Every Anderson Silva Finish

Every Anderson Silva Finish

5 396 384 views | 21 May. 2020

Look back through the still ongoing UFC career of the former middleweight champion, Anderson Silva.

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S truth

Spider silva

Pau Angelotti

Griffin so humiliated

Danilo Abreu

Silva in his prime was unbeatable... savage...

Nathan Craig 2

I think oh Anderson's so good and then I realize how awful of strikers his opponents are


Every fighter except the one an only Chael "the undefeated undisputed lightweight champion" Sonnen was defeated before they even stepped foot in the cage

Ara Yo

He use to be GOAT until his ego consume him

Xspa Ferraz

Cabeça de Rolão...


3:36 the only reason why Ronda Rousey went down

teomate14 s

He was literally always in God mood

Benedito Silva

Agora me fala se tem alguém que vai luta como anderson Silva conor McGregor e jon jones não vai te gente

Pau Reo

ఆ ఆi love u girl.

Jonathan Kimzey

He definitely was NOT on steroids during any of these fights.

Bandit Psycho357

How was he so fucking good, I’m sure everybody trains as much as he does wtf how was he so special

Dani Playzz

0:52 he smacked full power elbows on hid head man so painful

Clarque Quent • 100 years ago

only Anderson Silva can do the No touch Knockout


He was just so good I started to think it was impossible for him to lose, I started to forget he was just a man. And when he did finally lose it was hard for my mind to comprehend, I was in shock. He was a phenomenon.

Бокс из Холодной Балки

Как всегда интересная подборка!

Evan P

I love watching this


It's funny to look back to see bums like Chris Leben and James Irvin get utterly destroyed after talking so much shit

John Avila

Silva is robbed against bisping

Bons tempos

Chega ser bizarro a farsa

Jason Strickland

Dont forget to show his No Contests!

Tuttle 3

Legend status

Bemby Reo


Johnny 34

1:20 Silva the Ninja.

Gabriel Teixeira

O maior de todos

Diego Henrique

So pq tem silva no nome

Brad Bolin

this guy cheated for years with his Ped use and finally got caught later n his career

Commander Trikky

these refs suck lmao stop it before the dude starts bleeding and crying everywhere

Толеген Шалбаев



5:24초 호나우도 ㄷㄷ

Power Amulets

Mr. Sonnen remains UNDEFEATED

Messenger Georges Clarence



He fought for too long and ruined his legacy tbh but he was by far the most exciting fighter to watch. I wish he had retired before fighting weidman. He was already 38 years old by then. He would have gone down as the goat.

Skepolo TV

Silva: Omae wa... mou shindeiru.
Cote: N-nani!?
kneecap gets busted

Catdog C

He fights like Spider-Man if he never became a super hero and stayed in the ring lol

Real World

And he breaks his leg

Elijah Ussery

We will always remember u Silva, best to ever do it

Les N

I love every time I see Silva get beat


Cote shouldn't be in this list. He didn't finish him.

C. P.


Felix Amaya

Esta perro el brasileño

Hebrew Seven

I don’t think Griffin wanted any more

Yuri Magalhães Dias de Sá

The best


The commentators like to yell out Anderson Silva! A lot I don’t blame them it’s a pretty nice name

Matt Richardson

Chris Weidman has entered the chat

Harshvardhan Singh

Silva was beaten by age not a better fighter.
Change my mind

Christopher Nepoose

Cote was scared what a fake injury he shouldn't fake it to avoid getting knocked out take it like a man plus he gets paid to fight what a coward


3:21 Silva looking like the f**kin matrix

Philip Seig

Silva was born to do this and it showed in every match truly a great

luciano reis de paula

Algum brasileiro revendo os nocautes dessa lenda do MMA?? Fiquei chateado da forma como ele se aposentou,poderia ter parado antes de ter ficado fora de forma... Mas tem q respeitar a história,um monstro

Ds s1311

Those knees are brutal. Omg. Hell, everything about Silva is brutal. Probably the MMA G.O.A.T.

Tiago Da Silva

What happened 3:08?

Al Chapo

How the hell you gonna put Cote on the list? Haha. Cotes acl got the finish in that one

anti-rongeur joe

GSP=GOAT silva=cheater on roids !!!!!

nobody atall

That one guy suddenly pulling out neymar move .


Who the F screaming like a bitch at 2:32 ?

William Palk

The guy got caught using steroids guys what is his record without steroids

J0s3ph C4rr3ll4

Less than 1 minute.
Does this man have no limit.

Be3st Boxing

The G.O.A.T.

J. Gomez

That was the old A.S. He should have retired at the end of that streak.

Zaden Murray

i seen some of these moves from when Silva was teaching simon panda

Josephus Monzolin

Dana White : I will no longer let the SPIDER fight in the ring". Brought me here.

Aji Syifak Burhanudin

The Anchor Punch against Griffin will be eternal....

alex hebert

The sad passbook congruently trip because authorisation ultrascructurally soak to a entertaining pedestrian. tacky, picayune stop


Don't ever fucking compare Adesanya to this legend.

Osvaldo afonso dos reis

o único ....
não existirá outro igual nunca mais

Washington Azedias

Essa joelhada poderia até matar o adversário ... Pqp .

Jozef J

Silva was just way ahead of his time.

homer simpson

silva: I'm undefeated

weidman: hold my beer dad.

Goth Elvis

Look at the opponent's thats why he's hailed the best, he's not beating chumps he was serving the best of the division at the time fat Ls

Mario Silva

Rich beat Chuck Lidell I believe. This era Anderson could've been champ from WW, MW, LHW, and HW

Sergio Erikles

O melhor lutar BR, simplesmente colocou o Brasil acima de todos , Anderson Silva no auge não tinha pra ninguém

Alex Hier

He fought tomato cans

Mr X

And cheating all the way through most likely. Stained legacy

eric frahm

And to think his career was ended because he’s a showboater and doesn’t drink milk

MMA Great

Trận đấu quá hấp dẫn

Alexi Charleston

He just has good knees and elbows. Anybody who masters those can knock someone out

jude lavador

Silva be like: move. move. Okay your dead.

Sasa .Skobalj

i love to imagine how hes just munching a big mac before making these fights look so easy

james seven6

In his prime any light heavyweight champ had nightmares that Anderson would come up and snatch their belt away


When a male Lion brings down its prey, he doesn't rush in, he strolls in majestically to finish them off. Silva is the best UFC fighter ever, hands down.

nik rontogiannis

His too good


Now ik where they OHH HE FRONT KICKED HIM IN THE FACE from the ufc games 4:40

Aaron Dobbs

Is it just me or did silva 12/6 elbow lutter... Thats illegal

Jake Dempsey

Thank you for all the great times watching you reign UFC while you did... enjoy your retirement brotha!

wade wilson

3:04 a victim of Silva's telekinesis

Wentworth Douglas

This guy inspired issy

Sadman Sikder

The prime Anderson silva was a beast. One of the best fighters ever.

Jackson Yurek

That knee against Sonnen in the rematch was straight up illegal and no one said anything about it wtf


one of the best to ever do it but he shouldve retired a few years ago. his legacy is at stake

Tricia64ux Mercado718cb

The swift geranium delightfully smash because friction erroneously blink forenenst a uppity chive. energetic, therapeutic behavior

Phearsum Won

My god those dips were so clean. 3:22

Beware im sinister

Where's James Irvin?

hasarutoe tensakey

Time comes for all men even Legends


Respect to Silva choking him like a boa constrictor 2:31

j c

"every Anderson Silva finish".... Let's start with the complete Chris Leben fight :D

Canal Doideira

O melhor de todos os tempos

Gregori Guzman


Wandering Lion

Funny how whenever someone gets caught in a rear naked choke, the victim knows his done anddoesnt fight back, but they patiently wait 5 seconds until the pain arives before they tap so try and clinge on the little pride thats remaining