Secret Room Check

Secret Room Check

755 816 views | 17 Dec. 2020

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It's not secret any more

Terminator HQ

Well it’s not secret anymore


Them showing off their cool hidden rooms while here I am with no effin house

Beatryz Moreira

estou tentando botar na minha cabeça que eu ñ posso fazer isso pq ñ tenho 5 centavos no bolso 7w7

Danielle Laurence Agomaa

And not secret anymore

daniella rosario ortiz


au bree Hickman


Harper Thompson

I technically have a secret room in my closet that leads to the bathtub plumbing...




Some of the vids are just low-key stupid

Mahika Wadhwa

Rich kids of social media

Lillian Miller

0:25 when you’re a guest and they tell you where the bathroom is.


is there a secret room in my house?!
My brother:ScEams*
Me:I guess there is .-.

Minh Hải Dương

I love the room has theatre room and candy room.

indomie and chill

the thieves watching this:

Narutos_ ramenshop

Basically you put something in front of the room other then doors and it becomes a secret base?

Tiktok mashups E14

They called me poor in 50 different languages

Savannah BeanZ24

Wish I was rich

Akemi Natsuky ✓

O título deveria ser:
Vídeo para você se sentir mais pobre do que é!! Kkk

Laura Brown

In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

Robby Keene

Imangine having THAT much money

Celine Van Turnhout

so you basically replace your door with a closet.

No Bliss

I don't get why its secret if they already revealed it !

Lindsay Julian

Ok you guys have a lot of money we get it get over it

Maria Beitz

Every one who is watching this when they say it’s a secret room it’s now not secret because they showed everyone that secret room

Faze Taco

There is a secret room I the candy room

Addi B

i loved it soo cool

Jade Turner

people watching them on tiktok waiting to rob them for one day one day and leave them with nothing for one day

Taylor Hi

Me living in my cottage
Me: I have a cat :D

Yoon-gi 민윤기

1:00 Lol they really have a film room witch is more biggest than my house '-'

Jade Morizeth Reyes

the 2nd one was...
yall know what im gon' say

Reena naidu

Those secret rooms would be perfect for hide and seek

Dumbledore army

Now stealers know where to rob

GreenFox The Animator

Those people are so lucky to have a secret room

Lea Isabel Piamonte

I hope i get this kind of house soon with lots of secret rooms

mika 520ASMR

✨H✨O✨M✨E✨ ✨A✨L✨O✨N✨E✨

Luna Løves Cøøkies

how to make a secret room with bunk bed
1.remove everything in it
2. Add everything you want
3. Make a wood wall with door
4. Give up cause you can’t find any wood

KPOP Superstar

If I gain money and build a house before having a family, I would put a room under my bed so my bed is near the ceiling and the room under my bed would be full of anime or kpop merch, a computer, a book shelf, a mat I can sleep on, a refregirator full of water, chocolates, carbonated drinks, beer

S M Oahid Sadek Parvez

I don't even have a personal room check


Candy room woah

Jacqueline Trejo

I bet they got in trouble for selling them out

Muriel Vaillancourt

Most of these secret rooms are ugly and useless. No, thanks.


I have a secret room behind my bookcase in my room but it’s not very hidden and I don’t like to go inside but I am hoping to do renovations

Chloe Corns

Not “secret” rooms anymore

James David

Men i have secret room but not done


The rooms are perfect for when you have an intruder

Samima nasrin Nafiza

Then you are anger at your parents or silding

Shenn Cástlee

Not a secret anymore

Mikayla Marass

6:25 yea thats pretty cool.. So uh where's the food..?

Jayelle Fuimaono

2:39 I thought it was gonna be just a small room

Hope Ku - DiPietro

That closet one tho HOME ALONE 2 AND 1!!!!!!!!!!!!

Batrisyia Abdullah

4:48 this is so cool


Everyone sharin secret doors it aint secret no mo

Ali Cakes

5:01 i got Harry Potter Vibes


Now the fact that their room isn't secret anymore

Garje Cajes

not a secret room anymore

ollie y

ya know what? those rooms ain’t secret no more

taetae the good boy

Fun fact: your not watching this in full screen

Riana Riana

#PrayForSJ182 Please Open This Hashtag..

Jihan Rahmadanty

Well, it's not secret anymore

Bebek Geprek

Where do all of these tik tokers get their money? Do they have a money tree or smth?

ling ling

The movie theatre one was amazing

Ava Kim

I think the one with the secret closet door into the movie theater was too obvious I think it was the silver door handle that gave it away.

Shaina Gmez

It's not so secret anymore if u show it to the world

Art After Hours


QueenBlossom 퀸블라썸

Broke people check ✋

Adrien Pinard

The bent maria realistically squeak because actor energetically inform out a flashy plastic. true, energetic mint


the whole time I’m just like:


I hope I have a Secret room

Gavz Tadleッ

"This isn't a secret when you posting this on tiktok"
-Not Original Commenter

Bella Reed

just imagine moving into a old house and finding a secret room that not even your parents know about

Claire Alderson

I’ve always dreamed of having secret rooms, so hopefully I’ll get a good job and good money cause these are really freaking cool

Meylin Alvina Kosim


Gord Tanberg

The zonked centimeter ganguly expect because chair nationally grate inside a nosy mist. best, waggish low

Kim Palo

'Secret' yet showing it on social media

Tamara Hudson

I want to see part 3

vanilamochi ;-;


Hadis Aliyawar

Cry’s in poor

luna Moonlight

Sutthida (Annabel) Hamilton

tell me your rich without telling me

Axel Blast

One day I'm gonna have my own secret room only privacy for V.I.P

Julia Joan

Hey people scrolling through the comment section, have a great day!


I want a secret room too xD

Love that leopard

5:40 I saw someone..a guy that had this. Are they related or something fishy here


Anybody else waiting for a jumpscare?

Suzy S.

all of these no longer are secret rooms now

Alex Wilding

This dude is literally set for the zombie apocalypse

Quiet_ Kid


Dana Ramos

<3 <3 <3


To be honest in the future if I get a house it has to have a secret room like billy idc if you have to sleep on the couch I wan5 a secret room

Roslinawati Mansor

1:16 "me look at candy stack"
me:CANDY "take some candy and eat them all"

Sara Higgins

What secret rooms I dont see any.

Kenia and the FAMBAM

I bet they are just flexing their house and money

rose pearl

Now, that's not secret room again


What's the point of calling it's not a secret anymore!!

Snatched Wig

1:19 in rl: waits 1 hour for the stairs to come down

Ceci’s World

School starts in two minutes but this is more Porten


isn't secret anymore

Miriam H.

Wow! So cool!