Dan Hardy talks To Greg Hardy whilst visiting American Top Team

Dan Hardy talks To Greg Hardy whilst visiting American Top Team

33 161 views | 17 Jun. 2019

Dan Hardy talks To Greg Hardy whilst visiting American Top Team


I’d love to see Tom Hardy visit AKA in San Jose ca.

Tom Hampson

Minecraft?! Was not expecting that answer!

Todd Johnson

geez.i didn't realize how big hardy is.i think he's gonna have a good career.


Man this was a real, hardy interview.


He kinda looks like a mutant version of the Hodge twins lmao


Shame on you promoting this fucker Dan

Lewis Riches

Is this the guy that kicked the crap out of his Girlfriend?


Greg Hardey is a LHW, bro needs to get down and get in shape.

Do You See What I See Productions

Is that a tattoo of Dana White on Dan Hardy's leg?

Sean Duffy

Seen the guy in a different way nice 1 Dan


Its interviews like these and channels lile rhonda's YouTube channel that make me change my opinion on the person...muchrespect

Poppa Piff

Dan keep these gym visit videos up, so dope! G hardy finally being more relaxed, chillin and opening up. real cool dude.

Paul Owen

Quality content.

Kamiko Senpai



that was brilliant, could watch this for hours

Edward Paine

Great interview

Kayne Daly

Give the guy a break, who hasn't made mistakes in the past? I sure have.

Sanjar Umarov

Did he throw you on the pile of guns behind the scenes?


Nice to see that he is humble and literally living in dorms when he could live in penthouses on south beach. People mess up. Touching s woman is bs but you have to be able to atone and move on. Keep being positive and giving back.

Daniel Patrick Dwan

Juan Adams will be a very good test for him

דור כהן

Greg Hardy for the goldd

mickey jericho

Where are Matt and Jeff Hardy.


put these 2 in the nxt video game !!!!

Abdulrahman Alhumidan

I will never deny or request to deny a man from making a living. However, until he admits his wrong doing and show remorse, I won't forgive him for that.


Greg Hardy has really understood how he needs to approach fighting & the sport. Come in humble, head down, clean the mats, realise you have a long way to go but retain the confidence that you are a supreme athlete. Lot's of reasons people throw around to hate the guy, and I won't argue those, but everything i've seen from him I've liked, and I'm interested in watching how he does vs. better competition. No co-main event though. Juan Adams isn't a top 10, but he's a legitimate step up.

Matthew Hodges

For his past ion judge him Greg seems like a different cat more humble and determined as well as respectful

Soulbound - Classic WoW PvP

Minecraft hahaha


The Hardly Boys! Two young wipper snappers with a knack for solving mysteries.


I always thought Greg was a prick but he seems like a good guy.

GED Gert

Cool dude

Shane O'Mac Tastic

Great interview, I hope he really is turning his life around for the best.

Charles Christian

Both sitting eagle eye dam

Nick The Greek

Great interview I had a complete different idea of this guy I’m a fan now

Frankie Cal

Nobody rips off athletes better than the ncaa's an Olympics.

the next guy

Tag Team Match - Dan Hardy & Greg Hardy vs The Hardy Boyz

Danny Dreadnought

Can Hardy contain my excitement.


Why visit that piece of shit. Fake as jon jones but even worse in real life. Watch "pico" show up on his tests and ufc protect him aswell to keep this sjw agenda up. Pathetic


Just need heather hardy. The hardy clans.


whilst=i didnt go to att to talk to this remorseless dude who hit a chick he outweighed by 150 pounds

Trey Love

Being a charismatic person does not mean you are a good person.


I never realised they shared the same surname haha wow. Dan is legit a sound guy much respect to you sir


brother from another mother


Dan hardy looks like a kid next to greg hardy



Videos Chistosos

No matter how manny annoying golddiggin bitches hardy beats i still love him and i hope he becomes champ the beating he gaved his ex she prolly deserved it


He is really good at this


Who takes it Greg Hardy vs Juan Adams?

Dylan Piazza

if he can reach his potential and remain focused and humble thats a future champion. athletically hes one of the top guys around, period, let alone in the heavyweight class. if he can temper that with skill and developing into a fighter hes going to be a nightmare. he could be what people thought Ngannou was and what they wanted to be

Sunrise Pups

Great interview Dan

Sg Cr

What could Zion W. Do in MMA?!!?

Luis Flores

I love this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can feel his killerness through the phone it feels great


To all Greg Hardy haters;

First and most importantly here, I’m not okay with people hitting women at all. However I don’t believe people should be judged their entire life by one mistake, I believe in a path for redemption for everyone who’s done fucked up shit If they see the error of their ways and try to become a better person. In all actuality and reality you don’t know him. You don’t know his ex. You don’t know the situation. You don’t know their relationship. You don’t know how much he regrets it. You don’t know shit but your very quick to judge because you think it makes you sound righteous, honourable and morally sound but all you’re really doing is judging people you don’t know on the internet. That is not honourable or righteous. It’s sad and pathetic really.

Obi Ant Kenobi

Hope one of you pair notice this or one of the Raptors as I’m wondering how you feel about creating a Full Reptile subreddit for us to have talks on all things MMA .
Perhaps a raptor could run it until there is some moderators to help with it .

I’d give my right knacker to get a Outlaw AMA at some stage.
And can also use the subreddit to ask any questions or a query for when the next podcast drops instead of you getting bombarded with emails and on social media n the like .

I do know that anyone can create a subreddit but I’d much rather we had an official sub instead of a fan made one .

Any road sorry for the essay comment but I didn’t know any other way to suggest it lol
Ps great interview and guest as always G

Gary Stancavage

I know everyone makes mistakes and ppl shouldn't judge others. You don't know the events that lead to Hardy's situations but I love watching him fight ND really hope he sticks around! Let's goooooo Hardy!!! Give em hell brother,!!

Gorilla Mode

You can only root for this guy...everyone makes mistakes. He goes from a pro football player to living in the dorms at ATT

Also we all knows girls can be crazy

Tim Elliott

people need to be honest with themselves and the world... sometimes good people do bad things


fuck this woman beating absentee father pos

Luis Flores

Fuck u watched it a week after the fight Hardy the man

UFC Time

Dan Hardy's brother -from another father


Great setup, Dan.

choi bee

i beleive greg hardy will starch big mouth juan adams and prove haters wrong. they say greg has stamina problems nah not true juan adms will get tired first


I dont want DC to loose in particular although i am a huge Stipe fan, but id just love JDS to beat Ngannou, and for Stipe and JDS to have the rubber match for the belt. The first is still my favorite heavyweight fight. I know JDS is getting on a bit but if any fight was going to drive him, Miocic 3 for the belt would be it. :)

Shane Davis

I'm proud of this guy... good for him for starting over.


WOW Hes living upstairs in the dorms ! Just gained mad respect for the guy !


DOPE!!!! looking forward to watching more Hardy in the ring. Great interview!.

Brandon Wells

Full reptile vs full woman beater

Samer Salama

guess dan is a dipshit who's fine with polishing the image of a wifebeater


Breaking news: Greg Hardy has made weight for tonight's fight with his girlfriend.

Shane M

I really feel like Dan Hardy is a super humble man who brings out the best in everyone

Video Start Time Helper

This episode of The Hardy boys gives me a major clue.


Great Interview!

johny a

Great interview, ATT has alot of interesting fighters. Please more interviews!!


i like this dude. yes he did something horrible in his past but he paid the price and people need second and third chances. im pulling for him.

Julian Lang

Can't wait to see my boy Greg Hardy run threw that heavyweight division like a bowl of jello!!!


Huh he's playing minecraft and no man's sky? okk i see you Hardy


Dan Hardy is just too good at this shit man. He really does get people talking with great questions.

Dafydd Johnson

dudes legit sociopath. could easily see him saying some cold dark shit to someone

Matt Parsons

Imagining this absolute unit of a man playing Minecraft brings me joy


Unsubscribed for supporting this piece of shit.


Good to see Dan Hardy talking to his little bro

Carolann Hopes

https://www.youtube.com/user/ORBITALAURORA check this out dan


My god he's a giant man

The Son of the BattleCry

He's gonna beat down that Shrek Adams

Royal Pain

He very well may end up being that dominate. Great interview, scary mother fucked indeed.

Aniruddha Sharma

Feed him to Francis.

gabe hud'on

Minecraft... definitly never saw it coming!

get prepared not scared brian frumps

You're a fool....for celebrating this asshole...

PeeJay Torres

I cant believe Greg Hardy plays No Mans Sky lol

Josh Thorpe

Are these guys brothers?


I want to see Greg hardy swang n' bang with the black beast


Oh shit only the real ones play NMS, I was NOT expecting Greg to name drop that game. Respect traveler!


This is gonna be a HARDY helping on content


(Dan) How this journey so far

(Greg) It beats going to jail for domestic violence

Lup Lewis

"I'm always winning "lool let's see how you do when you actually fight a decent opponent.


Greg “The women beater machine” Hardy


I know Greg Hardy is big, but man they really have him out angling tf out of Dan lmao

Jez Outram

Gotta say I like Greg hardy a bit more after this interview

Chris Burgess

So good !!!! Really enjoying these interviews

Nunchuk Steev

Dan Hardy over here treating people like humans and shit...


Imagine if greg would have grown up learning MMA. Dude would have been a powerhouse heavyweight.