UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Kattar Full Card Predictions

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Kattar Full Card Predictions

16 773 views | 9 Jan. 2021

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We're getting set for UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Kattar with a full slate of wild fights capped off by a major featherweight booking between the former champ Max "Blessed" Holloway (21-6) and "The Boston Finisher" Kattar (22-4)!

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2020 Prediction Results:

Craig - 287/441

Matt - 267/426

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Kattar

0:00 Card Intro & FOTN

9:22 Austin Lingo vs. Jacob Kilburn

17:04 Sarah Moras vs. Vanessa Melo

26:10 Ramazan Emeev vs. David Zawada

34:17 Nik Lentz vs. Mike Grundy (Out)

41:53 Justin Tafa vs. Carlos Felipe

51:21 Omari Akhmedov vs. Tom Breese

1:02:52 Wu Yanan vs. Joselyne Edwards

1:14:59 Nassourdine Imavov vs. Phil Hawes

1:24:44 Punahele Soriano vs. Dusko Todorovic

1:31:57 Joaquin Buckley vs. Alessio Di Chirico

1:39:35 Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Li Jingliang

1:51:52 Carlos Condit vs. Matt Brown

2:01:32 Max Holloway vs. Calvin Kattar

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Nick Rodriguez

Matt with the goatee?

Dave Baker

Edwards over Yanan.

Dave Baker

I'm taking Akhmedov over Breese, but this is the closest thing to a pick'em on this card.



Ali KholangiBaz

What is the safest 3 leg parlay for big money?

Joker S

It is what it is

Nick Rodriguez

I got kattar by knockout

Jason Brown


Dave Baker

I'm taking Grundy over Lentz in a decision win.

Ryan obrein

People sleeping on max he's a killer and don't forget what zabit did to kattar

Valery Chekmazov

Used your code to treat my balls and got mansxaped. Now my nuts look like Ben Saunders

Dave K

What a promo you guys cut.

Clay Loizou

I hedged Di Chirico on a ticket, because fence-pushers sometimes frustrate my picks, but I think Buckley wins this, probably by R1 KO.

sunburnttongue 17

matt rockin the goatee! let’s get into it boys

Dave Baker

I'm going with Moras over Melo in a fight that it seems like the UFC just wants to get rid of of the loser. Heck, even the winner might get the axe.


Happy new year fellas


Matt: "you know it's not a very good sign when Craig starts the video not saying "I'm really excited for this fight""

Josh Morton

Felipe has a tremendous chin. That's a real problem for Tafa when his best hope is a KO.

McPigeon Dr.

Fight of the night : Todorovic vs Puna

Rene Summerson, Jr.

Adding the time stamps is next level


Great video once again guys, thanks!

Nick Rodriguez

been spending all our lives living in a wrestlers paradise


So glad y'all are back! Ready for question mark kicks this weekend!!

Leon Nestestog

This is the best to watch right before the fights

Dave Baker

Give me Felipe over Tafa in a decision.

James Lake

"Bethe has not very high fight IQ but she knows what to do and where to be" -this is fight IQ

Juan lopes

Shot Out From Brazil!!! U guys are the best

Ultimate Supreme Leader


Connor Peterson

Love it !


I'm ready to get back into it hahaha

Average Joe

Guys why does your video say Emeev has a 76in reach when Tapology says he has a 68.5in reach?


“Rachel Ostivich, who you know from....fighting...”

Jack Bowen

So hype FNP predictions are back. Just wanted to let you know you missed Simon vs. Pirrello. Let's get into it!

Alex Martinez

Here we go!! Lets start 2021 off on a good foot, let’s get into it, boys!!

tyson jordan


Dave Baker

Condit over Brown.

Sum Solution

Craig Allen a -1000 favorite over the +425 underdog Ariel Helwani

Phoenix Graves

Is the Yanan vs. Edwards fight at 125lb? If so, I don’t think you touched on the fact that this is only Edwards’ second bout at flyweight if so. That could be a factor in the cardio if she can’t finish it early, in my opinion.


Nik Lentz is the best dog on the card. I got him subbing Mike Grundy.

Dave Baker

Todorovic over Soriano in a 2nd round TKO. Looking forward to this one big time.


I got kattar. He will end The blessed era

Ron Sizzle 402

Let's go max

David Gonzalez

Here all 2021


Lentz wins.

Joshua Hyatt

Kattar by decision. Just the better boxer. Max doesn’t throw with power

SaVon Shagnastee

The Mickey Ward sweatshirt is DOPE!!

Capper Comparison Picks

Welcome back Guys! Great Breakdowns and predictions as usual! I used some of your picks for another Capper Comparison Picks video: https://youtu.be/F2tpf_59TBw As always, Thanks for the great content!

Max The Goat


Dave Baker

I'm going with Emeev over Zawada in a closely fought decision.


Hi, thanks for the video. Can I check your effectiveness somewhere?


Matt's facial expressions


Stephen Thompson is also a Black Belt in Japanese Jujutsu, for what it's worth. But I forgot Wonderboy doesn't rate around here...

:P Just messin' around. Much love guys, happy 2021.

Dave Baker

Buckley over Di Chirico in a 2nd or 3rd round TKO.

Ааа А

Kattar takes it, Max is done. Kattar by unanimous decision

Jim Dearman

Holloway vs Kattar Fight of the Night surely... I'm excited for war!!

Dave Baker

So excited to see Ponzinibbio back and, if the long layoff and advanced age don't take their collective tolls, I see a win over Jingliang

Chelsea Gibbons

Sorry if you said it and I didn't hear, but is it still the small cage or the regular cage in Fight Island?


Breese fight cancelled! Same with grundy fight

Jesse L

Fuckin love you guys! Thanks for awesome and consistent content!

bazza raphael

Thanks guys! Exciting card(here's to smooth balls lol) matt will be doing the manscape beard trimmer soon lol!

Dave Baker

Give me Imavov over Hawes.

Dave Baker

Can Matt do better than Craig this year? And I'm going to keep track of my own predictions to see how poorly I fare against our FNP experts!


Yoo boys when is the magney vs chiesa coming out?


love the manscape plug as always. hilarious.


2021: Let’s get into it!

Juan lopes

Carlos Felipe by Decision
Holloway By Decision
Condit By Decision
Moras vs Melo go to the distance
Buckley by Ko

Robert Senecal

Finally having ufc withdrawals

Pacman Paxson

I'm just here for the best products to shave my balls with. I clipped my sack the other day and it bled like Joe Stevenson when he fought BJ Penn.

Sal Radin

Find someone who nods their head to everything you say the way Matt does

p c

Carlos Felipe by twister


Craig is so funny I enjoy ALL of his music references even though Matt never gets them xD

Angelo Caz

Man this card is

O Howard

*Dale and Brendan from Stepbrothers *

Clare Crow

Hey guys

Dave Baker

I'm going with Lingo in the first bout. Not very impressed with Kilburn and Lingo outclasses him.

PAlive La

Imavov by 2nd round submission win.

Bochi Keni

punahele vs todorovic will be on


@1:02:55. Hahaha!


I always have to comment on how much I appreciate the videos boys!! 2021 let's get into it

Snaccs Gaming

I fucks with the stache boi. Again if i win 100k ill shoot you guys your cash app share

Diego Casas

Good to be back to fights!! Let’s go!!

Dave Baker

You know it's been a while since there was a UFC card when this comes out a full week early.

Capper Comparison Picks

This is a great card! I used your main events picks for another Capper Comparison Picks video: https://youtu.be/sMIWV9Vy_iA As always, thanks for the fantastic content!


Damn so Vanessa Melo had the first 2v1 fight?


Matt is the real life bobblehead

Jonathan Davies

It’s time

Quelll !!!

Yess let’s goooooo

Antics Semantics

Taking Kattar. Max's advantages are his reach and volume striking. Well he's the smaller man for the first time in a long time, and he's facing a harder sharper striker. Kattar can't match him speed for speed, but with his precision counter striking, he'll make his opportunities.

Dave Baker

Holloway in a UD over Kattar.


Luke Thomas wishes he was Matt and Craig Allen.

Pablo Zarabozo

Wooo! All the best for this year guys!
Love this channel


Let’s gooooo so hyped for these fights!! Let’s get into it

Stefan L

For all my Canadian friends, what's your favourite betting site? (ex. Bodog, Betway, Bet365, etc.)
Craig and Matt don't be shy to chime in :)


Can we take a Second too Appreciate Phil Hawes name? Legit Pornstar name

atsuya takahashi

Thanks for the breakdown you guys are great! The best media for hardcore MMA fans already.