Haulover Boat Huge Nose Dive!! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet

Haulover Boat Huge Nose Dive!! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet

138 483 views | 28 Oct. 2020

Haulover Boat Huge Nose Dive!! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet

Welcome back to another episode where man and machine attempt to do battle with Haulover Inlet!

This episode we are back home at Haulover Inlet. Who will take the win this week between Haulover Inlet and the Boats?

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Wavy Boats:


Broncos Guru:


Reel Love

Mystery boat: Everglades 435.

michael wilkinson

Six outboards is a bit excessive - why not a couple of large inboards?

Alex Strassberg Alonso

Mystery boat is a Grady White Canyon I think

Sailfish jack

the mystery boat looks like a HCB

Michel Dawes

Verbal diarrhoea from a boat spotter.....

Shane Scholtz

Dude. U talk way to fast buddy. Cool videos though!

SkyBlazer RC

Seems like midnight expresses are always stuffing


Love it


2:32 That dude lost stuff into the water. Maybe a couple of floodlights, beside the horns, on the front port side of the roof.

Cayman Island

That 60ft Bayliner named midnight express rides like shit.

Captain Craig Sharp

Holy cow that midnight express got smacked

Ray Zickrick

I think we need a new rule. No rounds go to boats that we can't identify. No mystery boat wins.

e pon

You said haulover wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many times.

Seth Stern

That was a smack in the mouth he wasn't expecting at the end.........

rhys greenwell

first mystery boat is a yellowfin


2700hp Jesus that’s insane.


Nah round 5 definitely goes to the midnight that thing took those hit like a champ

Jayden Best


Boss_Man 6000

That Chris craft


The mystery boat is either a HCB or hydrasports not sure of the model though


Are you trying to beat the world record speed reading ffs


if you need 6 outboards... you have an esteem problem...

Chad Mynatt

Another midnight express stuffin the bow. They have a serious design flaw.


We all understand that you collaborate with Wavy Boats but WB posted that Midnight express stuffing two months ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQhm1G7f9QE
Do you just cherry pick different scenarios and boats from random days to create your vids? I think the subscribers would agree with me in that it would be more authentic if you featured boats vs haulover that occur all on the same day.


Haulover is the Beast Slayer!

You're my boy, Broncos Guru! You're my boy!


The Beast strikes again, they should use them for anti-submarine warfare. They make great torpedos.


How about that single engine Mako pushing its way through that nasty. Love old Makos!!


No, the closing boat takes the win over all the other boats or Haulover. Its a small boat with a single outboard, but the captain knew what he was doing. Had the nose trimmed high and the speed up pretty good. Tiny little boat proves its the captain not the boat that wins Haulover.

Jonathan Mack

Those big cigarette boats with no flare look like they’re designed to stuff waves

Phil Chitty

Wow, did we nearly see The Beast defeated? Definitely a win for Haulover to today.


mystery boat is a hydra sport

The Krueger boys

First like comment view

Jeff Ohmart

I tend to favor the boats, but have to agree that Haulover deserves the win after making the last one stuff the bow!
He had the wrong speed for the wave frequency.

Jake Stoler

I think the Yamahas did better than most other bowriders, all things considered. That said, probably smart to turn back in any boat when the waves are higher than the freeboard.

Bill rouleau

Don't agree with the last call.
That boat barely dipped.


Think the SF was a buddy Davis

fladave99 Mills

Beast from the SWAMP!

Michael Lewis

Not so good for them, but man that was awesome to watch! What would you say? Trim that bow up perhaps?

Gage Oliver

That last one is 60 foot? It don't look that long too me. I mean if I put my willy next to it on the screen they're almost the same size and I know willy ain't no 60 feet.

Lance Heckel

Haulover took out the Beast. Never thought I'd see the day. Mother Nature had enough and put her foot down.

Boats vs Haulover

Did that Midnight Express stuff into the wave? Close call...

R Vineyard

Why do they trim that Midnight Express so much with the nose down?

Chris H

What's the advantage of 6 outboards vs. 2 big inboard diesels? Looks ridiculous and a rigging nightmare.

Bait Running

HCB 42 Siesta. Beast!

Radnor Tricksters

Haha. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a big channels videos at 1 view.

Craig Kaschan

That last boat with 6 outboards. Why wouldn’t 27 of them fit ?


I will never be able to comprehend when people slow down

Jonathan Mack

With all respect I don’t know how you couldnt know what a hydra sport looks like


Naw that midnight express sliced the wave and didnt slow down.....

Jon Booth

Oh my gosh . Good one . Haulover for the win is right .


Seems simple. Just haul ass over it. Thus the name....

vince's variety channel

So what I have learned from these videos is that if a midnight express shows up in a video it's probably gonna dive that nose. Idk why it's so common maybe it's the shape and length

john conley

You drink to much coffee.

jmizzle5 !

How are the number 1 and 6 motors on that last boat even in the water?


French Ouiaboo

that Midnight express lost something

fishing flips vlogs

Mystery boat is either a 42 hcb or 42 hydra-sport or 53 hcb or 53 hydra-sport


Those lake boats in the ocean always crack me up.

Jean Carl Lopez Hernandez


Gabriel Bosco

take a video up in cape cod Massachusetts only the big boats go out except for the crazy guys in their 170 montauks


1:35 I don't get these guys with this lake boats...what do they want, desire, expect from a cross at the bar with these kind of waves? Plus, no proper triming, people at the bow, and sometimes to much people o board. Total dumb!

jackson manning

That mystery boat is a yellowfin

Klausi TV

The beast looks awesome! Must be really nice having such an machine 8)

Bob Moore

Did the Beast lose a horn on that dive?

Adam Temple

The lake boats scare me great video

Colton Kazmierski

you need to do some videos at oregon inlet nc


Those midnight express boats seem to nose dive pretty often.

De Caguas a San Juan

Where is my girlfriend in red?

Andy Lam

How the fuck do you talk so fast

Joey Muhleisen

The beast is ugly AF.

Fenton Groff

Somedays ya just gotta get wet!!


Really enjoying your channel. Keep up the good work. Forgive my previous comments


how tho

Josh Williams

How the hell did I get here.


Damian Pardo

i love how the videos are always to the point without any nonsense talk to get to 10 min