14 Things That You Didn't Know About Sumo Fighters

14 Things That You Didn't Know About Sumo Fighters

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Two big guys try to force each other out of a circular ring - that's all most of us know about sumo. You can't even imagine how versatile and amazing this type of martial arts really is! Sumo represents a whole world with bizarre traditions and strange rules, and today we have prepared the most interesting facts about it for you.

00:00 - Welcome!

00:24 - Sumo wrestlers and girls

01:02 - Rituals in the ring

01:40 - Special diet

02:25 - Prizes for the champions

03:08 - Ranking system

03:43 - The highest rank

04:18 - Slender rikishi

05:02 - The heaviest sumo wrestlers (Preview)

05:50 - Special clothes

06:25 - Traditional hairstyle

07:03 - Mawashi

07:39 - Driving ban

08:14 - Armed judges

08:59 - Stables

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