UFC 235 Results: Jon Jones vs. Anthony Smith | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

UFC 235 Results: Jon Jones vs. Anthony Smith | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

112 675 views | 3 Mar. 2019

UFC 235 results are below. Spoilers ahead.

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At UFC 235, Jon Jones had a relatively unremarkable fight against Anthony Smith to retain his light heavyweight title. Kamaru Usman positively dominated Tyron Woodley to become the new welterweight champion. Ben Askren scored a controversial stoppage win over Robbie Lawler. Weili Zhang defeated Tecia Torres, Pedro Munhoz stopped Cody Garbrandt, Zabit Magomedsharipov bested Jeremy Stephens and more. This is my UFC 235 post-fight special.

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Soul on FIRE

Woodly didn’t show up for work on Saturday but I also think usman has more heart and will. Woodly didn’t take him seriously

Frank E

Usman's win - Not shocking at all
Jon's win - It's tough to finish a fighter who's fighting to not lose.

Randy Layman

Guys Herb Dean is making bad calls on every card he refs. I've been saying this for a long time now. He has been messing up for a while and we need to expect better


For sure they need to give Johnny Walker a top 5 guy now

NPC000 361

Smith v Jones was the most boring fight ever. Smith just stood there not doing a fucking thing. I was pretty pissed off at the fight.

Nathan Dewey

Jones does this sometimes - he'll carry guys like Glover, OSP and Smith into the fifth. When he's dealing with lesser known guys who are still dangerous, he'll fight very conservatively keeping safety first. I don't even think about the PEDs at this point - I put the performance more on the coaching (especially w/ Greg Jackson).

Wally Morgan

That’s was a good stoppage for the circumstances. Nowhere near TJ fight


UFC should've dumped Rogaine decades ago.

Buju Banton

I see why Jones doesn't talk to Luke. There was nothing wrong with Jones performance Smith is a tough durable guy. Someone as experiences as Luke shouldn't be using MMA math to say Jones should have KOd him earlier is just stupid Smith was in there in his chance to be world champion he gave his all and took his licks.

Merciless Moose

Hey Luke, put on your analyst hat, and tell me:

Was Jon Jones throwing illegal knees and kicks to a grounded fighter since the end of round 3, or not?


anik, cruz, and rogen are great always but i feel rogen does miss a lot and says a lot of incorrect statements and maybe he should think of podcasting it full time. especially when joe doesn't watch the monitor and says shit that he thinks are happening from his point of view but watching it on tv u can see it's not happening.

mali mall

5:27 Luke, he went 5 founds with DC in the first fight, 5 rds with Ovince Saint Preux, 5 rds with Glover Lucas Teixeira and 5 rds with Alexander Gustafsson This is actually the first time anyone has mentioned anything about PEDS regarding this fight until you Luke. (?????)


Uh oh corporate media trying to take Joe down after having Alex Jones on his podcast..


just watched it again i think more and more robbie didnt want a broken jaw and tried to game either herb or ben. he kinda shows it when he accepts the stoppage shortly after insisting he wasnt out. nobody can deny his arm falling to the canvas. was he out or was the dropping arm a split second decision due to ben' unusually brutal squeeze strength? his head was being crushed and the position wasnt going to get better. watch again and tell me robbie was getting out of that.


Winning every single second of the fight is a bad performance for John haaa!

Paladiy_ Victorovich

Jones showed great performance.
U can hate him, but i should be realist

Stacey Coletti

Johnny Walker isn't ready for top competition. Don't rush him.

8Ball Rocco

What up ya donk ✊


For the love of god, Luke, please hire an audio engineer or take a community college class or something! I've been a listener of yours for YEARS and these audio issues have followed you like a specter.

Yohan Artist

Luke left the window open again

Evgen Mentor

Luke is delusional, something went wrong.. . Only don't cry he, stay a man...
Jones did it again. Real fact. He did it for such like you haters


Dude, You are one of the top MMA journalists in the business. Buy a new fucking mic.

Junior Bishop

If you get Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Mohammed Ali, and Denzel Washington and combined them all together, you'll get Jon Jones.

Sonny Belanger

Your mic sck Luke

Dave Mieze

Anthony Smith had all the tools to beat Jones. He should have came out, find his range and throw huge bombs. It could’ve been over in the first round. And, Jones is probably the best ever. But, Anthony could have punched the fuck out of Jon

kev will

jon could of finished Smith but it looked like he didn't want to he just decided to lay on him and pound him out and he didn't want to take to much punishment to get the finish because Smith is durable and he can come back with a ko so jon was careful in a way

Tango Nevada

That's not a bad mic, that's a bad or loose connection, or a dirty pot.


Smith is an ordinary new whiner and bum but with" big heart"... All losers love talking about their " big heart" , but heart with huge potential.... His supporters just hated Jones and nothing more . Smith, in his arsenal , has more than 11 defeats.. So no one surprised when he lost. But
The best part of this story- " sad faces of all Jon's haters"
The best motivation for victory

Luke W

Rogan plays checkers and Dominic plays 4D chess. I don't see a reason for Rogan to be a commentator for the UFC at this point, he is a dusty relic of the past.


Smith done good

Tango Nevada

Worst thing of the night was that stoppage against Robbie. He deserved better. Having not finished Askren when he had the chance was the first problem. Because even if it wasn't for the bad stoppage, I'm not sure that once Ben cleared his head that Robbie was gonna win. Robbie's best chance was to finish when he had the chance. He didn't and that led to what was clearly a bad stoppage.

ツMario TO THE DEATH Yamasaki

This is the most “marine” I’ve seen look Thomas look. Thanks for your service bruh.


I just saw the last episode of the mma beat, and I was that shocked by what I was watching that I had to go check a few other episodes to make sure I wasn't getting it wrong. This fat fuck is just a dick, and quite a huge one... I said "is", definitely not "has". This man has such an opinion about himself, guess his head doesn't come through doors anymore !!! It's unbearable how good and smart he thinks he is. And the level of disrespect towards his "pals" is only amazing, through the roof, especially Danny. It says a lot about this moron. Hey @luke thomas, yes I'm talking about you when I say fat fuck, fucking dipshit. I love how Brian throws right back at you, you know, just in your fucking fat fuck face. The other two, Danny and Chuck if I'm not mistaking, seem to be too nice and maybe don't have just enough self confidence to tell you to go fuck yourself and your "brilliant brain" but I feel like deep down, they must have the upmost disdain for your little character. What do you think genius, only from your "vantage point"?!?! You should try being nice, respectful, and coming back down to earth. Until then, have a good one fat fuck !!
ps: I used quite a few " " just to make sure your genius brain understands as from my vantage point, it seemed necessary. Fucking egomaniac moron


Herb dean is shit just remember the Conor vs khabib fight


My friend and I were rooting for Woodley, but we were nervous that he would lose.

Richard Harrow

Rough night of pics for me. Expected Woodley to land the KO at some point. Didn't appreciate enough the strides in Usman's striking savvy in his fight with RDA and then again coming into this. Completely shut Woodley down. I am just happy to have been vindicated over Conor Rebuesch, Phil Mackenzie and Zane Simon. OF COURSE Johnny Walker was gonna flatline Mischa Cirkonov. Light-heavyweight tells style match-ups to go fuck themselves.

yorknorthyorkeastyork etobicoketorontoscarborough

Luke drunk. Anthony got dominated and put in a shell. He could barely walk after the fight

Michael Hill

Diego Sanchez did the same thing to Micky gal... earlier on before unman woodely

Jacob Kimball

Lack luster performance for jones?!?! R u nuts bro he dominated Smith!!!!!!!

MMA RiffRaff

Luke- I love your feedback and assessments here...but were you a little drunk during this filming? haha

Michael Hill

His arm went limp.... if herb had let it go on and he did go to sleep every one would cry late stoppage

Casey Marshall

It’s statistically impossible for someone to have this many audio issues, please never learn to fly.

Mr Derek

Luke you are wrong about Herb Dean. Based on what you saw determined everything. Robbie's arm went down 100% EXACTLY the same way as Machida's did in the JBJ fight so we must NEVER attack a referee for trying to protect a fighter. Robbie is fine Robbie looked fine and he is going to fight another day so LET IT GO LUKE!


lukes audio has been trash lately.

Barak Ben Moyal

Anthony smith did a lot better than ppl thought? He did literally nothing other than covering up and taking shots.

Tim Rispoli

If wonderboy can come back and get a good win give him a titleshot!

Martin Larrivee

Don't get why Luke is so hard on Jones. I mean, ok he didn't finish him, maybe not his best performance... still he was dominating in every way, almost didn't get touched, had a nice output...Smith just crawled up in a ball and survived. Didn't have any tools against Jones. What do you want more beside maybe the last round that was a bit of a drag?

Tim v1.0

Luke’s analysis is so bad sometimes. He really thinks Woodley, Askren and Colby were crapping on Usman because they know he’s a problem? Colby craps on everyone. Woodley was fighting him. Askren is Woodley’s boy. And on what planet is trash talk a sign of fear? Was McGregor trashing Aldo because he knew he was a problem? Cmon man. Trying to say something profound about everything that happens in the sport use never going to go well.


I feel like analyzing anything from the sideline is so subjective. Like on tv I thought herb dean got it correct. His arm went limp. No one ever just lets their arm just drop like a sac. So he thought he was out. That wasn’t a terrible call.


Does this guy ever actually go to events?

Poppa Piff

rogan needs to stand down from the ufc. love him to death but DC, Cruz, Felder, anik are way better.

Bryan Padilla

herb dean has been messing up a lot lately. he becoming the next Mario. Jones need to stop with the finger extension, he does a lot of little cheats during the fight and of course all the other cheating he does outside the octagon.

Shaun Nelson

New XLR lead bigyin or a new SM7, the audio is awful here.


Lackluster performance??? I thought Jones looked great.

kristian waugh

Fuck that mic I'm out


If you don't know what limp is Luke, take a look at your wiener.

Michael Hill

Anthony smith was like jon's other opponents he was stuck in front of him memorised at the diversity of Jones attacks, He was wasn't able to offer anything different than what Jones has already faced Jones just does everything so unorthodox or to his own style so you can never read what's he is going to do next as well as the fact that if you make a mistake he can hurt you more than you can him.. also his athletic ability iron chin and will as well as his reach... He's the greatest to ever do it, In my opinion


I knew it was a wrap for Tyron as soon as I saw he didn't touch up his fade. When he wins he always has a freshly done up fade

Nolan Kean

Jones is a better fighter than Smith, end of story.
So, if Smiths chances depend on a KO, why wait for it to appear on a magical silver platter instead of going for it?

His coaches probably convinced him his heart can overcome Jones skill

Frank L

You think Jacobs beat GGG? You must've been high while watching. He got knocked down and out boxed but to win he'd have to of won 7 rounds. Plz re watch and show me which 7. I love Danny but he lost that fight.

Vance Lightning

Come for the analysis. Stay for the sound.

TopRight Channel

6:22 Because Cormier and Gustaffson were actually fighting Jon. If you're sparring with someone and you can completely nullify any of their offense with ease you don't necessarily have any impetus to go for a finishing move.


holy fuckin cody garbrandt. if he can keep things together he can regroup, go to a legit striking camp and start over. he's still young enough to be great again. the poor kid needs a coach about as bad as anyone ever has

Casi DeCarlo

26:10 Luke's getting dome under the desk ;p

Stacey Coletti

Your comments about Philly were uncalled for, uniformed and lazy. Do better.


Is Canelo suddenly shit or not on drugs because he couldn't quite get Chavez Jr out of there? Some fighters are durable and their sole intention is to survive the rounds, with little ambition of winning. Even the masters struggle with an opponent like that. Takes two to tango, especially in fight sports.


But Lawler knew what Dean was checking for, give the dude a thumbs up to let him know you can still fight or else it's going to get stopped. Herb Dean did his job, Lawler was the one who is ultimately to blame.


How about Joe screaming "HE'S OUT! HE'S OUT! HE'S OUT!" As loud as he fucking could. Think maybe that has anything to do with it?

Richard Poland

great comments on the commentary

Dafydd Johnson

a lot of ppl thought cub would finish lobov also. makes it no less of a miss match, just means some guys can take a world class ass woopin

Layne Bruh

Start off by dissing Rogan? No way sir.

Wally Morgan

Dude your a dick reporter. Telling people untruths


Colby Covington is the best bad guy wrestler since Andy Kaufman.

Jay Shim

Please clean up your audio, Luke. Had to stop listening around 27:00 due to all the popping and crackling.

Roy Ding

I gotta say that i completely disagree with you on Herb Dean and the stoppage Luke. I dont recall ever seeing a fighter ever dropping an arm like that whilst at the same time not using it to touch the fence, the canvas or grab anything. Herb had almost the same angle s the camera did and i must say that everybody that watched it with me at the very same time thought he was out. Also, there is nothing covering Lawler's ear - im sure that someone referenced robbie not being able to hear herb dean talkign to him, and that is i think, because he was out.

Kakashi Sensei

Why are people making such a big deal that Anthony Smith lasted 5 rounds with Jon Jones because he really didn't go five rounds with Jon Jones more like he survived and just hung around getting his ass whooped for 5 rounds it's ridiculous they make it seem like he was going back and forth with Jon Jones the only reason he went five rounds with him is because styles different approaches for every different fighter Styles make fights you can never predict based off of what's someone does well you must predict off of what that person is


the statements that jon is on ped's cause he didn't ko smith or osp...so fucking stupid he destroyed smith for 25 minutes he didn't do anything to jon. not every fight is a bruce lee movie fight this is real. so gay. smith was awful he didn't do anything the whole fight.

Clay Robert

Luke really off the mark with his take on Herb Dean. That was not a bad stoppage. Robbie was deep in a bad choke, his arm dead dropped.. clear as day.. that is the move of an unconscious man. Yes, as soon as Ben started to let off Robbie came right back, but to say he wasn’t out is ridiculous.

Leo Lionheart

Holy shit Luke. You're mic is absolute garbage. Please get a new one. I could barely listen to this.

Dale L

stop rubbing your fucking beard into the mic!!

Luke Robinson



26:35 Luke's throwing mad shade at Joe lol.
I literally just rewatched the fight, Joe never implied that Kamaru was "tired," but he did point out that Kamaru expended a lot of energy at one point when he threw bombs. in fact quite the opposite Luke. He was shocked at how much Usman wore Woodley out. They were constantly saying that Kamaru could do this for 5 rounds easy. Feel like Luke's just twisting Joe's words for the sake of throwing shade there. I can sense his disdain, you can spot a hater when you see one.

dean acer

Agreed! Rogan is horrible and needs to be fired! Lawler should've won that fight.

Aerial Penn

Luke just spent 15 minutes on that Jon Jones fight? Come on man.


Like, MMA math doesn't add up. You should know this by now. You can't compare Jones fighting Smith and not being able to finish to Jones fighting Cormier or Gus.

Bryan Padilla

i enjoy the UFC broadcast even though Joe tries his hardest to ruin your experience with his terrible analysis. they should stop putting him with Cruz cause Cruz makes Joe sound like a stupid amateur.

Wally Morgan

Do you are a dick

Wally Morgan

Herb is a great ref

FBI whitehousebug

Smith stayed away and could not muster enough confidence to take a chance. Cormier moved in and took chances to win. Jones can do it all.


Only thing quicker than a Johnny Walker KO is a Luke Thomas audio malfunction.

michael preller

That's like saying how can Conor beat Aldo in under 30 seconds but lose to Joe Duffy. Shit happens on a fight by fight basis. Smith (much respect to him for not taking the easy way out) looked more than content going the distance and showed 0 desire to win the fight after the second round. IDK what you want Jon to do. He can't make the dude fight him.

ismail bhamji

Anthony smith dissapointed me didnt bring the fight to jones. Who knows what he was thinking.

Kennon Lee Logan

Sitting on the toilet while watching Luke Thomas go together like Jon Jones and pulsating picograms, science can’t explain either one.

Andre is Anakele

I've never seen someone just allow their arm to go limp like Robbie did. He made it look like he went out.


I think jones needs alot of adjustment to taller fighters. If we look back at his most challenging fights they're all against tall fighters. thats why he'll prob fight 1-3 tall fighters before jumping to heavy weight.

just my 2 cents


Askren wasn't going to fight for the title because it was a bogus stopage. Its likely the fight will be turned into a NC and even if it isn't in the eyes of everyone it was a NC. Askren needs to fight Lawler again and if they don't Askren is still 0-0-0 on the UFC for all intents and purposes.

Jeff Frisse

Rogan is awful. Too much weed, isolation tanks, elk meat and Eddie Bravo. He’s a Martian at this point.


Smith was bad. The only thing he showed was toughness. I thought he came in with a plan and saw it wouldn't work so he got into a defensive shell. Around the 3rd, he decided it was all about making it to the decision. He knew he was wasn't winning


Luke that was pure domination by jones. Smith wasn't effective for a single full round. Jones was a master in there against the more experience fighter.

david bell