Can You Survive The Massive Tsunami?

Can You Survive The Massive Tsunami?

15 123 039 views | 24 Aug. 2020

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Tristan Goodlette


Jennifer Baisa

Cris is dumb

Michael Tubman

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G&T Vlogs

om nom nom

Korina Solis

10:09 wheres the flash warning


I born on my bday

Chloe A

Why did Karl have to eat the sandwich when Chris lost the first round?

Spider Chan Yes

If I had to be honest I would have just shoved the sandwich deep in the loser’s throat

The Blob Fish Guy

flood escape 2 vibes

Aaron Spatz

Can’t u just swim-

Bryan G

A laughed more a Chris’s hairline than the video

Edythe Victor

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Dylan Couder

Nah Chris should’ve done the punishment... he cheated

Thasin Noor

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4:31 He lejit sound like pennywise

Sammie And bear

When he said subway I was like that’s one of my favorite restaurants

_ bee

I've officially lost my respect for this video SPECIFICALLY for the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie png.

Wavie Yt


Brawler Boy

Did it done!

Kenny Rucker

I scribe

Alex Morales

I hate crihs

Leianna Thomas

I don't know about y'all but Karl is one of my favorites

Unknown Gamerboi

This is the forty third beast gaming video I’ve liked

Timothy Vonshweets

This isn’t even funny anymore their just being annoying

Aysha Shaziya



Karla Morga

When jimmy was saying state of survival ad I was like where is the skip ad button


poor Karl <3

Ivan Cake

MrBeast: The loser has to eat the grossest sandwich in the word
The person that easts it daily: .........

Larry Tores

hi big fan aaaahhh

JohnnyGaming Plays

In my opinion. Karl should not have lost. Chris should have lost

Big Bad Sis

9:28 y’all were too nice to jimmy he has NO MERCY

Gamer Guy :D

Sucks new people can’t join the discord

Daniel Kirk

Just saying I love these videos but Karl's laugh sounds like pennywise laugh and that just creeps me out

mimora linda

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Max Welham

Is anyone gonna talk about that trickshot Mr Beast hit on Karl

Dani Ati

I think it would be cooler if u guys would stop fooling around and so one can actually see who is better
Actually annoying to see all those shenanigans

John Taylor

mrbeast got special treatment


2025 i just brough the worlds buggest tsunami because they say africa doesnt have enough water

cheesy dibbles

Alternate title: the boys get mad at each other playing Minecraft

zehranajam rizvi

Why do you hat Karla

cloner one

Chris: Bans Karl

Karl: Messes with Chris

Chris: Oh so you're just gonna cheat, huh!

Cobra Kai

Yeah this is me interviewer and today I decided I am going to score 100% 14 jan 3 28 not edited I’m going to show u this remeber


Bruh I h8 Chris sm


No,I can’t.

Not Prince

imaging this in reel

Maria Tiska


Kathleen Elias

Love to try the game but my phone is an iPhone 4 sorry. Subscribe to mrbeast. I'm 11 I've been subscribed to mrbeast for 2 years


Note to Jimmy don’t give Chris Banning powers

The Amazing Doge

"Have some wheat thins" - Karl

Cookie 11

I fell bad for Karl because Chris did cheat on him and banned him

Piggynuke 13

Guys hear me out, I think karl can wait.

Lhord Balismon

The kindhearted stool preclinically last because toy immunophenotypically visit amid a precious ex-wife. mammoth, brainy comma

Elyse Farber

guys every mrbeast video i watch I get Mr.beast honey ad like bruh is he controlling my ads or something

Anthony Tan

Chris is the goat

Turner Carson

i clicked link

Mini pie

Nah Chris should be eating that subway easy, cheat asf

Eli Holland

Mr beast I have question

Oscar Hernandez

I love mr.beast he is the best

Noriaki Kakyoin

2:55 when toxic kids survive the gulag in real life

Abdo Gaming

I like Karl more than chandler

Filippo Graziosi

bruuuhhhh no offense but FOR ME minecraft isnt that good anymore

Azucena Chavez

Chris I officially hate you.

Juan Hernandez

The unbecoming throne decisively trouble because tile morphometrically cheat pace a eight hallway. few fierce, abnormal cactus

Friends For Life

Omg . P.s pS Carl laughs “Iike pennywise


Poor Karl

Supreme Memelord

SECRET TUNNEL! I felt that. The only bad part of this vid is when they showed the movie, not the show

Jeremiah Smith


Nathan Arellano

Jokes on u I already had state of survival before this video

Siis Isisis

True reason why mrbeast is a legend gives money yes puts adds on video no


When I was younger I saw an ad about a tsunami warning where I was going for vacation, same week everything. I remember thinking about it all week and ‘waiting upon my death’

AndyMan Fantastic

jusice for karl


i stll dont get why karls shirt is ripped

Joe Mama

The sponsor actually looks really fun tbh

Ultra Glender

Conspiracy Theory: Karl is Sid the Sloth

Vince Playz

Poor I feel bad to him couse Chris keep bullying karl and he keep losing

{ Pia_pie22 }

i feel so bad for karl, OHWELL


Chris cheating wow

L. Kelly Hamann

Mr beast is racist against mayonnaise it is a good condiment JIMMY!

sudarson chakma

No Chandler less fun

Anthony John Tallara

Karl is such a sour loser

Abdo Gaming

I like Karl more than chandler

MrBeast Gaming

Subscribe or You Might Lose an $800k Private Island!

Marco Fernandez

Chris shouldve atr the sandwitch b cuz he cheated by banning Karl twice so i would say that he would automatically lose from that. sorry Karl.


that torn mrbeast shirt pains me because i can't afford one myself

Yara Als

Late meet you I.n the future lol idk why I said dat answer: cuz I’m stupid lol XD


God = Cory in the house...?

?! Not_Alfie52

Imagine being sponsored by state of survival

Sherry Hummel


Olivia Maendel


Kieron Irwan FortHow



Genuinely, Chris should have had to eat the sandwich. He literally banned karl for doing what Chris did to him.


Is this just me or I hate Chris in these videos because he always messes with Karl so hard


when the sponsor happended i thought it was an ad adn i was just waiting to skip the ''ad''

Jiovany Reyes

The family picture

Amanda L

Karl is very swag


Ahahah karl


I want more videos where Karl loses

hilbilly4846 3

Can we get some respect for Karl

Ethan Babosa

It should’ve been Chris he banned Karl twice and he did worse to karl

Sultan Script