo Elo

Could you please give me the link to the black accent cabinet

Michelle’s Motley Crew

Hobby Lobby has almost all of their Fall decor out and I couldn’t resist on a few pieces! Your home is so beautiful.

ebru Servi

Lucrece Anderson

Love Your decor, come to my house.


Hey Amy! Where did you get your black dress from? I NEED!

Sharon Vasquez

Question? What size is it? Thanks

maritza bravo

Hi, where did you bought your basket that has macrame or tassels?

Sherrie Brown

Love, love, love everything! You're new furniture piece is perfect and adds to your favorite room beautifully. The haul was great too and plenty of decorating ideas.