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In today's video, I'm sharing a tour of our farmhouse master bathroom that I completed on a budget! I also share another project I finished!

Vanity Paint -

Vanity Top Coat -

Vanity Hardware -

Bathroom Wall Paint Color - Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams

Tile Flooring - (currently on back order)

Tile Flooring also sold at Walmart -

Mirrors -

Shower Curtain -

Farmhouse Hooks -

Light Fixtures -

Kitchen Paint Color - Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams

Dining Chairs -

Gray Chair -

Hi! I’m Crystal, a stay-at-home-mom to 4 kids (including 2 year old twins). We live in the Midwest and enjoy sharing parts of our life with you! Thanks so much for being a part my channel.

Shandele Broyles

I love your bathroom.!! Great job!!
I might have put the wash hands sign between the mirrors so it could be seen at the right time.
I love the flooring!! Where did you find it??
And when does Wayfair have that sale??
I love how it turned out!! I am gonna have to watch your other videos!! And you have a new sub!!

Alison Young

I absolutely love everything. You did an amazing job. My bathroom is in dire need so i now have a few ideas - thank you!!!

Lynette Yoder

Love it Crystal!!! The floor is so pretty!!!❤️ good job!

Julianna Styles

Awesome makeover, LOVE your ideas! 
Nothing better than getting the look for less! :)


Wow!!! I love everything!! You amaze me with how much you get done!! I only have 2 kids and I don't get half the stuff done that you do lol I decided to tackle painting the outside of my house by myself and could only sand and paint etc while the kids were at school... it was a much bigger job than I anticipated lol I started running out of steam and then I was disappointed but also so pleased that winter set in and I could no longer paint lol so it's not quite finished but I'm so happy to have the excuse to take a break from painting Haha

Gina Maria

The bath is beautiful, I think the table would be gorgeous painted white, the great thing about farmhouse IS kid friendly , Chips are beautiful


Looks brand new!


Love it all! I agree I would be tempted to paint the table too! Maybe you could experiment with trying to copy the Wayfair chair Like a light beige color and then dry brush a white to distress. That way if the kids dent or scratch the legs it would be an easy fix.

Michele Gasso

Ok is there anything you can't do?! This turned out awesome! I love the idea of the robe & towel hangers! SO CHEAP! I hope your husband knows how lucky he is to have you Mrs. Independent!

morgan coggan

Where did you get the door knobs? They’re exactly what I have been looking for :) I love your flooring too! :)

Organize With me

Beautiful job!!

Mary West

very stunning. I would call your cabinet teal blue,,,,blue in some light but also has a green tint to it, like a peacock teal. I think that cabinet and sink are beautiful-why bother changing them? My rule is--if it is too big to change, then change the little things, and it will all make a difference. which is what you did. great job. I am going to get me some vit. D too.

Jacqueline Layes

I love all you have done to your home, you have got the nack! Very impressed.

Alysia Perez

Bathroom looks great!!

Angie Davis

Love it. You did an awesome job

Casey Brown

You are amazing the bath and kitchen are both stunning. All the painting,your selections are gorgeous!! I ❤️ love the bathroom floor super cute! Top notch job !!!

Michelle Contreras

Great job! Love what you did. Gave me so much inspo! So glad I came across your channel!

Karin Lewitan

Well done

Tracy Snoddy

Love the bathroom makeover! The kitchen wall color looks great too! Definitely paint the legs of the table. I painted my oak table base and chairs and love it with the wood top.

Sheila Boyd

Crystal how are the tiles holding up? I am wanting to do something like this and wasn’t sure of what to use!

The Front Porch Crafter

Absolutely beautiful. You’ve done an amazing job. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed evening.

Randi Bennett

Everything is beautiful! You did an amazing job!! Love the bathroom so much and your kitchen looks great!! I love white tables, but I have to say, I think I like yours dark. I painted ours white and I do love it, but I am forever touching up. You could try a buffalo check runner in black and white for some pop, or check placemats. but it looks great the way you have everything. I love it all!

Donna Torres

Everything looks beautiful! ❤

Debby Wilson

Hello from Dallas. Did you have to pull up all the baseboards? My guest bath needs new flooring. I love what you did in that bathroom.

Jennifer Snouffer

This is my first time watching! U really did an amazing job! My husband and I just redid our bathroom and we probably spent about 100.00 I got a lot from Craig's list for free. Anyways, sorry! Lol I'm super proud of u!! I really do love all of ur choices! I love the little night light too! So cute! God bless u

Helen Gibson

Amazing makeover. I think you should paint your table the same colour as your barn door maybe? Thanks for letting us into your home.


Crystaaaaallllll I came back because I'm finally getting to my bathroom! The hardware isn't available anymore; just letting you know the link is dead maybe if you find something similar you can re-link something for future viewers! Still love this bathroom make over!


I love the vanity paint color

Diane H

Great job! I would paint the legs n frame of the table.

Gina Lepore

If I wasn't getting ready to sell my house I would be painting all my woodwork! You make it look so doable! You inspire me! I love your bathroom makeover. Looks great!

Darelle Scott

Love it! My kitchen is farmhouse and i need more ideas for the rest of my house. Thanks for sharing

Katrina Verschoor

Your vanity is the BEST❤️❤️❤️❤️

Debby Wilson

GREAT job!

sharo cervantes

Lov ur home...i say table white!!

Nancy Zahradnik

Your bathroom is very pretty. Your whole house is beautiful.

Debi Losleben

If you did paint the legs of the kitchen table and they get scuffed up, it'll just give it that rustic look. One way to look at.

Vivian Gouldthorpe

Got lots of ideas from your bathroom redo! Thanks! Already added some things to my Amazon Wish List

Melissa Casler

you did a great job on the floor!! way to go girl!


Girl! Im always amazed by your energy & motivation!!!!!!! I have zero kids and dont have half your energy


Wow! Beautiful job, gave me so ideas to make over
My bathrooms.

S. Sullivan

Awesome job!

Megan D

Come paint my house

Rhegis Morris

I was going to say paint the legs!! You won’t regret it! It is such a difference for cheap. Go for it! Of course you may have already, I’m just seeing this. So much farmhouse diy inspo! I am so excited to do this to my bathroom!

Jennifer Alfaro

I was so excited to see your video in my queu!!! You did such a beautiful job!!!

Erica Andrews

Love the floor!!


What about sanding the table top and painting the legs white .

Eat, Laugh & Design

Really love your dining chairs arrangement. I have always seen mix up chairs of metal and wooden in magazines, but had no idea how it will look if I do it in my home. Thanks for this, now I am confident of this arrangement and look beautiful with black and dark wood!

Arlene Wilus

Did you pull off the baseboards to put on the floor tile?

Vickie Phipps Hunt

Very pretty. Smacking your lips and repeatedly saying "like" is annoying.

Kellee Bentzen

I love love love the paint

Amanda Yates

wow it all looks lovely, Well done. I would paint all the table including the top and give it a good coat of wax. If after a while it gets damaged by the kids, I would just give it a distressed look :)

Carmen Cowart

Everything looks great. Love the kitchen color.

Sheila Pellicane

I really love everything you did! I really love the floor and how affordable is that?? What a nice job you did.

Paula Kelm

It all turned out so great! You know how to get things done! I prefer Wayfair chair the best, both the style and the color!

Kathleen Rosar

Looks great

Brandy Thompson

Love your channel!!! How is the floor holding up? I want to do that flooring in my bathroom.

Google User

Thanks for mentioning the paint color and brand!

Life Made Simple

Loving the transformation in your house! I am also painting all the trim white in our house. Everything in our house was off white..walls, ceiling, trim, doors, fireplace...everything lol! And its amazing what a little (a lot lol) white paint can do!

Debby Wilson

You’ve given me some great ideas. I have to go to Home Goods now. Lol. Thanks.

Debbie Hudson-Thompson

Great Job, love a handy women job!!

Rachel Leased Walker

Black Towels because you can remove makeup with them and it never shows!

kristy locklear

Homeschool Mom of 2

Your bathroom looks great! I really like the flooring and the 2 shelves!! :-)

Elizabeth Arrington

Everything looks amazing! I love the paint color!

ashley m

Amazing job! Absolutely love everything. Looks great. Love the paint color in the kitchen. My kitchen/dining room color is very close to what you had before. I’m getting ready to paint my kitchen/dining room this summer and my living room.

Confetti _ Paper

So great! I am painting my main floor Repose Gray also!!! Great job!! You did amazing!!

Pat Sanders

You did an outstanding job on your bathroom. I’m so impressed. I love you and love watching all your videos. Keep up the good work. Blessings and love from Atlanta. Jeremiah 29:11




Just how u manage to do all that with 4 kids amazes me! U are truly a super mom! I been itching to slowly transition our home to little hints of farm house :) I might be getting the bug too lol..tfs ur beautiful home as always

Nora Martinez

Wow Crystal you did an awesome job.

laura h

so cute. what a great job. love all the hobby lobby stuff. you have a good eye for the decor. you are funny too with you comments!

Luz Posada

Hi there I was wondering if u’d be willing to do a viv on a quick run down of painting process jus b/c it seems like u hav a great handle on this now... I have oak trim on my window and would love to paint white did u prime, chalk paint and also polyurethane coat????
Thanks for helping
I’m seriously trying to binge watch all ur painting videos... kind of tricky b/c I noticed many are in a blog form

Jackie Colon

Very nice

Magaly Senecharles

g. golden

I just did floor pops in my master bath. I love them

Melissa Quint

I've been waiting for this reveal!! LOVE IT!!!

Barb B.

All of your updates look amazing. You are like a tornado. When you set your mind to doing something, you really get at it. I really, really love that bathroom floor.

Marylen Hastings

Where did you find the tile for your bathroom? I’ve seen where you can buy two shower curtains to get the extra long length by cutting an extra panel and use iron on tape. No sewing involved. If you take the outside curtain all the way up it frames the area nicely and appears taller. Nice job!


just one word... FA BU LOUS..... awesomeness.

Lucia Ponce

No butt will go unwiped

Ryan Carothers

Love how this turned out, Crystal! I think a jute (runner sized) rug would look perfect in front of your vanity. They sell them at Ross for $12.99.

Mary West

I would chalk paint the bottom white the use poly top coat it would look really pretty and so what if the kids beat it up? just don't distress it yourself and let it get that way over time the natural way. go ahead, go for it. I like the lower profile of the new chairs too.


I’m getting ready to redo my master’s going to be gutted, so it will be a new slate! Love your bathroom! You did a great job! And, I LOVE your floor! What kind of floor did you cover? I know what you mean about always something to paint!

Cheryl Smyly

Your house looks amazing!!! I want to redo my bathroom and I'm definitely wanting those shelves. What paint do you use on your doors and trim? I know Sherwin Williams but what color and finish (semi gloss or high gloss...)

Mary West

your little night light is way too cute as well.

Sandie Yule

You are so sweet! I use to be able to do those kinds of quick paint jobs. GREAT JOB!!


Are the floor tiles renter friendly? Could I easily take them off of a tile floor when I move from my apartment?

Brenda Bradley

White and black print towels would be pretty


I went back and forth between Natural Linen and Accessible Beige for my kitchen. It's the third gallon we've bought and I'm not allowed to change my mind again. I went with Natural Linen. It's not up yet but I'm hoping I don't regret it. The Accessible Beige looks so good in your kitchen! My kitchen doesn't have much natural light and next to Privilege Green cabinets, I was afraid Accessible Beige would be dark. Pray for me. lol

Gladys Quintero Barajas

New subscriber


So pretty!,


For your dining room table put wood on the top and stain it and then white wash the legs... I love the farm house look❤️
There are videos on how to diy the table

Kymberly Sedillos

No butt will go un wiped ♥️

Kathleen Sauer

Love the new paint color in kitchen & Whoa!... your bathroom turned out great!!

yessenia home,love,life

I found the two tier tray you have on your vanity. It’s on amazon under Mdesign two tier makeup tray. It retails for 15.99 and comes in two different colors. It’s so lovely I had to buy one

Julie Slone

Love your bathroom!! Where did you buy the stick tiles?

Pat Wanner

I love the bathroom! Amazing job on your part. Color combinations are right on. I would change a thing.

Crafter Deidra

You decorated your master bathroom very pretty. I do like that color in your kitchen. Great video as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

Lindsay Jewell

I enjoy watching you and your family. Every time I watch your videos I tell myself not to comment this, but it drives me crazy!!!! I wanted to give some advice because I’m sure it drives others crazy too... the lip smacking! I’m sure it’s extra loud in the videos and you probably don’t notice it. I know you work really hard on these videos and I’m not trying to be a troll. I want to continue watching your videos, but it’s so bad I have to stop the videos sometimes. Just a piece of advice.

Amanda Boren

New Subscriber!! Yes paint the table