Conor McGregor roasting everyone at UFC 205 Press Conference

Conor McGregor roasting everyone at UFC 205 Press Conference

3 903 412 views | 28 Sep. 2016

Conor McGregor roasting everyone at UFC 205 Press Conference

niang nel


Dirty South Bushcraft and MMA

Lol Conor thinks his shit doesn't stink.

Guilherme Almeida

O que o Conor fez ninguém nunca mais vai fazer.

Wayne Friedman

Even now sooo funny....

jesse mcmillin

He said “and Mystic Mac predicts...!” And the crowd for quieter lmao


Who the fook is dat guy epic lol

Zay M.

8:59 this dude

Colby Walker

It’s the fan roasting Eddie for me.


Say what u want about Conor but the average person won’t know the difference between MMA and the UFC. But they’ll know who Conor McGregor is, he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to MMA

Electric 7

The way Eddie made Conor take his glasses off was pure genius.


It’s crazy he has only had 2 mma fights since mauling Eddie


Who the fook is dat guy

Jeff Stryker

8:15 who the fuck is that guy.

Electric 7

The fight that proved once and for all that Santa DOES exist.


you can say what you want. But you need balls to talk like this.. because this means it is not allowed to lose

MLP Shawn

8:19 Conor figuring out where Jeremy is

boom shaka

Who tf is that guy

Nico Petrelli

The best part is.. how he called it all.

eC Prototype

Yo,i cant stop laughing at the "fook McHenry"

AJ Freeney

For some reason it's so much better with PS1 graphics


Conor looks good with mic

Desmond Schinkel

Conor to covid:
You gonna do something over there? You do fu**ing nuthing

Kevin White

Was this filmed with a GOD DAMN POTATO?

ken d

FOOC maahk henry

julio trejo

They laughed at mcgregor and he kod thr fuck of both of them

eric paola

Who else here cus Mcnugget fights again

Nus Wantara

Yoel romero like zakir naik


It’s the change in Jeremy Stephens’ facial expression that always gets me. He’s so pleased with his call out at 8:26 and then the embarrassment kicks in from realising he’s just been murdered 8:36

George wood

Greatest ufc press conference ever without a doubt

Doctor Diploma

Legend has it, he bought and sold his whole bum town...

Spencer Naorem

By order of the foocking peaky Blinders

Vishal Reddy

Conor honestly didn't seem like he was going to roast eddie...but than Eddie had to say "be careful"...


I love watching the others fighters look on while Conor rants! Look at Yoel!

Tim Yac

Love him or hate him, he backed up every word.

John R

man i’m an eddie fan i’m from philly and i gotta say he got fucking clowned



Kiarash SJ

Who is here after Conor vs Dustin 2 was announced for UFC 257?

Winston Smith

The last scene ❤️❤️

Shailendra Tiwari

One nd only Conor legend

bsf777 cricket king


Leonardo Glavan

You knoy they’re shitting their pants when all they have: this guy is easy money

Leave_My_ Game

He said 'I'm gonna take your money but it's all love'

Tom Claxton

Some say Jeremy Stephens is still applying cream he got burned that hard


8:25 lmaoooo legendary

Mac Bailey

"I was fine with the money" no shit mate. God I miss the way conor mentally abused these bums

چورنگی نامہ Chorangi Nama

Conor was great than Khabib happend

neil donaghy

Ah miss this troll king

jesse mcmillin

Gallagher girl

This is the best press conference in the history of the UFC. The amount of quotable lines Conor gave us

Tagan Sherman

Eddie got roasted the hardest by that dude in the crowd

Unknown Az

This press conference is legendary


His best press conference ever

Johnny Rayo

Fuck that pad man lol

Pretty Boy Marcos

Conor itslef make the UFC real deal

Mick T

Fucking gold ! Lmao

Mike Anderson

He amusing for awhile. Then he just gets annoying

Mike Maniaci

I've never seen a guy get the shit beat out of him as bad as Eddie when he fought conor...

Aidy W

This is Connor at his best

Innis Gunn

Is this Duke Nukem?

اكتساح aktsa7

conor is master of roasting and trashtalk lol

Hammad Ejaz

3:03 He was right about needing an army to get the belts of his shoulder cause he never defends.


Mur mur mur mur!!!

Phill Pidgeon

Fook mark henry

Full metal Hackett boxing

My man had a voice crack lol but he was jokes


I love Conners precision and heart and good personality. No wonder he’s so famous in MMA!

Mark G

The way he beat the opposition was impressive tbf. Most fans want stand up and he’s kept the ufc in the news.

Nolan Manauis

5:56 “Im with Mark Henry now and uh since I been with Mark Henry-“ “FOOK MARK HENRY”

Michael Martinez

Who da fook is that guy


Eddie did see in the first round

Stanley GlueGun Kelly


fha gerber

Mctapper oldman hitter

El Diablo

3 most dangerous people in the UFC.
1. MOTIVATED Mcgregor
2. Cocaine Jon Jones
3. 3rd round Romero

Rib Marg

Where is khabib


I hope he bought that fan at the end some shots lmao that was gold

J . wick . 30 years ago

This was the time .


He’s the best shit talker of ever!

Rick Nash

Conor Legend


Conor will always be the

Isaac Fernandez

9:00 that guy is a FUCKING LEYEND hahahshshsh


"The Irish built this city, we're coming back to claim what's ours" Great logic that. Hope his house builder wasn't watching.

Uncle Big Boss 2.0

Mcgregor made so manny fighters bigger then they ever where before.


Fucc mark Henry

Jeff Enigma

9:01 i love this


damn cowboy lol he had new respect when they finally fought but definitely looks bad

JPAC07_ YouTube

everyone talking about jeremy stephens but are we going to ignore the fact he roasted mark henry

Michael Pryor

Yoel in the back thinking "I'd fucking murder you all"

Abdullah Garasia

Why is this video slowly turning into a mincraft game

David McCartney

“Nate will never look the same” Lmao


500k with no vids????

Jose Chavez

Wonderboy wondering if McGregor kisses his mother with that mouth


Take dem stoopid eaasss gleaassses awwf

Stanley GlueGun Kelly

9:27 voice cracking

Quantum Solus

Connor can go to the WWE if he quits MMA just to roast the entire roster every Monday

Aladeen Gaming

"Why you up here talking shit." I use this line in my day to day life now, cheers Conor loool

Christian D'Angelo

That’s a sick suit

Rostov Ripper

This was like watching UFC 205 Press Conference inside Super Mario's world

Walker Campbell

And then he took Eddie to the cleaners. And then he took Cerrone to the cleaners.

Priyanshu Upadhyay

Imagine baddest man sitting beside the nicest man...poor Thompson.

Noe Ramirez

Rip Jeremy

Frank The Tank

Connor sent Khabib location. Khabib smashed him.