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DIY Small Bathroom Makeover on a budget! I'm sharing easy ways to update your space and renter friendly ideas. Hope this help you get creative during this tough time. Be sure to check out FY and save 25% off your order.

Items used:

Art Black Beauty & Grass art Prints




Candle Stick


Vanity -Lowes




Hand Towel

trash can

Wood Trim



DIY Mirror Frame

Extreme Bath Makeover


Room Makeover





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Camera Equipment

Music I use

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FTC: This video is sponsored by Fy. I am so exciting to be partnering with Fy and grateful because I was able to makeover this bathroom with their help!

Eva Mendoza

As soon as u enter the bathroom, you will see the horse head reflecting on the mirror. That would freak me out if I’m going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

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Debbie Stott

You make it all look so effortless. So clean and pretty. Love it Emily.

Honey Leth Superable

I really love what you are doing all the diy decorations and transformations in every corner of your home.❤️ Super duper love it.



Sandee Hiatt

So helpful and I love your comments as you go through the project! Thank you!

Lucy R.

Wow!! You are amazing. You gave me the motivation to tackle it myself. Your husband is blessed.


Simply beautiful ❤️

Sophia Garcia

Simple yet very elegant ! Thanks for sharing your ideas !!!!

Luiz Silva

Beautiful . I loved !!!!


Great job!

Melissa Freeman

You never cease to amaze !!! I’m definitely going to talk to my husband about this mirror frame hack!!


I subscribed within 10 seconds of watching my first video of yours

Barb Spellman

Great job, momma!!!!!

Rust and Ribbons

Love seeing you do these projects on your own! Makes it possible for me! Thanks for sharing.

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You are absolutely beautiful it’s amazing to see a beautiful woman doing what you do

Flip Man Dan

Crazy! The house furniture looks astounding. I'm lost for words with how great it looks. I just subscribed! I've been buying dozens of patio sets this last month at garage sales near my town and repainting them and selling them for profit. Would love to get your opinion on my latest patio set video. Let me know! My instagram is @flipmandan

Kristine Cornell

I love your DIY's!!! Gives me such motivation!!!

Red Panda Power

how do you deal with placing and painting the boards behind and below the toilet?

Crystal G

I love watching your projects! I want to do so much around my house but worried I am going to mess something up. You are amazing!

Scott H

Awesome...doing something similar right now, saw this after I started and I'm laughing at the fact that I somehow managed the copy alot of what you did


Where did you find the little curtain for your window? I need one like it for my girl's bathroom

SweetFace Soraya

Wow! You made this look super easy! This bathroom is perfect, thank you for sharing!

Lu Kuzz


Dennisse Rivera

Wow! You are so handy!

J Annibal

So, what was the total budget and how much of it did you spend?

Judy Greene

I loved how you did your
bathroom. My name is Judy Greene and Im going to
be moving in March are by
April. And I realy like how
You did the mirror in the
bathroom. Judy from
St Louis Mo.I just can't not
weight until I move out
Of here and start on my
new home . TGANK YOU AGING

Nasi Architecture

very nice

Tootsla 125

Thank you! Can’t stand pedestal sinks! Nowhere to put stuff!

margaret little

Loved it & have subscribed , new roller or roman blind would look good as the curtain looks a bit dated

jennifer day

LOVE LOVE the horse photo!!

Real Deal

Love it, not a fan of so many plants in one room though. Love how you've done all that on your own. You must have experience doing well that

The Urban Artist

Very good

Patrick Archuleta

Wonderful job young lady totally awesome.

This Mums Pantry

This is amazing! Well done. Your bathroom looks amazing.
New subscriber here - so glad I came across your channel.

Muhammad Hosni

Happy Holidays!


Wow! Can you explain the plumbing part ? Is it really that simple?

Kelly Turner

Thank you so much. I didn’t want to spend a lot. So I’m going to do just this.

Estrella Perez

Omg im so impressed w you! I wouldn’t know where to start or if I would want to!!! You are amazing! Proud of you girl! Looks beautiful!!


As a single lady I really appreciated that you were able to do this totally solo--makes me feel more confident about tackling projects myself. Great work!!!

B. Walker

Oh Momma, you are such a "warrior can-do-anything princess". The part that made me giggle, was the difficulty in removing the lid from the soap dispenser. Super cute of you to have exaggerated that point. (we know other wise-nothing you can't do!). AND TOTALLY adore the horse, of course. XO

Jason Reid

I just discovered your channel and I had to subscribe you are amazing and gifted HGTV should give you your own show. Thanks for the great ideas

Lina Araq'

Love your style


Very Impressive

Brittany K

You are amazing!

Mrs Sonia Bauer

Love it ❤. Is just me but I'm really clueless


I would be afraid of mould, since bathrooms are rather humid environments.

Nikki Morrison

Awesome looks good!


Just subscribed.. I saw 10 other person video channel I kept seeing your comment on the person video I clicked your channel then I started watching..I have to watch n catch up the whole series

Tomes 23

I’m doing this next weekend. Thank you!

kate Whelan

I noticed that you put an edging material of each side of the boards. What is that?!

Jackie Burnett

Gorgeous! Plumbing, I don’t think I could do that! Is there anything you want tackle? NOT YOU!!!!!

Tim Ward

Very nice! You're so talented, skilled... and you're got tools! LOL! Seriously, though, that is one heck of a great small bathroom!

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Nica Rivera

The sink made a huge difference! Good job!


So beautiful

Helen Kiflu

Found you from a comment on mr build it

Jessica Moylan

Ohhh I’m so happy I found your channel! I love all things DIY! I love your style and your tips are fantastic I always save so many pictures I love Pinterest for inspiration. I really don’t like my sink in my bathroom and we are thinking of doing it up so you have a New subscriber ❤️ lots of love Jess

Alan Dunwell

~( ^____^ )~ Very inspirational. I bought wooden flooring for my flat, I bought extra so the extra bits that were leftover. I put it around my bath it looks great. Huge like.

Sharmain Joseph

Thank God you're not rushing the "Fall Season" and just enjoying summer taking one step at a time

Elizabeth Jennings


candice dirckze

you are a genius..super makeover

The wise One

Great job! Looks soo good (I would of had to have my hair in a ponytail

Rickki Saulsby


Veronica Delgado

I had never rented where they would allow me to make such big change.


No shower?

Natalie Wheeler



Your eyes are so beautiful!!

Stacey Jongekrijg

What type of wood did you buy for the shiplap?

Brenda Gisele

This may have been answered already, if so, my apologies but, what size vanity did you put in there & do you have the link?


Que bonito.

syed Pigeon Greece


Theresa Burns

Love it look beautiful

Tonya Lucas Smith

Thank you for this video! The bathroom turned out beautifully. May I ask where you bought you small drill\screwdriver you used when hanging the mirror over the sink?

vernicia mcgruder

This is an amazing transformation!!!! Definitely will be giving this a try

travel vlogs UH

Nice channel,

Amber AA

Can you link the vanity you purchased please?

Bernadette P

I love it!!! It brought so much alive in the bathroom. I did the exact same thing in my guest bathroom of what you were doing in shiplap. You re lucky to be able to put white wood side end corner which I cannot becuase my bathroom wall is not a straight up so I had to do DAP to cover it.

Kimberly Akers

very nice. love your style

Jacqueline Valadez

Great job

Megan Daniels

Your crafty and fix it yourself..

Kimmy D

Love this bathroom make over and the pop of gold the trim around the mirror is genius you ate jus fabulous I love your channel❤️

Rachel Amber

I wanna scratch you


Alright! What a simple and affordable makeover! That vanity, the art, the target planter, ALL of it. Great video!

Denise Jordan

The bathroom is really pretty. Great job.

Márcio Costa o canhotinho do forró

Boa Noite! Estamos por aqui juntos somando ok sempre prestigiando seu trabalho. Te espero nas inscrições pode ser? Bora somar!

Eva H


Lee-Anne Govender

Wow sooo beautiful

Rida yulanda

I put out the red one, sir

Patrick Archuleta

Not only is this young lady beautiful she can work the power tools May my Lord continue to bless you.

Jay 2Q2Q

Very beautiful ☺️

Lori Korstanje

looks great

Holli Yargo

What was your budget and how close did you come?


Good work beautiful

Andrinna Makel

I really enjoy how handy you are it must be nice to have all those wonderful skills no man needed in your projects.

Chris Wilson


Hope In Christ

So pretty! Could you please tell me what the paint color is on the walls?

Aminadab Velazquez

Awesome DIY idea!!!! It is now magically become part of my honey-do list!

Wendy Williams

Beautiful transformation, and the accent wall is fabulous!

Debbie Hudson-Thompson

Love this make over, and the clean softness you gave it. What type of wood did you use for the ship lap wall?